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January 25, 2006



My fantasy is for Whitney to sing Bono's part of "One" during the Grammys.


I love your take on the subject, but I think Stevie did this on better. I was just pleased with your writing style. You had very interesting comments. Do you have a writing background? And I'm curious are you male or female?


In all honesty, I only know of the song when one of the contestants sang it for American Idols.

I love both version, of the songs, Stevie Wonder and MJB but I think the original is always the more superior one as its got the special quality that remixes dont have.

Just my $0.02


I had no idea that Mary redid this, so I listened amazed, and though I agree with your 'phoning in' comment about Stevie, there is so much in his voice....and Mary just seems to be copying the original.
I like Stevie's better.


I'm sorry - I have no idea what this blogger is even listening to. Stevie's version is far superior, as for one...it's on the beat! Mary's singing (not nearly as good as Stevie's) doesn't even follow the rhythm at times, and it gives the impression that she's going through the motions. Stevie's conveying the desperation of unrequited love with emotion that Mary, sorry to say, doesn't even come close to expressing here.

I can't believe this is even a conversation.

You can't become the Queen of "Hip-Hop Soul" (whatever that means - and I love both hip-hop and soul) when your most famous record is a cover of someone else's music. Sorry. Just my opinion.


Found this on Google looking for Mary's version; thanks for posting it - but you couldn't be more wrong about which one is better.

This isn't a song about conflict (which you're right, is Mary's bread & butter), it's about being, well..."Overjoyed", which Stevie has exuded probably every day of his life. You hear it in his voice and in his arrangement; this is not a song that needs an "edge", it's about unabashed joy - and should be sung and played that way...unabashedly.

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