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Penny Woods

Oh, and I couldn't resist:
"...Madonna herself appeared at the beginning of the song proper."

And the peformance was still bad. Any "idiot" could see that from a mile away.

Sorry, Rich. I'll be good from now on!

Victor Finley-Brown

My friend at NEXT in New York just sent me your link and I know i'm 2 days behind, but let me say the Grammy's was like walking on glass with no shoes, and trying not to get cut. I have to say that Mariah, who I am convinced sang everything with some help, put on those platform shoes which she was wearing,and reached so far up in her ass for that performance,that i think i saw her fingers coming out of here mouth. Fighting to the end. She really needs more time in the studio and less in bed eating with her bib on.( Reference her Marie Claire Interview)

If you thought Madonna sucked then you must be hard to please. She sounded good, danced well, and at least put on a show.


IMO Madonna's performance was pretty good, Mariah's performance was BAD. I don't like her or her music, but even I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed for her as I watched her try to perform. She looked totally ridiculous! I thought she was going to knock herself out the way that one arm was flapping around.

I love that someone called Kanye an "intelligent, creative artist". So true, but you know some people absolutely hate that! Certain people prefer 50 Cent over Kanye, cuz 50 perpetuates the stereotype of the unintelligent black male who's predisposed to violence. Kanye shatters that stereotype, but there are certain people who prefer to hold on to it. These are the Kanye haters.

And FAMU Marching 100 repped it! Kanye and Jamie's performance was the highlight of the night (Jay-Z and co.'s was good, too)


Oh man, Rich! That was hysterical! So funny that I can wait a whole weekend for your much anticipated ProjRun recap.

BUT .... I'm glad they gave Nick the boot. Especially since he got all cocky (ahem) about his menswear advantage. The Kors basically used his suit as an example of how NOT to create menswear. I love it!


Yeah, why did Michelle have Marge Simpson's sister's hair??? Crazy!


Mary J. was the only bitch who could sing the whole damn night. The concept may have been pretentious, but give the lady her due. Everyone's all sweaty about Madge (don't-I-look-good-for-my-age) and Mariah (are-my-tits showing-enough)Carey....please, Mary J. kicks their ass before breakfast.


Hey, I thought Mary J was good. You gotta give her some credit!


I don't care that Kanye West was giving you "retro pimp", I'd still fuck him...just before I marry John Legend...

the katt

Maroon 5's ghetto pass is unnecessary anyway. It only came about after they won best new artist over Kanye last year and Adam practically apologized at the podium upon receiving the award. Crazy. Then he's 'rewarded' by guesting on Kanye's next single and video. And I'm all for intelligent, creative black folk, too...but if he's gon be that immodest, why not just walk naked!


John Legend makes me want to loose control of my sexual self-restraint.


Wow, your comments about the Grammy's were (while dead on) full of my kind of foolishness. I loved that Kanye's joke flopped as well, but is it really official that John Legend is gay? I thought it was probable but not official. His Mama's Church of God in Christ revival suit and hat were out of this world.


No -- the comment about John Legend's sexuality was total speculation on my part. He's not out, and I'm sure things will stay that way forever.


Well only Madonna would have the guts to get on stage with Gorillaz! Mariah Scarey is too scared!!

jamillah james could you NOT talk shit on how crazy sly stone's ass looked? what?????

Phillip Gomez

Can Mariah get more fat? she's twice the Mariah of the 90's. I have to say that while her voice cracked the entire performance she sang her ass off. The standing o was much deserved.


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye... Pooff Diddly called and wants his arrogant irrelevance back.


Kelly Clarkson Sucks cock. Thank God you didn't acknowledge that overweight lipsinching little pig.


Kelly Clarkson Sucks cock. Thank God you didn't acknowledge that overweight lipsinching little pig.


Mariah's performnce was definantly NOT lip-synced! I loved her performance...she put sooo much emotion into it....thats what god can do! damnit! anyway i hated christina's performance..i fell asleep during it


I didnt really watch the grammy's but I went to youtube and saw Mariah performance. She looked liked she was going to colapse at any minute. But overall I think her performance was great. And the dude she was sitting next to in the audience is yummie. Is that suppose to be the guy she's been dating?

Ears Are Bleeding!!

What the fuck was Christina Aguilera doing?? Her mom should have gotten her checked for stuttering a long time ago!! She just went on my "never listen to again" list!!

LL all he had to do was show me that tongue, and he would have won all the grammy's!!!!!!!

Is it me or does Mariah Carey look like she used to be a bodybuilder!?!?!

Ears Are Bleeding!!

I absolutely love MIMI. Is it me or does Mariah mess up every "We Belong Together" song???? I loved the "Fly Like A Bird" performance.

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