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December 01, 2005



Final two Bre and Nicole...with Nicole winning.
I think this because no matter what Nicole has done they keep repeating
"she just looks like a model"
"she really carries herself like a model"
"model model model MODEL!"
It will be here and Bre because it has to be "good" vs "evil".
Also the same sort of thing happened on Britains Next top model...
do I get a prize if Im right?
Will Winston present me with it!
I hope so!

I'm so glad Jayla is gone...and her little teeth. She sucked at that last photo shoot. Don't you think she looked just like Cathrine Zeta Jones? I think Nik will win...who does Winston think will win now that his twin Kim is gone?


Bre goes next. She's too short. Nicole and Nik and I'm thinking Nik wins. But that's not important. The important thing is PLEASE, I'm begging you, PLEASE let me come to work tomorrow morning, turn on my computer and find a pic of "Mr." (those quotes get bigger every week) J. in that shirt. Please? I'll give Winston his baths. I'll do whatever. You can snark your heart out, just please....and...AND ...if you could grab the cap at the exact moment when his shirt is open down to his stomach (I think while he's talking to one of the zombies) I will be your slave forever and ever amen.


Nicole and Nik = the final two.

I think it could go either way, but I'm leaning toward Nicole b/c Tyra knows she can't pick another Black Chick (cause really, that'd be three in a row). And since she already wasted one Black Card on Boring Ass Naima, she can't afford to throw a Black Vote away on another Boring Bitch like Nik.

Bre, come back to Harlem, baby. So I can commence to stalking you.


ooph... jayla looked so bad in her PHO-TOS this week. and i still think she ate the granola bar.


I think it's going to be Nik & Bre as the last two - their next challenge is to do the CoverGirl spokemodel bit, and we ALL know Nicole can't talk - the child has no personality outside or whining & crying. Bre on the other hand - think of the chocolate commercial!! And yeah, Nik is just - head honcho for now...


jayla's little korn kernel teef have gone: yay.

now, can we pllleeeeeze show bre the door? she has retarded-ly pontificated and golliwog-mugged her ass so gratingly that's the only place left for her to go!

"signature walk": wannabe, please!


Jayla is right up there on the list of Most Un-Likable ANTM Contestants Ever. The poor girl is/was seriously lacking in the charm department.

Mr Prince

Jayla's gone, and no one is more happy than me! She over-stayed her welcome, and the bitch HAD TO GO! Bitch should have gone when she was in the bottom 2 with Lisa; Lisa should have been in the top Three with Bre and Nik.

and personally, I would love to see Bre win! go girl!


Greg, I see your "Jayla's the most un-likable ever" and raise you a Bre.

Sorry, Rich, but Bre is the single most annoying person on this planet. One can only watch someone else pat their-own-self on the back for so long before it's time to vomit. "God don't like" short people...it's time for Bre to exit!


Heh, "Finally!" is the title of today's post on my blog, too. Over/under on her doing porn?


i hated jayla and i am toooo happy she is gone. the best part was at the end when she said she was going to "shadow the winner" and "make the winner look like a loser or nothing" it just goes to show how stupid jayla is


i just want you to know that my friend called me last night to tell me he is shooting (with a CAMERA, silly) mr. jay manuel today for mtv. they're walking around the village talking about his personal style or something. all i could think about was the possibility of his showing up in that booby shirt from last week.


I say Bre and Nik go head to head..with Nik winning. I was wondering why the hell Jayla was still there. Nicole too..she's ditzy and boring. And I didn't hear anything about Bre being "too short" until yesterday. Tyra STOP IT!--one word: Eva.

And does anyone notice how infactuated Nigel is with Nik? He looks like he'd drink her menstrual bath water..sheesh!

gayest neil

All i ask are photos of Ms. J getting told he was wrong by Tyra at panel for her dissing nicole's photos. Lord it is sooooooooooooooooooooo obvious that noone on that panel gives a rat's weave what Ms. J's opinion is. All she's there for is an occassional funny one liner, outrageous double takes and wacky hats. Hmm. That could very well be all I'm good for as well.... :(


Jayla didn't know why she was there anymore, either. Even she commented that it seemed like the judges had lost their minds when they sent Lisa home.

P.S. I love that someone referred to her having "corn kernal teef." That was terrif.


one of my friends had this HUGE crush on jayla and he asked me if she was still on the show and i had to tell him that she got booted and he said (and i quote)"i am DONE with this show.....but let me know what happens next week."

oh well. (i wasn't a jayla fan to begin with.)

oh, my predictions for the final two? nik and nicole. and nicole wins.

Arch Noble

Nicole vs. Bre for the finals.

Bre's attitude is really annoying. Just because she's from the ghetto doesn't mean she speaks the truth, with lines that start with "God doesn't..." Bre makes me want to strangle her short stumpy neck. Which leaves that obnoxious princess wannabe Nicole. She's an all around model, commercial (armpit ad) and high fashion (all the judges keep saying she has that look)

Nik has a lazy/crook eye that was so obvious in the "Predator" pic from last week. It makes me laugh that her ugly man-face is still in the race, she has to be next to go.


Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed.. XD

I really, really liked Jayla. And if you wanna know the truth, I DO think she will be able to overshadow the winner if she practices.. She had something special, she just didn't know how to use it.

Lisa did, and I think maybe the judges will realize this when one of their leftovers, (since, spoiler, I heard that Bre and Nicole are the final 2. I've been a Bre fan--not lately, really, her pettiness kinda knocked her down a peg in my 'favorite people' list..) wins the whole shebang and then becomes an utter failure in the vein of 'My Life as a Walking Corpse Covergirl' Naima.

What's even sadder, is that Jayla was becoming more likable again. XD She apologized to Nik, she was trying to stay out of all the drama.. Though I agree, I do think she ate the granola bar.. But if Bre hadn't made a big fuss about it, she might have been able to tell her an apologize. I'd be afraid to tell Bre it was me who ate her granola bar when she did all that to Nicole too. @_@

Well, I'm disappointed with my first season of Top Model. ;/ I really thought I could get a role model out of this.. ... XD ... Nicole and Bre are not really good examples of that. (Bre is still in the running for becoming Queen of the World, though, isn't she?)


I have to wonder why my favorites always go fourth. ALWAYS.
April, Brittany and now Jayla. It's like a curse or something.
Even though I love love her even in her bitchiness, I agree it was time for her to go but let's be all realistic.
She was SET UP to fail this time for one. Why in hell was she the only one whose photo wasnt centered on her ? Mmmmm
As for the Bre's height thing, transparent way to help the editing in a remotely suspenseful way. They knew Jayla was the one to go and because they didnt want it to be obvious they threw in some kind of excuse lines for the show to be "suspenseful".


what the hell was the deal with calling bre short compared to the others? on upn.com, bre, nik and jayla are all listed as 5'8"? so are they saying bre is wider than the others so looks shorter? now nik (my favorite and pick for winner from the beginning) does look taller than bre because she is fatless, but jayla? i think bre looks taller than jayla. and what the hell was the deal with putting jayla off to the side while the others were in the middle and saying that jayla didn't stand out?! fix fix fix. nik will win, but none will be successful. except lisa with her dog sweaters as mentioned on talk model.


There are a thousand chicks in the ghetto who look like (and look better) than Bre. I'm really looking forward to seeing her ghetto-fantabulous @ss booted.


Jayla should've sent home earlier!
i think none of her pic is good..
Nicole is the only 1 i like now..
Bre is annoyin' n Nik is just too sumthin'..
do not want her to win..
Lisa, Kim and Nicole should be the top3!




I think that Nic is going to take it all. Bre is up there but she'll be booted next week. Nicole is cute but only in her pictures. She very plain and just there in person.

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