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"There's nothing ignorance hates to do more than having to rethink."

Well put, Rich.

Tiger Lilly

Really powerful post. I am definitely going to see it now!


quick! someone get this kid a degree in semiology! nice analysis, rich!! why are the halls of queer cinema dilapidated? cuz of all those 'queer film' fests movies? i think the real deal queer filmmakers do a pretty good job and the canon of gay cinema is pretty tight. did you like 'far from heaven'?


Far From Heaven is as wonderful and one-off as Brokeback Mountain. I'm not disputing the canon (however miniscule it is), but I think queer cinema has a long way to go. For every Brokeback or Heaven, there are a couple dozen Tricks.

Obviously, there are shitty movies everywhere, but my distaste comes mainly from what I've previously referred to as gay-for-gay's-sake cinema -- basically, exploitation films of the worst sort. A lot of what I see (or really, try to avoid) are too smug and content to coast on their sexuality to even be trashy fun. Where's my homo Foxy Brown, for Christ's sake?


Best review I've seen by far. Right on point. Thanks....


Wait - I thought we were supposed to mismatch denim. I swear that's what Carson said.


that was super insightful - as a f.h. myself, I have come to appreciate the balanc of super queer and not so queer in the boys of my life. I thought for the longest time that my one queer was straight as straight! That's probably because I am used to the limp wrist lispers - but the former is a group that certainly needs more exploration. No that's not a title suggestion for a skinny flick - just a thought
so anyways, great re cap


I'm dying to see this movie. It isn't playing in Toronto yet! Come on, people, Toronto's super gay-positive! The first legal gay marriage in North America happened here. Stupid studio.


I am actualy looking forward to seeing this movie.

On another note...Will you be bloging the Project Runway? I wish you would!!!!


Hmmm. I feel like I am the only gay man who is not all aglow about Brokeback Mountain.

I suppose it's because there are already plenty of gay flix out there with a similar theme -- forbidden love unrewarded (Maurice, Torch Song Trilogy, Last Exit to Brooklyn). So what makes this newer film any more special? The so-called cute guys? The sweeping vistas? I suspect there would be no hype if we were talking about John Goodman pining away for Tom Arnold across the prairiescape.

Yes, I realize that a film of this nature being shown in the everyday multiplex is somewhat remarkable. But all this Oscar talk is a bit puzzling. Are we handing out trophys to every straight male actor pretending to enjoy gay sex? If so, Sean Cody (et al) are due a statuette or two.

Don't get me wrong -- I'll go see it. It looks somewhat promising. But a milestone? I don't know...


I was hoping you would comment on this movie, which saw this weekend and found incredibly moving. Your comments about the indispensability of its mise-en-scene and its divorce from present gay culture struck me, because I had a different reaction.

To me, the Brokeback Mountain is groundbreaking and, ultimately, most innovative for mainstream cinema precisely *because* it is a gay love story that didn’t need to be set in gay culture. Perhaps the message is that EVERY culture is gay culture, no matter how sublimated.


Definitely -- love is a force of nature and all that. But I do feel like there's more to homophobia than hating men who fuck men, y'know? The culture of hate responds to a culture itself.

I hope Brokeback Mountain proves to be groundbreaking in its extremely quiet way. But I won't be surprised if other films don't have the courage to follow suit.


I will see this movie because I thing Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are really strong actors and because there's a lot of Oscar buzz. I'm not sure I'll be able to catch it in the theatres though.


OOPS!!! Didn't mean to use BLOG as a VERB :)


Haha, I've come to accept that (plus, because so much of what I do here synthesizes pictures and sounds with words, I don't know if there's a word for it BESIDES blogging).

As for PR...erm, check here tomorrow for what I dug up.


I'm loving the reviews! I do have to say, however, that it will be interesting to see if my very conservative city will even show this film. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks Win kinda looks like Gizmo?


Straight female here- saw the trailer for Brokeback while sitting through the 2 hours of scripted CNN that was Syriana. (Blah. But George still looks sexy bearded and tubby.)

I was completely turned on just by the trailer. I have to commend Jake and Heath without having even seen the movie yet for accomplishing something that is seemingly impossible: I forgot I was watching two men. The passion--again, just in the TRAILER-- is so palpable and thick that you immediately become wrapped up in it and forget whether the two lovers have penises, vaginas, doohickeys or adnoids. It doesn't matter its just PASSION.

Anyway, I love your site Rich.



A public radio program called "Weekend America" did a great little story this past weekend on how more westerns than we were aware of have a homoerotic undercurrent:


I'm also in Toronto and CANNOT WAIT to see Heath and Jake make sweet sweet man love on screen. It opens for wide release on Dec 23rd. Brokeback was at the film festival in September, but tickets were impossible to get....


I don't know what to expect, but I will see the movie. I do hope that the movie does not suggest to the masses and young impressionable kids that it is OK to be gay. When television and movies get a hold of things and commercialize, it becomes acceptable. Is it acceptable to present women as half-naked hos who let men call them and do anything to them in videos? NO. Is it acceptable to be a baby momma and think it is cute? NO. Is it OK to disrespect your family name, or for children to be molested by grown men and woman? NO. Is it ok for a man to screw another man? NO. We live in dangerous time. I like your commentary, Rich. Very much. I just don't agree with homosexuality.




What you're doing is calling me a chink while eating in my Chinese restaurant. It's disrespectful nonsense.

You understand that my commentary is wholly a product of not only this "dangerous" time but also my sexuality, right?

I'm leaving this comment up as a gold-star example of the twisted logic required to be homophobic in today's society (here, have a Coily). In doing so, I'm preaching to the converted, but that somehow makes more sense than leaving a message of intolerance on a homo's blog.

And, uh, something tells me that you won't be into Brokeback. Like, What?


What What? So let me get this...straight, er I mean, right. "What" comes to a blog site run by a gay man to say he is going to see a movie that is gay gay gay. BUT he doesn't like gays and blames them for the decline of western civilation. Along with half-naked hos and pedophiles...huh? What's with all the bizarre sexual preoccupations? There is more to being gay -- or "homosexual" than screwing another man.

(Last I checked, this movie was rated R so those impressionable young children you claim to speak for won't suffer the sight of two men herding sheep.)

You don't agree with homosexuality? What is there to agree about? Homosexuals have always existed, and always will. Don't like it? Ohdafuckwell. Some things are beyond your control.

Yes, we are living in dangerous times but you are completely misguided if you believe gays are responsible for that fact. There's plenty of war, disease, famine and poverty to worry about...yet you seem strangely distracted by gay cowboys. Get it right.


Rich - I just recently discovered your blog and love it. Thanks so much for your review.

I saw Brokeback this past Sunday and absolutely loved it. I agree that it doesn't capture gay culture as it is today, but if it did that, it'd be a tremendous overload for the masses and certainly wouldnt garner the wide - and critical - support it's been given. I found that instead, it presented love simply as love, and in doing so portrayed homosexuality in its basic form, rather than in the baggage it has picked in modern day. I'd have to say that if the film is not a monument, then it must be a launching point. Its presentation of homosexuality and introduction of gay culture in refined, oscar-worthy, and intellectual film will initiate great strides in the reception of homosexuality in mainstream America -- or at least i hope so.

As for the comment that "What" so graciously left, I would just like to express my sincere disgust with the growing correlation between "danger" and homosexuality that is present in modern homophobia. How can you equate danger with men being attracted to men? It is an utterly weak, indirect, and completely ignorant concept that is used by homophobes as easily (and thankfully) destructible propaganda. If anything, the "dangerous times" of today stem from an incapability of so many people (such as "What") to be accepting, understanding, and tolerant. Perhaps if you open up your mind and eyes, you will see that our societal danger stems from our communication to children the value of man-on-man (no pun intended) violence and a need to establish our own moral superiority through ludicrous and ignorant means. So, to "What" I say: When a gay person harms you solely on the basis that he or she is gay, and nothing else, then get back to me.



I didn't even bother trying to get tickets to any of the movies during TO Film Festival. Thanks for the update about Brokeback.

To (aka "What", aka Homophobic dolt, aka Scariest Person I've seen lately online),

How the hell is being gay dangerous to society? Is it because two gay men are unable to procreate and are thus unable to help out with this tragic underpopulation problem we have going? Oh, that's right, it's OVERpopulation, my bad.

Or perhaps it's because stylish gay men won't condone your acid-washed tapered jeans, mullets, and holiday-themed sweatshirt version of style? Well, you know what? Neither do straight people who aren't hicks.

You, Dianna Androssi, are everything that's wrong with the US and the reason that I'm so fricking glad to be Canadian. You and your nonsensical bigotry are the reason I'll be voting NDP in Canada's federal election on January 23rd and not Conservative (ugh, never Conservative). You have shown us all that Conservatism is just another name for arbitrary moralizing and I don't concede your right to dictate the way others are able to live their own personal lives.

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