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have you seen the santino clip of him doing tim gunn doing nine inch nails "closer"? go to the bravo site if you haven't. it's fucking hysterical... "designers...i want to fuck you like an animal...."


Chloe lives in Houston, and she's said in the interview with Andy from Bravo that most of her male friends are gay. so it doesn't surprise me that she can do the neckroll and speak ghetto fabulously. although it does sound a little weird with her accent.


Daniel V.'s flexibility: hot
I'll second that emotion. God help me, but I even love him with the top knot.

Kel de Texas

You, Me, Chloe and Daniel V. Thinking big ol orgy. That's Hot.


Santino's Andrae / Tim story totally reminded me of some shit I would go off on after smoking a pile or two of the green. And OMG hahhaa my lesbian friend Daphne has that exact doormat you PS'd onto the AstroGown.


I'm kinda surprised that you didn't include a snippet of Andrae, arms flailing once again, weepily walking off-stage after his elimination. I'll miss the awestruck, wide-eyed wonderment he had for just about everything and the way he seemed so genuinely thrilled just to be part of the Project.
And you're right about Kara, she really stepped up to the plate with this episode, even without referencing her desire for green.


Rich, every week, you having me laughing out loud at work. For shame!

Anyway, I look forward to your recaps each week...keep up the great, and hu-sterical (as Kara would say) work!


Damn, you are always do the best recaps. I do not laugh at the others like I laugh at yours. And Andrae's head pasted on the lamb? BRILLS!


Greg: I really considered it, but I thought the Andraé (What Happened to Andraé) gif would be too mean. He's brittle, you know. He's a lamb.


The whole Heidi and shiny plants thing was just killing us on the last episode. "It's because she's German"??????? So next week, she should come out dressed in black shiny leather with a riding crop and Hitler mustache..."We like it shiny! We are German!" Plus the whole baby belly thing in shiny leather would be an added plus.
Also, do all Americans have dusty houseplants? I didn't even know they could be dusted. Isn't that like dusting your skin and digestive organs?


Heidi can't afford real plants...Heidi can't afford real plants.


Was Rachel on Top Model a few seasons back? Was she the one crying on the floor in the bathroom? I think she was. It would make her crappy modeling make sense.




I'm crying with laughter right now.


I actually think you are supposed to dust or rinse your plants, as if they have too much dust and other such build up from being indoors, it can clog the plants pores (so to speak) and suffocates the plant. But I might be making this up. It sounds so familiar though!


Hell, I don't even watch this show, so why am I waiting for the re-caps????

Because you are so creative. I love that you're nerdy-cool. And I mean that as such a compliment. You created a quiz?! And then you hid the answers with font-color-magic?! Ahhh. You are so refreshing.

Tate Tullier

This shit is too funny. I put a shoutout on your blogsite on mine at



This show is far better drama than I though it would be initially. The designs show some real creativity and the judges (I think) are too safe.


How the heck do you do this? Sound clips? Animated .gifs? Perfect screen grabs? Seriously. It is the most elaborate multi-media presentation in all of the internets. I'm assuming that when the episode ends you spend 36 straight hours at the computer, feverishly compiling these posts... and it totally shows, and is appreciated. Good God, I am amazed weekly.


Price nails it. This is a fantastic recap, and provides me with .mp3s for mix cd's!!

I tend to agree that Chloe might be kind of hott. And Daniel V.'s coming out speech was very sweet and surprising.


Thanks again Rich! I cannot say anything that hasnt been said above.

you rock the casbah.


I waited all day yesterday for this post, it was so worth it.


i love how you used the lamb from 'lisa the vegetarian' for the image of andre.


I think one of the brainstormers for the challenges has seen a bit of True Stories in their day. Behold:
That second dress? Totally Santino.

Though this one makes me think more of our little lamb.


"or that Tarah's test results came back and, yeah, it is lupus" LUPUS?? Somebody call Tyra, stat! They totally stole Mercedes' cause...

And awesome catch with Rachael on the bathroom in ANTM...

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