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(This is all assuming, of course, that the world doesn't just explode at the epic coincidence of all that ANTM and PR in one night)

This season was soooo wack but this was the BEST EPISODE! I was in stiches the whole time especially when Andrae had that 10-minute breakdown on stage...hahahahaha

Kneel Young

If that stupid Southern girl had an ounce of talent, the show could have justified keeping her on for comedic value (a la Santino). Too bad she got booted early. You can tell she would have been fun to laugh at.


If you have a mac or use firefox, etc, Here's the plain wmv for the mournful Emmett serger "spiritual" so you can see it too.

I played clip of "Lonesome Valley" from "O Brother Where Art Thou"over the top of it and couldnt tell the difference. Santino needs a recording contract.


Good call SarahW! I forgot that isn't Mac friendly...


Rich - this is your best one yet. Then again, they gave you a lot of material to work with!


lmao. great recap (and screengrabs!)

bring back Guadalupe. she's nuts, but she makes great clothes.

I'm SO glad Daniel F's comment was taken out of context. Because otherwise, that "I love you" was way, way creepy.


So does anyone else think Kara is preggers? Because her face looked sort of more fucked up than usual.

And I was really hoping for some sort of Nick/Daniel lovefest reunion. I feel like they should be together forever...and at their wedding, Andrae can either be the flower girl in his orange shorts or sing the song as those bitches walk down the aisle.


i finally figured out who Santino looks like.....Rasputin! Hmm.


the episode was hilarous!

I love your Nick animations. Nick is the greatest!!

John looks cuter when he lost all that weight. but damn, how much weight did he loose, 60 lbs?? 'cause he sure looks DIFFERENT.

Lupe is insane! Her response to Tim Gunn's question was ridiculous. she made apsolutly no sense. it was hilarious.

Santino is an ass, but we still love him!

haha, u're right at how close Santino and Chloe were sitting.

Daniel Franco's saying "I love you Heidi" meant his true admiration and respect towards her especially after she said really wonderful things about his lingerie collection. Producers edited it to make him appear "creepy" They edited it the same way during that episode as well.

great post! u make us all LOL.


this is genius. best recap ever.


i really hope you've seen the orange shorts (yes THE ORANGE SHORTS) up for auction on ebay...


bring back Guadalupe. she's nuts, but she makes great clothes.

I'm sorry, are you sightless? Did you actually ever see the "I-vomitted-up-everything-I-could-that-didn't-match-then-just added-rickrack" outfits? Wow.

On another note, I can die happy now that I can listen to the Ballad of Daniel Franco whenever I want.


You rock my socks clean off.

The last bit about Hiedi being sprung on Tim's Gun--genius. I just picked myself up out of the floor.


Katherine, I saw those shorts on eBay too! You could also get one of his dresses and a voicemail greeting by him. It was nuts! I also saw Project RunAwayFromJay...he's a complete fuckwad. I did like that he ran into Austin Scarlett, tho. For some weird reason I really like him.
The reunion show was great!! Great recap, Rich!


I was more upset by Daniel F's hair ... he looks like Trent Reznor, the Puffy Years. Awful.

P.S. It seems that the girl you have labeled Mya in the ANTM fairy shot is Leslie, not Wendy. And obviously Leslie is totally hot, so you don't have to feel bad. See:


Did anyone else catch Nick on "Olympic Ice"? He teamed up with Canadian skating queen Jamie Salier to comment on all the girl's outfits from Thursday night's free skate. He was back to full head-wagging form. Rekindled my love.


yeah, there was a frisson between Santino and Andre...


this site is great... i'm upset i didn't know about it sooner... lol... great recaps. love it.


I've taken the liberty of casting ProjRun: The Musical.

Olivia Newton-John as Heidi Klum.
Paul Lynde as Michael Kors.
Sean Young as Nina Garcia.
James Woods as Tim Gunn.
Linda Blair as Anne Slowey.
Dakota Fanning as Sasha Cohen.
RuPaul as Iman.
Heidi Fleiss as Nicky Hilton.
Anna Mae Wong as Chloe Dao.
Johnny Depp as Daniel Vosovic.
Christopher Walken as Santino Rice. Vincent Gallo as understudy.
Shelley Duvall as Kara Janx.
Javier Bardem as Nick Verreos.
Jim Carrey as Andrae Gonzalez.
Whoopi Goldberg as Zulema Griffin.
Robin Givens as the alter-ego Shantangee.
Tony Randall as Emmett McCarthy.
Pat Morita as Diana Eng.
Ruth Gordon as Marla Duran.
Any homeless woman will do as Guadalupe Vidal.
Anthony Perkins as Daniel Franco.
Edward James Olmos as Raymundo Baltazar.
Holly Hunter as Kirsten Ehrig.
Horatio Sanz as John Wade.
Anna Nicole Smith as Heidi Standridge.
Grace, Heather, & Rebecca as the Greek Chorus.

Sunny Bunny

"Happiness is a Warm Gunn" is my fave!!


The two best moments for me were when Andrae calmed down during his speech before being shown sobbing again 30 seconds later, and Kara's "Andrae" impersonating with the blow dryer.

And I thought it was Zhatangi. Like Zhane.

Distressed Jeans

Great recap! LOL. Oh Im going to miss Project Runway when its over. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Ill miss Santino and his Tim impressions!



Robin Givens as the alter-ego Shantangee


She's so Bjorky - LOL Hilarious.

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