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December 21, 2005



I dont even have words.
Maybe you can get her to atleast give us the directions...then we can all knit Winstons!
My cat currently is acting very odd, I keep waking up and he's sitting beside my alarm clock basked in green glow and staring at me.
Im a bit frightened.

I like that knitted Winston is so round and rolly.

It feels like Christmas.


Katherine - I'm so glad I am not the only crocheting, cat loving, fourfour reader out there.
Rich - Thank you praising and encouraging Katherine...it is going to be a Merry Chirstmas after all!


hi rich - my girl kitty penny wrote to winston on catster and he hasn't replied yet. she's crushed. it would really make her holidays to get some kitty lovin'.

and i would be thrilled to see some holiday inspired photos of the cats, although dressing them up with little outfits and jingle bells may anger them more than the haircut/bath incidents. it will make for a very entertaining post though!

thanks for the laughs


oh wow, that is completely amazing!
what a resemblance.
Winston would be proud. ;]


LOLOL That's too funny!!! Poor Winston...lol

Veronica Vinegar

All that's missing is the little bottom snaggle-fangs!


Too cute! A stunning likeness. Well done, Katherine!


Katherine, I MUST have a knittin kitten. Please contact me if you read this! I would die to have one of these! He is so friggin' cute, I can't stand it!



It looks like a bomb.


Thats awesome! Katherine, you're one talented knitter :) Now I feel like I'd like a Winston Knittin Kitten (tm)


Winston is totally a classic beauty. Perhaps he could be the first America's Next Top Cat Model!



You could make a mint off of these. I'd pay $50 easily for one. Yes. I would.

But really, it's priceless. ;)



aw cuteness.


Well done, Katherine T. You've captured the essence of Winston.


Just when I thought that fourfour couldn't possibly get any better a knittin kitten appears! This is so very very awesome Katherine! I too would pay $50 for a Knitted Winston.... the likeness is uncanny! You and Winston could go into business together! I love Winston, he makes my week:) thanks Rich, for being such a cool owner of a cool cat who merits knitted likeness's by the fab Katherine!


that's totally awesome

Just when I thought this couldn't get any better...crochet!!! I've enjoyed all your mixes, the ANTM crying counts, the cats-all of it. Are there any other 80's cartoons that you plan on writing about?


That's an adorable knit-kitty Kath!
You could totally get a job working for Madame Tussaud's Museum franchise.

And Rich, I must ask you about that picture of Winston with his sad little face practically swaddled in plastic wrap.

Was that some kind of clever, twisted nod to Black Christmas?


More like Cannibal Holocaust.

But for real, yeah, I knew taking that picture out of context was kind of strange -- bigger shot (showing that Winnie had plenty of air to breathe) here.


Aww, how cute. I'd say Katherine really did Winston justice with her creation.

jenna jerkwagon

oh man, i want one of these so bad. infact, i want to make one of all of my cats (i have 11!) if anyone is an old cat lady, it's me!

directions! we need directions!


Hi guys --

I'm the creator of Crochet Winston, and I just wanted to say thanks for the compliments! I'm not sure how many I could make before I burned out, but I might consider selling a couple. He's pretty easy to make, so I'll try to figure out a pattern for the crochet-inclined. Feel free to email me if you're interested.


You could make the big bucks on look-alike Winstons. Very cute.


HEHHEHEHE! I love the side view! Oh my god! This little thing is so cute! I would definitely cuddle it! It' looks so squishy!

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