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January 27, 2006


Ay ya ya...I have to agree with you. This season sucks!! the talent on the show is lackluster. and who the hell does jay think he is trying to play ppl?! he is sooo tacky. yuck.


Danny V can impregnate me. He's so hot I can barely think.
I think Ive said that before.
Santino's dress looks...unfinished? slopped together,Kara's dress looks like some bad 80's video.
If Grace is say 6 feet tall then Chloe is easily just hitting 5 feet.
I would totally just put her in my pocket!


YOU, managed to turn a boring episode, into 2 VERY exciting minutes.

The garlic head is SOOO FUNNY. When I saw it, I imediately thought of Poppy Seed Head (Do a Google image search on "poppy seed head"). For some unknown reason I also thought of Tootie :)

When Zuzu woke up and got out of bed, she was wearing the same shirt she wore for rest of the day. What's up with that?


I agree that Kara should have been a goner. Not only was her dress the most yawn-inducing part of a comatose episode, but the only interesting thing about her is her accent. At least Zulema brought the drama. And did anyone else have visions of "Zoolander" when she asked for a walk-off?


When I was watching this week's Project Runway episode and saw Uncle Nick's little happy dance, I said to myself Oh my god! I hope Rich caught that...and you did! I love you for that!

Even though I didn't watch last season's Project Runway, I could still tell that Jay was a trip. And I agree with you on him being condescending to the contestants. Hoe sit...oh, oops, you're already sitting down. Never mind!

Santino's impression of Tim Gunn was hella funny! But I still prefer the Michael Kors impression. Later!


In case you haven't heard it

Santino does Tim singing Closer by NIN!!! OMG it's sooo funny!

And THANK YOU!! I'm so tired of people getting pissed at ZuZu for changing models! It's about time someone do it!

Also.. ZuZu has a myspace with pics from her modeling days http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=41711097


"...and instead looks like a bulb of garlic"

Rich, You are too clever.


I wanted to bring up the fact that Chloe's model looked like a man.. yes?


if andrae hadn't mugged so, if santino hadn't tim-ed so, if nick hadn't sulked so, i would've had a better time...


It's too bad Zuzu got eliminated. I don't watch the show but I really like what you are posting (I'm always LMAO when reading your entries) so I checked the designs on the website. So far Zuzu was my fav.
Thank you for this awesome website.


1) i still adore jay. don't hate me...
2) yes, this was a boring episode. except for santino imitating tim. that was the sole highlight for me
3) am i the only one bummed that there's no snippit of daniel's now-signature line from this episode? that's the best line in the whole episode.

and i don't know how you got to see the today segment, those of us whose NBC stations suck ass and push the last hour of today to ten AM were cursing (at least i was) when it was preempted for politics. hmmmph. whatever.


Daniel V. is a god among man/boys. While it was a little onions-n-garlic, I still loved his orchid design; I loved him for setting Nick back on the path of get-yo-head-outta-yo-ass-ness; and the man is TOO DAMN SEXY. The hair! The nose! The faces he makes! His goofy laugh! That skinny, sinewy body! The NOSE!!

I need to lie down for a little while.


I want that old-lady-flipping-off picture on a t-shirt. Further, I want to be able to buy it at Spencer's Gifts.


Santino's Tim had me laughing to the point of tears; I'm so happy you put up a clip of that.

Kel de Texas

I didn't think the episode was boring at all. It exposed Nick as a whiney drama queen, showed Santino can reel in his emotions, Andrae can acutally make something pretty, Kara still sucks, and Daniel V can design something out of the pod people and still win becuase he is ONE SEXY MOTHERF**KER!

OH.. and make up guy is still hot.


Why is Kara still in this competition? She's a Marla who can sew: capable, but still unoriginal and uninteresting. Love Chloe and Nick. Liked Zulema. Santino needs to have another embellishment-induced tantrum and get kicked off. Normally, I don't like show recaps, but I'm loving your coverage. Thanks!


My heart melts every time I see Nick. Love Love Amor Him!

Oh, and Rachel? Umm I won't be surprised if she ends up as a stripper. Girl's modeling career is OVER and she's obviously a little bit crazy. Did you seee that eye make-up? Mos def crazy.


Santino's T Gunn is spot on, but I keep listening to that snippet for Daniel's giggle. I get moist.

gayest neil

Were ZuZu and Ms. Jay seperated at birth?!


I still think it was completely bitchy that she took nick's model, and that she got kicked off and ruined it for the model. She was one of the best models too. I bet she HATES Zuzu.


Now with Project Runway, when i watch I try to predict which moments--both visual and audible--that you'll cover in your brilliant re-caps. IS THAT WRONG?


Rich I love you, but I have to disagree. This was the BEST show of the season! Drama to the left and to the right! Thank you ZuZu for setting it off with the model walk off. Finally something happened in their dreary little competition! They even got to talk to the camera!

Also loooooved Santino's Tim Gunn impersonations. I can't wait for Tim to confront him next week. What if Santino answers as Tim . . . trippy.

Finally, Santino's picture of a woman flipping the bird is actually a picture he took of a picture. It's a famous shot of a lady cab driver . . . street vendors sell framed 5x7s of it all over town, along with more iconic New York pix of the Twin Towers, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, blah blah blah. I was a little miffed when he appeared to take credit for the shot. Hello copyright!


Oh wow -- I'm not familiar with that picture, obviously. I'll note it above.


please watch this shit. why would they edit gold from their show?


it's santino singing closer and slave songs?!


" I want to eat her on a road trip."

You're awesome.

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