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I'm So Into You

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I love your nails.


okay im back in love with you.
now wheres my leather Bongo short shorts>!<>


have u heard the new cazwell track "all over your face. its hillarious.


Hold up! Did Nick get eliminated? I might have to stop watching now. :-(


Rich, you seriously make my life worth living.


A mention of Gangsta Lean and Weak all in the same post..... Rich, I think I love you! Finally someone that understands my eclectically diverse taste in music and also loves ANTM. Will you marry me?


bravo. bravo. the SWV classic has been a fave of mine since day one. it is still in heavy rotation in my iPod. thank u.


You have no idea how you've totally made my morning. SWV? Gangsta Lean? Oh boy, did you take it back. I'm doubled over in pain/joy! Your blog is such a guilty pleasure. I loves Porgy!


okay, so Weak was the song that everyone who thought they could blow would sing and sound all fucked up, especially the chorus, because NO ONE knew the lyrics. Oh, memories.

Rich I love you. You would be the perfect white boy to take home to my momma.


This song's dedicated to my homies in that GANGSTA LEAN.
Why did you have to go soooo soooooon?
Seems just like yeeeestaday, we were hangin' 'round the hood.
Now I'm gonna keep your memory alive like a homey should.

Kel de Texas

Rich, love the outfit, is it Ver-Sace?

Shasta MacNasty

Ahh...the days when black women were allowed to be in music videos without a weave. :::getting misty:::

Now personally, I like the "human nature" remix better than the original. I'm talking the song. Very smooth.

Now if you feel like talking SWV, you need to talk about that bomb-ass song they had called "Downtown." Now there's a song they need to bring back...


Right Here (Original) video > Right Here (Human Nature Remix) video


Oh shit, I remember "Downtown". No one demands cunnilingus like Koko.


'Weak' is so perfectly in synch with its time. Love it, can't think of the early 90s without resting my mind on that tune for at least a moment or two or three. Great write up...


such a short project runway post? I was looking forward to it! :(

the show is not fun without Nick.


SVW is the bomb. I miss it!


i am counting down the moments until your PR post.


I just busted out laughing at my desk when I heard Gangsta Lean! What is that '93? '94? And it totally fits!!! Rich, how does one even sift through the cobwebs to pull that one out?!? Truly amazed. As for the SWV track, everyone who was a fan then never forgot them. Remember the one with the moustache?

As for Nick, I was over his ass when he gave that Paris Hilton monologue. Why? Ugh, but at least this episode had plenty of tears.


Why is Leelee so useless?

fatty fathammer

cool blog... please dont tell me you really hang with fatty


omg. i can't stop looking at that picture of nick. it's making me want to cry. look at him! he looks so upset. look at his little upset eyebrow and the way he's wiping his tears. you seriously capped that at the saddest moment, and now i can't look away, even though it's making me feel terrible.

i miss him...


Rich? A white boy? I haven't been able to figure it out but I don't put him on straight-up "white." Remember that Seinfeld episode about Derek Jeter and Rich, is you or ain't you?


first concert I ever went to was DRS.

yes. I'm ashamed.

even moreso that me and my cousins stood outside their hotel after the show trying to get autographs.


Let the record show that I am 100% white meat. Mostly of Eastern Euro descent. I think the buzzed head throws people off.

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