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February 15, 2006


How could they replace Janice with beige, boring, mop water Twiggy?


I'm looking forward to Janice Dickinson Models, personally. As much as ANTM owns me with its campy-gayness and crap, at least I can trust Janice to find at least one (1) female who actually fits modern modeling standards, instead of going on and on and on and ON about herself...and nothing else. Can you tell that I'm not a fan of the Tyra show? (And can somebody show the sister how to talk about something OTHER than ANTM?!)

gayest neil

Amen Sistah! I LOVE Janice D. Beyond the plastic exoskeleton she's built (physical and emotional) there is a fantabulous woman in there who really cared for the young ladies on ANTM. Yeah she was a bitch - but HELLOOO - it don't take two seconds for any experienced model (much less the WORLD'S FIRST TOP MODEL) to look over fifty girls and tell which one (or two) will maybe make it onto a runway, and which one might be good enough for a gentleman's magazine like Maxim.
Her *schtick* (was it an act?) did grow tiresome on Surreal Life. I think she was at her best on ANTM when she was away from the judging desk. At her worst when obvi shot down by Tyra and others and resorting to her goofy, diva stuff.
I'm still bummed by Twiggy's ascension to Janice's seat. I'd rather have seen Empress Minnie up there.

gayest neil

Jujubee: I honestly don't think Tyra HAS anything other than ANTM to talk about. Kind of sad.


How is Tyra doing that with her hands?
I just tried it and I hurt myself.

FingerBang Joe

Have you all checked out the ANTM site? It looks like they have tall skinny girls this year. I'm shocked.


This is the most romantic of the Valentine's postings I've seen, even if it is a day late. Come back to us, JD, we're beggin you please...


damn, it's episodes like this that make me wish the Tyra show aired here. And of course it's all the other episodes that make me glad it doesn't. Unless she starts doing paternity tests, Maury-style.

anyways, did you see Janice's E! True Hollywood Story? Die, Motherfucker! indeed.


Im currently watching Austrailias NTM...the first photo was the naked photo!

Oh and their were pictures of Naima(looking horrid with giant puss filled zits on her face and a lady beard) and Lisa (two different events) on a website called Last nights party.
Did Naima blackmale them into winning? She is just not attractive.


thy time has come-


I think those photos are actually of Naima's identical twin sister (no, i'm not kidding). Naima is bland bland bland, but never had any acne problems on the show (i'm looking in your general direction, YaYa)


rich did you see the look tyra gave janice when janice said something about high wasted bikinis being very 1992 and very Heidi Klum? tyra shot her the look of death, DAGGERS, it was pricless. please gif that.


Totally saw that -- I'll see if I have some time to grab it tonight. I loved Janice's Klum comment, though.

gayest neil

Awesome! I'm sure her Klum comment was planned. She was probably looking for any way to slip (stab) in mention of the Anti-TyTy.


UPN has pictures of all of the new girls up. What do you think? My vote goes to Mollie Sue.


All will be revealed tomorrow.


ooh, Rich!!!! I had no idea ANTM started again on March 8! That's my birthday. I will think of this season's show as a fabulous birthday gift from Miss Tyra.


Have you read Janice's books? They will definitely make you love her more than ever.


OMG Kevin Aviance. "Bang on the drum while I am riding you!"

Damn, Janice looks more plastique than ever - LOVESIT!

I just saw the Tyra last night where she confronts her fear of dolphins and has another girl on who is deathly afraid of pennies. Tyra made her dig through an aquarium full of the copper coins to find a $6000 watch. It was fucking amazing. The bitch was totally over it after she picked up the prize.


Saying "Showgirls" is over is like saying, I dunno, oxygen or water or shoes or something else essential for life is over.



Maybe a weekly revisit to the glory days of ANTM featuring Janice will help us get to March 8th.

She's just a star, a trainwreck, a diva, she is all she says she is and more. I am at the point with JD that I would watch her in anything, even the lobotomizing surreal life.


WWJDD- I hope it was Naima's twin because she just looked horrid, it was at some party thing though so who knows....

On an other note...

was the show named "people who are afraid of stupid stuff?"
I hate not having cable(everything is downloaded...)


Oh, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Thank you RIch, my life has been empty without ANTM :(


RICH- make sure you get over to the top model website! They released actual info about the new models!!


Janice is god.

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