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January 13, 2006



How is it that you always capture the best pics/animations/reactions etc...?

I'm convinced Santino has a crush on Andrae.

Peace out Marla, it was a long-time coming...

Andrae looked like a pageant queen who had just won her crown during the window challenge reveal. Loves it!

I have to profess my love for Daniel V. I think I'm developing a little crush...it's bad. He's also a fabulous designer who now shares the top spot as my fave w/ Uncle Nick.

Love the recap Rich! Keep up the good work!


Omg Zoobilee Zoo...I had filed that into the part of my brain marked "tv shows that may have been in my imagination" along with Dr.Snuggles and the Secret Railroad.


You should do a recap of Andrae's continuous donning of the small small 80's shorts. He's too gay to live.

Was it just me, or was Zulema's bra not really doing it's job when she stormed out of the room?

Heather, Tara and Rebecca are some hot ass ladies.


And somehow, Zuzu totally fits in Zoobilee Zoo. (And if you want, I can totally sing the theme song for you right now.)


I love the Project Runway recap! I've been visiting the site since ANTM, but it's my first time posting a comment. Here's my two cents on Wednesday's episode:

- They killed two birds with one stone this week...let's clap that one up!

- Nick, Daniel V., and Chloe are my favorite designers, hands down!

- Two words for Zulema's hair: kitchen ass!

Keep up the great work Rich!


Rich, on further review the hot makeup guy kind of lots like you...hmmm.


Uh that should read "looks like you"
not likes.


That's what I hear. Carly said so in last week's comments.

My narcissism rears its shorn head once again.


zoobilee zoo,
zoobilee zoo,
magic and wonder are waiting for you!

That was such a creepy show.


OMG what is that last pictuer of. ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!


As crappy as Santino's Diana impression was, his voice was dead-on when he did Tim Gunn in the Nicky Hilton ep ("Daniel, you don't have enough fabric for the sides of your dress. I'm shitting myself.").


Zoobilee Zoo? now THAT shit is darksided...


Hey guys - thought you might find this interesting...or not?



Hells yeah, but she's been singing that song for years (she started calling Tyra "Tyrant," as she regularly frequented the TWoP boards).

Tyra having two sides makes me want to be friends with her even more, though.


um, notice how much that last photo of the zoobilee zoo character looks like the photo of whitney in the previous post. i think they share wigs.


so this was only my second week ever watching and all I can think is OMG what have I been missing. Marla and Diana needed to get the hell out. But I was about done with Zoo-girl and here yelling and freaking out after oh i'd say about 30 seconds.

How sweet was the little kiss from Daniel to Kara. what a sweet guy.

How the hell can anyone take Santino seriously with that hair, beard and those teeth? Bleah it turns my stomach to look at him.

Although he did kick some major ass when he put Michael Kors in his place. A-men brotha'!

PS I wasn't diggin' any of the outfits really either.


That episode was a little disappointing, though it had it's moments (namely Santino's song) this re-cap however, made me almost pee with joy. Seriously, you do the Lord's work here. xo

your recaps are GOD


Ok, first, I'm so glad someone mentioned these recaps in TWoP, because we all know they are better than the ones there.
Also, number ten cracked my shit up.
Also, recap of short shorts NEEDS to be done.
Finally, AJ, I am so glad you mentioned the Santino <3s Andrae thing because though Andrae might have it for Daniel, and who could blame him?, ever since I saw the extra footage on Bravos web site with Andrae and Santino cuddling, I refuse to believe that Santino isn't harboring something for Andrae.


That should be "Mugler." I think you were confusing the spelling of his last name with retarded first name, "Thierry."

I love it when queens namedrop irrelevant fashion designers. Speaking of, this week I watched the Criterion Edition of Grey Gardens, featuring interviews with Todd Oldham and John Bartlett (I actually had to look that up, he's so forgettable). In my opinion they left out someone that would've made it into a stellar trifecta--Isaac Mizrahi.


erm, anyone else think that, when santino did his song and dance routine in the kitchen, he drew a striking resemblance to Igor in "Young Frankenstein"? the hoodie is no-goodie on him. (although, what is? his soul makes him ugly)


Thanks, Nick -- noted and changed.

Oh, and there's still hope for Grey Gardens -- Criterion is issuing a 2-disc edition in April. Or so I hear.

Laura K

Best Recap Ever. Santino is realizing that he and Nick are not BFF's any more so he is moving in on Andre - But Daniel is watching....

M to the G

And already looking forward to Czar Santino the Soul Taker next week.

Do you sense a little frustration among the judges that as Mr. Kors said, Santino "is always trying to prove to us how damn talented he can be."

Daniel is helped greatly by being consistent, and the ability to follow instructions and take advice, but Nick is still my favorite.


I swear that makeup guy hit every branch on the ugly tree he was swinging through.

Now here's a humiliating story:

About six years ago, when I worked at A&F, a group of us Aberqueens got into this big fight with some Bananafags at this restaurant around 3AM after we had left the club.

"OMG yall are fucking stuck in high school in that abercrombie shit..."

"Well at least we arent ugly queens!"

I forget the rest of it, but it was quite dramatic.

Shameless self-promotion:

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