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Will Heidi really hand out 4 Auf wiedersehen's? The suspense is KILLING ME!

Gotta show some yellow pride - two asian girls cast!! Yessss!

Nina Garcia is an effing biatch & I love it!

Oh Rich, thank you for doing this!

Mr. Prince

Lol. I do miss Heidi, she was genius; and the other guy that got eliminated was basically A younger Jay. Can you believe Daniel Franco is back? can you Believe he's actually good?

Zumela is the new Wendy; she made this obvious when she was talking about the closet situation and said that she doesn't Believe in fair.

Nick seems cool, Santiago is too good for his own good, and I'm pulling for....Chloe! her dress was fierce and she's so tiny!

Diana's ok, I suppose and her dress was good.


Nina Garcia is the tame version of Janice (who can never be replaced DARN IT!!!). LUV them both!!!

Michael Kors is sooo wanna-be Janice.......

Heidi can never be Tyra.

Heidi-ism of the week??!!! Nothing she says will ever be there goes that.

I am sooo happy that u r doing recaps on PR!!! I luv it just as much as ANTM!!!



Andrae's shirt needs another LA.


How did I only just now discover your blog & Project Runway recaps?? No matter: it meant that I got to gorge myself on all of them at once (two seasons!!), and I think I categorized 9 different kinds of laughs while scrolling through them all. I won't bore you with descriptions of the different types of laughing they inspired. The point is, OH! It's funny. Thanks!

frank N Berry

when your gone there will be no one

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I think children, especially younger ones, are sensitive to the presence of other folk much like animals are. Would tend to conclude that whatever might be around, if baby isn't re/acting unusually, it's friendly.

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This was so beautiful. What happened on the bus made me tear up reading it. It's wonderful that you still think about and honor your grandmother. Happy Dia de los Muertos and thank you for sharing this story.

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That was beautiful and made me use up at least 4 tissues. Your Grandma would be so proud of you, obviously the seeds she planted have flourished.

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