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January 24, 2006



I had no idea Pat Robertson is a masseuse.

manhattan offender

Love the juxtaposition with the Fitness ad in the corner.

++DJ Assault!!!!

gayest neil



The Show - Yeah
Fred Savage - Neah

It was pretty funny. Loved the dressed up chicken.


It would all depend on how long it has been since I got some and how hungry he was.


ass ass titties titties ass n titties! it's nice to see fred healthy and working...

Artie James

I like to think of these as Fred's Wonder Bread Years.

Chunk = YUM!


Kel de Texas

I TOTALLY thought about you when I watched it on TiVo!! I knew you would like his chunk!


But he has minivan hair.



HAHAHHAHAHAHA. I'm gonna have to remember to use some ASS & TITTIES animation on my blog.


rich. you're insatiable. i'm just trying to figure out what's up with his nipples...


He's maintained some of his cuteness. How rare is that for former child stars? He's also just plain likeable.


Oh how time has passed! He's like a total dad now, my goodness. I had the HUGEST crush on him back in the day.

*wipes eye* Wow.

Veronica Vinegar

If you're really into hairy-chested chunk, check out George Costanza (Jason Alexander) in the "shrinkage" episode of Seinfeld. If I walked into him changing, I would be too zazzed-up by that big furry chest to care about a little ole dink!


Ohhh, Fred Savage! I still love this boy. If he were't married, and if I hadn't already had a bad expereince with a married man, I would so be after him. Hmmm...is his younger brother still single?


Okay, go rent "The Rules of Attraction" (starring Ian Somerhalder, Shannyn Sossamon, and James Van Der Beek) and fast forward through any tedious sections. There is a scene where James Van Der Beek is Fred Savage's drug dealer, and Fred is unclothed, smoking, and getting high. Lotsa chunk. Plus, he uses his navel as a cigarette holder.


He's kinda got some man-boobies .... moobies


ew jason alexander


oh, i love him! he seems so normal and I think he's quite adorable. too bad he's only gay on the show.


Making me sad I missed DJ Assault and DJ Funk 2 weeks ago! I'm sorry, I'm not feeling this man chunk and its because of the hair - on his head and especially on his chest, eww.


Yeah, the head hair is extremely problematic to me. But chunk is chunk.


Has anyone heard him talk? he's a conservative with almost right-wing views, hello!


getting a shirtless massage from his dad was a lovely touch. i want this show to succeed. he is so likable. wonder years residual feelings. jane curtin's voice is entrancing and sucks me in. it is so total an arrested development rip-off though sweeter. his brother is damn hot. maybe you can post a gif of them wrestling because his brother's leg was between his. hope they explore his being a closet case even more because that could be funny. it is totally doomed of course. oh well.


i think he's a sexy mofo now! i'd do him!

brass unicorn

Daaaamn. I'd do him, too.

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