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December 20, 2005



Oh my God. For the love of cheese and Christmas, I must get a copy. Must!!! Where do you find these things?!


I love you for this. I was grinning the entire time.


Rich I bow at your feet and pray at the temple of you! Thanks for the blast from the past! I've actually seen this and forgot about how fromage it was!! LOVE IT!


Iam devastated at the fact that I remember watching this on tv.
My friend had Skeletors castle that had a microphone that made your voice all scary!

She has almost all of those toys.

gayest neil

Did everyone see Lookie in Rich's recap? (Lookie was the critter that was always hidden during the episodes of She-Ra.)


I LOVE it! This makes me want to run out and buy this DVD and EVERY figure of He-Man, and She-Ra that I used to have!!!

Damn, Capitalism and subliminal advertising works!

gayest neil

I was totally lustfy of my He-Man toys as a kid. Just look at them (especially Fisto - he's standing next to Snout Spout - the robot elephant lookin' dude).
Woof! Fisto is such a hot-ass muscle bear! He's not really a bear though.


Think of how many more people would be into facials if sperm came in rainbow sparkles like the kind She-Ra employed!! BUKKAKE!



here is a longer review of this goodness



I could just fist you!


Well deck the fucking halls this was ultra funny stuff. I am awkwardly embarrassed considering I was She-Ra for Halloween. I might actually take out the sword and shield; watch the DVD and eat chocolate ice cream! Ahhh it's disturbing and altogether deliciously wrong to be so capitalistic. I’m going to go make myself vomit now. excuse me. ;^ ) Does anyone know if GOD loves capitolism? Or does God think capitolism is UGLY? Cause a wise woman named Bre once said.... 'God don't like ugly'. .... I wanna stay in the safe zone here this holiday season... Lemmie know when you cats know...


He-Man's harness/Ugg Boot combo is fabulous.


Whoa!! Thank you Rich for illustrating the queerness, that is, the absolute awesomeness that is the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special.

*Clicking on netflix.com right now to see if this cinematic classic is currently available!*


my first sexual feelings were for evil-lyn (or however its spelled) i loved how her suit had the embroidery that snaked around her boobies.
it took gil gerard's exposed chest on an episode of buck rogers to realize how freaking gay i am.
now i write off any sexual attraction to evil-lyn as costume envy.


Can anyone say merry bittorrent and a happy



Oh and by the way I downloaded this a while back myself and it is a perfect copy.


I'll engage in bondage with He-Man. LOL


oh man. i really want to see this. I have been on a crazy hunt for the Secret Of The Sword, He-Man/She-ra movie that introduced She-Ra on vhs FOREVER!!! I go into NY porn shops hoping to find it in the crappy video selection they fill the stores with so they can still sell porn.


Oh wow. I actually taped this when it first was broadcast -- and I still have the copy. It includes a Fat Albert Christmas, some wannabe-sequal to Snow White (not the Disney version) that was somehow justified as being a Christmas special too, there's Pee Wee's christmas (with Annette Funicillo), and of course, all those claymation specials just as a bonus. I'm going to have to bust out that tape as soon as I can.


I love you so much for writing this up. Only gripe I have is that there are indeed Latinos who have blonde hair and blue eyes. Well whaddaya know!

Just come over for dinner sometime and you'll see what I mean. So until then I'll just say...Dude! Like, not all Latinos are totally brown (though brown is beautiful too)!


Yeah, you're right. Sorry. That was really dumb of me.

For the record, though, I get the feeling that my insensitivity matched that of the writers (who were, at least, tokenistic). Y'know?


You owe me 1 monitor and keyboard for the rainbow sperm comment maid me spray tea over both

Kat in Da Hat

You are awesome. I bow to you.


rich, your consistent application of your razor insight to only the sappiest and crappiest of candy pop culture makes my bed-hopping mid-20's trainwreck of a desk-jockey life livable. merry christmas!


Pure brilliance! A work of art, this blog entry.

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