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Marie-Gingembre Brindamour

It is tragic to see Whitney in such an awful state. What the hell happened to her?
It was not always that way, she was so talented, so beautiful and had so much promise. Ok, perhaps she took herself a bit too seriously but now she's nothing more than a recovering crack ho who looks like death warmed over.


Bob Brown looks like he was really into the Christmas spirits in those last 4 shots.

I missed it! I'm sure Bravo! will play it over and over again, though.

Hilarious stuff. I wonder if Bravo! knows about you (Rich) and now is sure to leave their promos for other shows up on the screen for a longer time?


When Whit was playing the piano, was she...actually playing something? She looked as if she was about to pass out, and I honestly couldn't tell if she was playing a song or even playing music at all!

There was one scene, before Bobby knocked over the tin of gravy (...), where BK's white friend stood directly behind Bobby, picking at her food in horror, while Mr. Brown began to rant about Santa and Jesus and "whoever made up that story."

Bravo to Bravo. They provided a Christmas miracle.

And, personally, I cannot wait for the DVD.

Good show, good show!


This is a classic you can watch over and over again like "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"!!!

Seriously though, like watching a train wreck!!! BB has RUINED the life of WH foreva!!!!

So So S-A-D!!


Rich, there is nothing but love for you... Thanks for the great recap, as always...

I must say, I did notice that BK had lost a substantial amount of weight... sister is looking good!

When you said that Whit was going for a look from BAPS... I almost lost it.


Am I the only person that read Rich's post documenting Whitney's freakishness from the get go? Bobby didn't ruin Whitney! Whitney is just being Whitney! Also, Tyra's facial expressions were kind of amusing during the Whitney sabbatical on Bravo ~ But Girlfriend can't compete with Whitney's awesome mugging. The second pic of Whitney poking Bobby with flower is gold, Jerry... Gold!


whitney was getting her crump on, no?

and, um, i fucks w/ bob's jacket. i liked it.


Ok, when did BK turn into a valley girl? I mean it's nice to see a change in her, but let's keep it real


you crack my ass up, dude. keep up the good work in 06.


all-some recap! (i was talking to some sistah and her mom at rite-aid and she kept saying the xmas shit was "all-some," so it's my new fave word)

btw, wtf?!: why was bobby wearing a confederate soldier's cap?



the highlight of my nite: the Whitney Houston one-shoed, two step with Bobby.


i liked what appeared to be whitney doing coke in the car, looking in the side mirror...


I just spent the last couple days reading your entire blog, and I just want to tell you that I think I love you.


BK has lost a bit of weight. Think she's getting into her 'rents stash?



I am dyin over here, good lawd... you are great


Sarah ~ You THINK you love Rich? What's there to think about? What's not to love?


awwww hell-to-the-YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only started reading this blog a few months ago to see the recaps of ANTM.. and (silly me) I thought the blog would not be as interesting since the show has ended. What the hell was I thinking??? BTW, I noticed how enthralled you were with Bre, and if you like smoky voiced black chicks come holla at me!!! *kiss*


I am so mad I missed this. The Houston-Browns are my favorite.coons.eva! Thanks for this recap....I hope Bravo will repeat this -- I am quite sure they will!


Oh Rich, thanks for the recap. I can't believe I missed the show. Poor Skenecia.


Pure brilliance, Rich!

This is what made you a star ...


Scout, you're right. I didn't want to come on too strong in my first comment ever on this blog, but who am I kidding. When I saw the "Um Ew" written all over Nicole's pictures from ANTM, I couldn't deny it any longer. Rich, you are awesome!

my truth

You and these photos...where do you find them? You definitely caught Mary with all of her facial


Lord, speaking of facial expressions...
That second shot of Whitney in spasm scared every bit of Christmas right out of me.

She looks like a zombie with osteoporosis.
For God's sake, what happened to her eyes?

Sh'ellaqqua - Skenecia's older sister

I am missing Skenecia a whole lot...bring her back right now

a quick question: what is that B.A.P.s look? please explain, thanks!

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