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January 17, 2006



brilliant. i worship at your altar. loving "Midas Touch" (love the squelchy mini-bassline that pops up about half way thru) and 'Castro Boy' is phucking phenom!

manhattan offender

you are, like, such a total resource.


I agree, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your energy, time and resources.


Many thanks to you Rich, I danced my way to work this morn. The vocals on Midas Touch are super sessy. Fockewulfe is my fav though, "Badi hit. Badi hit."


The saxophone of "Badi Hit" makes me weep. So does, "I can't essplain my mood. I can't essplain my feelING." He's just so passionate, that Fockewulf.


whoa thanks a lot for posting these tracks.
I love Pineapples - come on closer, i had that song on a random no tracklist mix.
Now i know the name, good deal.


Great post AND excellent tracks. Thanks! over the last year I've made a few tracks of my own that I hope at least capture some of the spirit of the classics. Follow the Myspace URL and you can hear some samples.

Justin Mason

great post! It explains the whole I-F/CBS/italo situation quite nicely. and Mr Flagio -- omg -- what a tune!

Vinyl Whore

I've had an Italo problem for about 3 years now, and you just sent me into another relapse. Pineapples just rules, and I listen to Mr. Flagio every day. I listen to Pineapples every other day, and BWH, Casco, Klapto, Junior Byron, Dharma, Doctor's Cat, Savage and Gaznevada. Help!!!!

Check our little homage to Italo and Chicago here



Greetings! Don't run, we are your friends!

Thx for this write-up.


and how exactly is single girl a ripoff of dirty talk. lets see the analysis with the claim


OMG! I feel so called out!

Look, they're similar tracks to me. The percussion (boom, smack, boom, smack) and floozy vocals of "Single Girl" are extremely reminiscent of "Dirty Talk," and though the bass lines differ, I just HEAR "Dirty talk (giggle giggle)" every time I hear the "Single Girl" break down.

In retrospect, to say that "Single Girl" is a "total rip-off" is an exaggeration (first of all, "SG" is way stripped-down). But "Dirty Talk" was a pretty fucking monumental track, and the pearl-clutching over my comparison surprises me.

There, now go post that on your forum so you can trash me some more and give fodder to the fuck who's well-versed in what makes my blog tick in addition to being an expert in all things torturous. Mmmmkay?


haha i love this page! its funny to read how u comment these tracks i feel exactly same. when i say "italo" i think of 80s disco sound thats usually from italy, has specific synth sounds, brilliant melody and horrible vocals+lyric.
for example Fokewulf 190 "bodyheat" or Decadance "On & On" (fears keep on) are absolutely brilliant but the vocals ruin everything. i hope i find instrumentals of this 2 records.

im a italo buff for nearly 10yrs now. im from eastern europe, so my 1st italo experience was a russian compiation "fantastic disco" (i think it was '97-98) - that was when i heard about artists like radiorama, mike mareen, valerie dore. after that came internet and trading mp3 cd-s (at one point my italodisco collection had more than 2'000 tracks...) since nowadays i have kept only about 300 tracks from those (Savage "Fugitive", K.Laszlo "Hey Hey Guy", Sensitive "Driving", Gazebo "Love In Your Eyes") u can say im thru with italo but theres still much old dance sound to discover. Would you believe it if i told you that 2 weeks ago i heard for the very first time Patrick Cowley's "Megatron Man", "Right On Target" and "Tech-No-Logical World" - i was totally blown away!!

btw ive been wanting to listen this "mr.master/dog in the night"-effort for years now, now i finally did its hilarous (i mean, the guy is so sincere, but the f-- is he talking bout? random words from his english dictionary?)

ill definitely be checking back to this site soon, keep on! martin

your fan

Well done for this page as well as music!

Well done

your fan

any chance of having more songs from Fockewulf???



Nice article. Just came across this a few days ago. Interesting about I-F, summed it all up well, and i've been listening to CBS for a few years. Cheers mate.

jerome green

Hi Rich,


Thanks for all the tracks! Beautiful stuff.

Peace, Jerome


Keep on with ITALOing! :-)

Bye & regards,



Keep on with ITALOing! :-)

Bye & regards,


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This post is kinda racist don't you think ?

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Good followup, Ira. I'm guessing the newspaper didn't have a staff reporter at the scene, but got whatever information they printed after the fact from police reports.

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In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.

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You are such a smart, accomplished woman and a doggone wonderful person. Your writing is a reflection of your beautiful mind and heart. Brava you!

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