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December 07, 2005


gayest neil



I hate to simply repeat gayest neil's sentiments, but I must - Monchichis!!!! I just became a Shakira fan thanks to that comparison.


"how the fuck can you let your light shine if you don't have electricity?" I laughed so hard I almost cried when I read that. I'm still laughin. I couldn't stand to watch the popularity contest. I did turn to it once, saw the "R" in front of the hoe pool, shook my head, and turned the tv. And the Shakira/Ruthie Camden comparison is priceless.


lmao@ Ruthie Camden..

A little off topic, but 7th Heaven is like Mormon heaven. I haven't watched it in years. But everytime I see a commericial for it, someone in the family having a fucking baby or getting married..sheesh.

Ugly Ricky..why are they even relevant? Goddamn 13 year olds..


I only tuned in when "I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS R. KELLY" and his hoes were wading the pool...SOOO, I tuned OUT! Thanks for the great Re-cap, IT's like I was TUNED IN!

""Just one question: how the fuck can you let your light shine if you don't have electricity?"" LMAO!!!!!!

Penny Woods

This post is too funny, although once those fans that run Mariah Daily come along and read your blog, they'll say you're making "inappropriate comments," meaning "Don't talk about our goddess like that!"

And I really don't understand R. Kelly anymore. You can't put hoes in urine and then become the non-Naked Cowboy!


I no longer have to watch television. I just read your blog instead.

(BTW, I'm mildly disappointed that Cletus didn't perform as rumored, just because I'm sure that would've given you enough fodder for one post all its won.)


how the fuck can you let your light shine if you don't have electricity?


You can't do this to me in a cubicle, man! Bout to catch a hernia from holding back my laughter.


Rich, dammit!!! Please don't stop writing, EVER. You said Hoe Pool.......


Hey you hot piece of pastrami sammich! I missed you today. You had me over here rolling.

Amen Ambre, he better not.


umm... does one of those guys in white have a boner?




Billie Joe is a mess. Green day needs a nap.


SO true what you said about Shakira...she has a little Beyoncé going on too.

I had high hopes for Ashley Simpson. A little disappointed...but I'm willing to give her one more chance.

Rich, what's a bluetard?


Pretty Ricky's album is called Bluestars -- and in "Grind With Me," there's that "Superstar/B.L.U.E.S.T.A.R." rhyme.

A bluetard results from factoring Ashlee Simpson into the equation.

And word on Shakira = Beyonce. EVERYONE!

Oh yeah, and I think the boner owner is actually a woman. How's that for inappropriate? Please don't slow wind for me, lady. Please!



Those white dresses look like the most recent category of clothing to scare me: Liturgical dancewear.

*runs screaming*


Because it never stops being funny...

how the fuck can you let your light shine if you don't have electricity?

Great recap, but I really can't wait for your Grammy recap since Mimi has something like 10 nominations and "Trapped in the Closet" is up for Best Video.

P.S. Something Awful has a wicked recap of "Trapped" in Cliff Notes style. Chapters 1-5 (http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=3100) and Chapters 6-12 (http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=3337).


Rich, how do you do it? That shit was so funny. Just when I read an awesome recap of something and I wonder how you top it...you go and pull some shit like this out of your hat. Fucking hilarious!


Gwen Stefani is ALWAYS overly dramatic. She's got the easiest singing voice to imitate, just act so pouty that someone would want to slap you, and then sing, "You and me, we used to be to-gether...." I swear, she must have crack in her songs, though, cause everytime a new one comes out, I'm right there, trying to turn away, but singing along.


LOL @ lots of pee in the pool

ur nuts man.


finally someone said it.. shakira does look like everyone. don't forget Beyonce, they're like twins. and what's up w/ ashlee and gwen's performances. Both were remixes and the rapping was just too overpowerring. (slick rick, slicky ricky, whatever.. wtf) and who can take r.kelly serious with that song. CRACK


I just read basically your entire website, like some creepy federal agent, and I have to tell you that you are honestly the funniest writer I have ever come across. I know you have to get that a lot, but man, I wish I was friends with you.


First up. You know I love you and I'm a big superfan. In fact you are one of maybe four journals I actually read. I also think we need to collaborate on something if not just get it over with and have man babies. Now that's out of the way.

Shakira. My love for her is infamous at this point, however, I sadly agree with what you said. The thing I loved about her most was how she looked like a woman, like a real woman. Now she's a slutty lolipop head like every other cockstress. That makes me sad. Oh well, I always have her music.


Fourfour, I love you.

Pop Muse

reading your take on this disaster of a show was so much more fun than watching it.



That ish had me dying AT WORK.

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