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December 07, 2005






Please tell me what was up with Nicole's eyebrows in the fashion show. Why, Lord, would anyone need two eyebrows?


noooo... nicole is pretty! especially in the picture of her as a who... nicole lou who! Seriously, I did not see that coming. I thought nik was a shoo-in. I loved the recaps all season, rich. Great job!


Ha ew haha.
wacky reality tv.
Thanks for the recaps.


I know. I'm so disappointed. But I just knew that Nik wasn't going to get it. I love this show, but it's so ... calculated. I hope Bre and Nik go on to be bigger and more famous. Eeeeewww, Nicole!


I knew they would pick her because they have gone with the exotic look for too many shows in a row.

I thought she took beautiful pictures...


Nicole is.. okay. I guess she'll be an okay Top Model. XD As long as, you know, we don't have to see or hear her whining behind the scenes. I swear to God NO ONE will want to work with her! XD

I felt so bad for Nik.. I cried for her. I cried for Bre more, though. (And even more for Jayla, Jayla-fangirl that I am.)

I hope they all turn out to be successful, and just remember that the winner isn't ALWAYS America's Next REAL Top Model. XD

Notorious T.O.B.

Bre was wronged. Nicole should have been thrown off for being such a diva on the commerial and having to have the lines FED to her. It should have been Bre and Nik. Big up, Harlem girl. We love you.


I need a suicide hotline, like stat.

jk, jk jk jk jk


WHAT THE FISSION?!?! I really did not see Nicole winning. That was really...wow! Whatever at least it wasn't Jayla.


I comepletely disagree with this "um...ew" buisness. For once, someone who I wanted to win won. For four long cycles, my favorites have lost, (cycle 1: Elyse, cycle 2: Shandi, cycle 3: Amanda, and cycle four: Kahlen)but Nicole has broken chain for me. She is going down in my personal ANTM hall of fame as numero uno.


Blatant robbery. I didn't mind her, but that scream is like an icepick through the skull. Blah, Nik will go on to do much better things. Thanks for the great posts Rich!


>I knew they would pick her because they have gone with the exotic look for too many shows in a row.

...and by "exotic" you mean black? Wow. That's rich. Now Black Bitches who were born and raised in California, USA are being labeled "exotic?" I love it!


I think maybe ginger is talking about the perception of "exotic," rather than actual "exotic."

Kinda like how "plus size" means "regular" in fashionspeak.

That's how I read it, anyway. I think it's actually a logical conclusion.


being a black girl myself, i know what ginger meant by "exotic" (and please, that naima monchichi is NOT black)... i knew they were going to go with the white girl in the end. she's more... marketable... she's more... mainstream... and fer fission's sake (that's hot. thanks, darren) they needed to have a white girl win or they'd have the barbie coalition stomping up and down their headquarters screaming some kind of racial something or other.

i hate nicole. nik was FIERCE. fug twiggy and her "nik's walk is too jiggly" comment. twiggy cultivated the anorexic model look that previals to this day. nik is definitely slim, but she has some black girl curves and her walk was nothing but sex on stilettos.

i hope nik goes on to fabulousness and that bland, boring, chicken-cutlet-looking nicole fades into the distance and hauls ass back to the middle-of-fugging-nowhere, south dakota. you can be sure i will NOT be looking for her spread in elle girl.

oh well... now what am i gonna do with my wednesday nights? :(


I thought Nik would win. I wanted Bre to win. Guess I just don't have "the eye." Whatever.


Oh come on, Trixie... let's read something into my statement that was rediculous.

Exotic to me is the short hair like Naima and Eva and the short hair and strong facial features like Yoanna.

Exotic has nothing to do with color. Nik was exotic to me, but so was Lisa.


historically speaking, "exotic" has always been an adjective used to describe people of color.


i want to nicole's vocal cords to disintegrate. if they think that's fierce, they're on ludes. nik's walk needed to be cleaned up and she needed to eat some cheesecake but beyond that she is flawless - though too short. here's to hating then forgetting nicole. and here's to loving then unfortunately never seeing again nik.


I agree with Ginger...and Trixie...and Rich. If they pick 3 "exotic", "black", "mixed race" winners...a definite pattern emerges. It makes since that Cover Girl would choose to feature a different face for a change. And Elle Girl has to sell, and their readership relates more to Nicole's image. ANTM is all about hawking makeup and magazines and if you think for one second that Cover Girl and Elle Girl didn't have a vote in which girl should win, you're kidding yourself. I think they did Nik a favor. Now she can go on to Europe and become a REAL top model. She's too high fashion for Cover Girl anyway.

Are there ANY Nicole fans?

Nicole complained too much and is too whiny I cannot believe she won. I wanted Nicole to go home weeks ago. Nik got done so wrong but this show.


I rushed to the site right after the showing here on the west coast. I was rooting for Nik so I was crushed. I've known nicole was gonna win for about a month. The fact of the matter is nicole is total definition of what a cover girl model looks like... plain, dry, girly-teeny bopper.

Nik and Bre are hot women, nicole is more girly. I also figured that there was no way they would have another black/mixed girl win. And considering the 1st 2 seasons, two really light skin, dark hair girls... it was pretty obvious.

They totally fed nicole her lines, wtf.

P.S. I agree with the person that posted the comment about naima as a monchichi. Ugh! i hate her little elf squirm when she won last season... anyone remember? Her and eva are fugs



How the hell can they choose Nicole after her comment about the lights "kinda blinding" her?! WTF? She complains the MOST out of all the contestants!

Tyra Banks sucks. I hope her career just disappears...


First: Rich, Please do Project Runway Please!

Second: I'm sick o' Tyra. Her show needs serious work.

Third: I will never ever get over Nicole in the G-Unit tank top. Crazy.


After watching the marathon last weekend, I just knew Nik was going to win. That second pic of Nicole in your post looks like a commercial for Clean and Clear facial cleanser...maybe that's why she won.

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