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gayest neil

Of course Heatherette was there. I'm just surprised Amanda Lepore wasn't seen somewhere in the background all hyper-extended titties and lips.
Nick: "Fabulous g-string Amanda!"
Amanda: "...uhhhhnnhhh..."


hilarious! I totally stopped the tivo on that makeup guy for about 5 minutes, too.

yeah, it took a whole 5.


I've listened to that Heidi clip about 64 times now .

Fabulous review!

Kel in Texas

Daniel V = so hot. I totally think Satinos designs suck ass. Nick or Chloe will end up as the winner. I have to keep my fingers crossed for Chloe, she is from Texas.

christa t

Of course Daniel is hot, even when he does his hair like he's at cheerleading camp. Need you even ask?


Brilliant post!!!! Made me scream.


Rich, thanks for the fabu recap; especially the gif of Nick. He is so fierce!

I also love that he and Santino are totally almost at each others throats because they both think they are so much better than the other. I smell a cat fight, and I can't wait.


have you heard tim gunn's podcast? i fucking love that guy. not half as much as i love you tho, rich.


Yeah, that make up guy is cute. But Rob Daltey, make up man extraordinaire from America's Next Top Model, is hotter.


The make-up guy is hot because he's essentially a carbon copy of you, my dear!

BTW, I'm on Team Nick. Santino makes great television, but he really lost me with the housefrau whore lingerie last week.

(Damn you for getting me sucked into another reality television show. Damn you!!)


Daniel V.? So hot! And so graceful under pressure. His dress turned out flawless. And I kind of like his cheerleader's cute then mine.

I heart Uncle Nick so much! He's so quotable and fun to watch.

Santino was perfect when he met Nicky. He did everything right and while his dress wasn't particular better or worse then Nick, Chloe, or Daniel, he won it because Hilton took an immediate liking to him. As much as people say ish about Santino, he knows how to sell himself and his product.

And I gotta give props to Andrae...his dress was MAD hot! As long as he keeps designing like that I can deal with whining and tears.


I loves me some Daniel V. Hot.

Heidi sounded like she lifted that line from a rap record.


GOD STRIKE ME DEAD IF YOU DON'T WIN A BLOGGIE. (But I'm totally j/k, God! Just in case...)

I nominated you for every single category possible because you deserve it.


HAHAHAHAHA!I was cracking up for like an hour when Marla said "F*cking A!". I use that phrase all the time. Marla totally gets props for that one.


I read somehwere that Daniel V. is "bi." I'm hoping that means I have a chance. That is one sexy man.

Don't tell my husband.


I'm just glad you called Nicky out on her brows. Looked like she got hit with a blow torch.


Daniel is very very gay. Though I love him and would like nothing more for him to be available, that boy has not seen a vagina since he burst through one.


daniel v.--not hot! but i'd do him.

I believe this episode was after Heidi had the baby...notice the bump isn't as huge as it was. Very funny comentary though. Love the braided eye brows! I still always laugh thinking of the "Cinnabon" comment about Tyra. I laugh about that in my head about twice a week. Hmmm, is that normal? Who cares?

rod townsend

Thanks for pointing out the MILF.

No, not Marla.

The Makeupper I'd Like to Flaunt

Armchair Cook

I don't even watch the damn show and you crack me up. You are my inspiration.

Laura Kluvo

Brilliant recap as always - well worth the wait - and thanks for the link!


Funny as shiat. Gay humour rocks.


this ep: santino was too moist, lupe's hair was too greasy, nicky was too hilton-y and diana was NOT dirty... just off-beat.

i do like nick, he's cute and soooooo squishy.


I agree with Carly. It's like they CC:ed you in that episode and made you a make-up artist.

Nicky's eyebrows. Genius!!!!!

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