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January 18, 2006



cool beans. i'm on a freestyle kick thanks to xm radio (i heard the cover girls "show me" this morning)

but i wouldn't consider luke, ghost town dj's, or kp & envyi freestyle. luke is bass and "my boo" and "shorty swing my way" are bass lite.


Yeah, totally, but I explained that:

Instead of rounding out the disc with some new new school stuff (freestyle, lemme tell ya, ain't what it used to be), I closed out the mix with some Miami bass and Miami bass-inspired stuff, mostly of the lady bass variety.

Lest I get my genres all twisted. But the freestyle is up front and separate for a reason, y'know?

"Show Me" will probably be on the follow-up to this, if there is one.


Wooooo, crappity crap is so very addictive. I've been on a *cough* Hollertronix kick myself and am so pleased that Debbie Deb isn't on this list. One can only handle so much Deb. Can't wait to have listen. You've beat this bitch with a HIT.


i have a bad habit of skimming.


I have a bad habit of overdoing things.

But it's a good point -- I fixed the first sentence above.




Cute, but it totally neglects Tyra's propensity for brilliant wordplay and doublespeak.


I'm surprised Coro didn't make your playlist. Now _that's_ crappity crap.


been rockin' it in the vault all day -- [bows, gives honor (or something)].

Queen Lena

I agree with Patrick. Coro!!!

Rich, besides your deliciously funny ANTM recaps, your fantastic cats, what really made me fall in love with FourFour is that you like freestyle. I usually find myself alone in this quiet obsession of mine. When I first met my boyfriend, and we were talking about music, I suddenly asked mid-sentence, "DO YOU LIKE FREESTYLE?!" And he was startled for a moment, and he's like, "Of course. I grew up on it." And it was love. =)


Yay! Nick Verreos mentions you in an interview:

Do you read blogs? If so which?

When I have time I do. I am humbled by the support and positive feedback and comments that most of them say about me. Some of my faves are Queerty of course, Blogging Project Runway, Television Without Pity, and Four Four is pretty funny! The whole "whickety whack" and "Uncle Nick" threads are slaying me!!!!!!! Wish I would have made a T-shirt with that written on it!


You put me on your blog roll.

I'm giddy like a liitle school girl.

Four Four is so into me?!?!

get out!


I can NOT believe I neglected to put your own blog, which is regularly read, on my own roll.

That is getting fixed.

Thanks man.


Lil Suzy v Giggles... you needed "Love Letter" up in this joint. xo


Thanks for the freestyle. I loooove me some freestyle.

dj Danny S

"Boy I've Been Told" - the Rascal DUB. Someone's done their honework.


I just shot a load.


Excellent. Treated myself to an iPod Nano a couple of days ago and I'm using this mix to break it in proper.


i love freestyle! it's so bad it's good! in typical fag fashion, i tend to lean more towards the female acts, but i'm enjoying it none the less! and i love u added the booty music too! mixes quite well w/ it :)


I was too busy downloading ur mix that I forgot to mention that I love your Lil' Suzy comment! My friends and I have deemed her the ultimate Freestyle nasal queen! Tone deaf is being nice! But what's almost worst is her knock off Lil' Joanna


No you didn't, Rich! I grew up in South Florida (Broward County stand up!) and know Freestyle all to well. I'm a couple days late but I definitely needed this to set my Friday off right.

One question, though...where's the Trinere, man?! How you gonna have a Freestyle mix without my girl? Say it aint so!


Rich, did you happen to catch the crappity crap Freestyle concert at Mohegan on the 16th? Ohh...it was luscious...it was the motherload, including Stevie b...


Man, I loves me some freestyle! That's one hot mix.. Thanks for sharing!


OMG I am back in Junior High School. I love this MIX!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!! STEVIE B RULES!
Love your site!


luv the site! i had to DL the freestyle mix...you can never have enough annoying music to bug the crap out of the co-workers! ahahah!

I'll past your blog page along.


Check out my BOOGIEDOWN-QUIKK MIXX 3, now playing on my page!


also check out all my mixes, compilations & projects.

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