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January 25, 2006



I just laughed outloud!! That is one of the funniest things Ive ever seen!
God my cat would be walking backwards and snaking around like a nutcase if I put that on him!! But Winston is all chill and refined.
He looks like he's just reenacting the scene where they bring Baptistes head in on a plate..in Salome(??) he takes his craft very seriously.


That ain't right. Why you do that to that poor baby?

It sure is funny though.


If you throw him across the room, would he spin around like a frisbee?

Oh, its not a toy. Guess we'll never find out.


hee hee...made me snort you did.

I imagine is is more comfortable than the cone of silence.

Also, with the rather kicky cowboy bandana motif Winston and Rudy can do a cat version of Brokeback Mountain.


Until I saw the last picture, I totally thought you cut a hole in a potholder... As a joke! I'm not very bright.


I think the blue really looks nice on Winnie. Can he get any cuter? Is Rudy jealous?


Winston looks so dapper, not to mention more comfortable. Where's Rudy? Is he sulking off camera because of all the attention Winston's getting?


So hot. Winnie, you are a stud.

Kel de Texas

Is that a hemmoriod cushion?


Po po Winston, the humiliation continues. Hysterical!


Is that the cat version of an ascot?

manhattan offender

Can I borrow that when Winston's done with it? It's really bring out my eyes.


What a cute boy... the pattern is disappointedly butch and plain, isn't it? I would have to add some flair to it via a hot glue gun and some sequins. Maybe even some bling...


That second picture just makes me wanna hug the little guy...he's a nutjob in the best possible way, but he seems so sweet and tuckered out in that pic..

You're lucky to have him, Rich!


I totally thought it was a potholder too... too funny!

t kitty

i hope winston's okay with you letting everyone know he's a size XXS. good thing not all of us are size queens here...


How very Shakespearean of you, Winston! *teehee*

Bourgeois Nerd

Fabulous! How Elizabethan. Perhaps he is the reincarnation of Christopher Marlowe? *hehe* And, yes, blue is definitely Winston's color. It goes well with his eyes.


Regal, yet relaxed.

Winston is a trooper.
Also? A bit of a ham.


I've really been enjoying your kitty stories! They are all so adorable. I'm glad Winston is feeling better. Keep us updated on everyone!


I am so happy Winston baby's eye is better. I love youse guys! Only Win could make that neck ring look so fly...


Laughing so hard at brandy's John the Baptist head-on-a-platter reenactment comment! He totally looks like he's doing a serious dramatic reading in that first pic.-so Richard Harris!
Winston makes my day every time.


Winston needs to be on TV and in movies. He is too cute not to be. I am so glad his eye is looking so much better!

joy in L.A

Winston better not walk into any Blood neighborhoods wearing all that blue gingham. He may justed get banged on.... LOL

joy in L.A


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