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January 12, 2006


manhattan offender

I had a friend that had a roommate that we all really liked, at the beginning. But when he returned from a trip to Miami, he had starting smoking crystal. He dropped, like, 50 pounds and wore the same clothes everyday. Eventually he went into that crystal-head phase where we was doing eight guys an hour and never taking a shower. (Hey, that rhymes!)

We were all sort of close at one point, but being the distanced New Yorkers we are, nobody talked to him about it. It was sort of decided that he was a bright boy and that at some point he would wake up and realize that his life was pretty pathetic.

Well, now, that guy is ...

fine. Yeah, you were expecting dead, I know, but he met this guy, fell in love, got off the pipe and drugs in general and he's fine.

So give Whitney some trust and some love and she'll come back to you. She just needs to learn that loving yourself is the greatest love of all. Or maybe she justs wants to dance, with somebody.

FingerBang Joe

My first reaction to this picture was to laugh, then I remembered how great she was years ago, and the fact that she has a young daughter, and the fact that we may be seeing her in her final days. It's not so funny anymore. Hope she gets better (Not 100% better but better)


Now that is a kitchen-ass hairdo.


I've never considered your posts 'laughing at' Whitney. You LOVE Whitney. Anybody that gleans otherwise, isn't paying attention.


No doubt that it's sad... but she is the master of her own undoing. If she really wanted to stop, she would, right?


As much as I love me some SASSY ASSED NIPPY......I have to admit that the photo is quite trajic ....and i hope shes gonna be all right ....I read recently that she is on the brink of releasing a huge R&B album that might be hitting on some disco notes (sampling nights on broadway Candi style) and that she had been recording with R Kelly Jamie Foxx ect. Hopefully true .......I mean, she obviously doesnt go into the studio looking like that ??? Or does she?


aw, come on!! you made her this way!! you're the one who dehumanized and objectified her. you are whitney's crack, and don't get me wrong, i'm grateful for it. please don't grow a conscience, tho, m'kay?


seriously... she has to know. She has to know what she is doing! I can't believe that she leaves the house looking like that and DOESN'T know...


Her recording career cant possibly end this way ......I mean....that would place her somewhere between Brenda Fassi and Diana Ross on the Tragic scale .....talk about your DIVA IN THE DESSERT! I wonder if ...years down the road she will pull a TINA and have a vintage-diva comeback ....Or a Dorothy Moore ....and turn back to her gospel roots......I have a feeling that were witnessing the last teathered bits of her current pop music career as we know it. I think that this is probably a good thing since Whitney is clearly so fascinating, talented and has been riding upon her past successes for too long. Im sure at some point shell be forced into a much different and more creative direction. I mean if her record company dropped her then she might do music she likes rather than the stuff she has sung so she could have her paycheck signed.


Yeah, in the Vibe article on Being Bobby Brown (which, true to the show, focused a lot of its attention on her) that ran this summer, she talked about just wanting to record a straight-up gospel album. And then she added something like, "But Clive wouldn't have that." But isn't that better than nothing?

Of course, Disco Whit would be better than just about everything.


Ive been watchin this lady for a few years.....Absolutely Whitney is truly one of the most facsinating personality/celeb out there ....unfortunately Rich.....Its looking more and more like THE FOREST IS OVER! You get the feeling that everyone around her including Clive and those who have been working with her....have been trying to distract her with projects in order to help her. Im hopefull ...but also doubtfull that her next project will have much success if her heart just isnt in it....I also think a disco Whit would blow peopel away .....she is so meant for that! Bring the heat!


She never showed any restraint in her singing, no big surprise that the lady can't show any in her drug habits. Now if Celine Dion would just get all boozy, that would make for some great TV.


I feel the same way. I couldn't even watch the entire X-mas show; it bothered me so much. Probably because she was the joke (and not in on it).


Heres the thing..I dont think Bobby "made" Whitney this way. She fell for the dude because she saw something she responded to. dont forget, she ehrself todl Wendy Williams shes always been a chick from Jersey that will fight (or something like that).

Is there anyway that photo has been touched up to make it look that bad? Because I have no idea what those things are on her face. SHe just needs to get cleaned up. SOmetimes I think Bobby is, but shes not. Im not sure the 2 of them can get clean if they are together..instead of strengthening they are pulling each other down. Thats the difference with your friend MANHATTAN OFFENDER, he found someone who helped him OUT. These 2 help each other back IN.

Anyone notice that her Mom seems to have been pushed out of her life?


I don't Crack his really her drug of choice.. She looks a lot more like someone on Heroin most of the time to me... probably smokes some really pure stuff, and since she looks worse now, probably better or more of it...

Its amazing how shitty she looks now days and she isnt all that old either.

Brand Leigh

Husband spotted someone who he believes was Whitney Houston two days ago in Austin, TX on SoCo.
He said "Well there was this black woman that kind looked like her, in a white track suit with like 20 cameras surrounding her, so who else would it be?"

That response is STILL making me laugh.


Can we go....to da puppy shop?~~

M to the G

My first thought was most anybody going out in a bad wig at 4:00AM for candy bars would look wo' out.

And I'm with you that it would be hard to recap without cruelty if she is in a bad way. I hope she can pull it together. I enjoy rooting for Bobby and Whitney so much more than all these phony celeb types.


I agree...... they (she) (whitney) are far more interesting than most celebs out there...How do you thank someone who's taken you from HOW WILL I KNOW? to HELL TO THE NO?


Just want to say, that it's God's grace that we are not in the same predicament as Whitney...We all far short and lose our way at times...but maybe Whitney's calling in life was not to be a Great Singer (which she is/was) but to be an example for us all. An example of not only what not to do, but an example of how to love and support and not be judgemental. So, with that said, God bless, I am praying for you.


bootyvicious I like the comparisons you came up with, though I see her more as Judy Garland. I just hope BK doesn't turn out like Liza...yikes.

I look at the situation like this. No one put a gun to Whitney's head and made her be on camera (then again, you never know with Bobby). So while seeing Whitters 2006 is somewhat depressing, I reserve the the right to laugh if she does something over the top. That's the price you pay for living your life in front of the camera.

mimi  jones

My heart goes out to Whitney....i hope things work out for her...but let me say this WHITNEY YOU NEED TO STOP WEARING THEM NASTY UGLY TIRED ASS PLAYED OUT OLD WIGS!!!




Cara Fletcher

I'm now convinced that crack kills you slowly and can make your mood swings from the happiest person in the world to the most miserable like in the situation wiht Whitney and this is too sad.

children car   manufacturer

How very inspiring - you, my dear, are definitely someone who grabs life by the lapels and doesn't let go until you get what you want. So happy for you!

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