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Ass n Titties... you slay me. I have to say, watching this show; I kinda think he's cute. Don't tell anyone.


Jason Alexander-- too much chunk.
Fred Savage--JUST RIGHT!


Love it! I need to know the know, the Ass 'n' Titties song. Now it is stuck in my head. It is on a mix from a DJ friend of mine and I need to own it. HELP!


Babe -- It's posted above. Look at the last sentence -- "this one" is actually a link to the track.


Thanks, Rich! I could no longer read by the time I got to that part of the page - eyes were burning from all that man chunk. The version I have is much slower, but this is just what I needed.


This show is funny as hell

hip hop

joe back mountain

I never knew. The chunk gets me everytime.

u r so ugly now but u were so nice during wonder years

Polycarbonate panels

There should be a middle ground somewhere, Alysa, between the crass commercialism we have in this country and the tight-assed ninnyness of the French - except for those in the North, of course. Carnaval looks to be similar to Fasching in Germany. Drink and be merry.

pad lock

What a beautiful post, Vivian! Happy Halloween to you and your family - especially to adorable Mason. My, what big claws he has!

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