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Thanks for one of the best review of the Grammys ever. It was really funny.


omg nick is right!!!

why are all those people facing away from chris martin in that animation?


hm...true, there is never any mistaking when Madonna sings. But that's but of the grittiness of her performances. But fall back on Mariah lipping that song. I saw her performance abooooooooooooout 4 times last night, thanks to Tivo, and I would cringe everytime her voice got lower and would crack a bit. Makes no sense to record something to lip to but have it sound bad. hm. Also, she didn't hold the last note on We Belong Together long enough. She fades out but the music doesn't. Just sayin'.

Rich, the recap is hysterical.

DC's Michele = Poor Mans Whitney
John L = drool down my leg

Poor Nick. Will miss him.


thank you for the recap. i never watch this shit because none of the artists - those that actually make something called MUSIC - never get nominated. but this recap was great. i didn't even have to watch the show! (never did anyway, i watched project runway all day instead!)

and OMG NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's great. and i actually cried when he got eliminated. (i'm still rooting for santino to win the whole thing though!)


IS THAT REALLY MARTHA WASH??? Because all night, I was like, No... that can't be... It can't, No wait, is it.. NO...

I just assumed it was his mom channeling Kim Coles. Or something.

All night, I told my mini Grammy viewing party that I was going to have a life-partner ceremony with John Legend, and now it can actually happen!

I stopped watching when I read on the internetz that Mariah didn't win anymore of the televised awards. At least she's tied with Madonna now for a grand total of 5 grammies each. God that's bleak.

The big winner of the night was Kelly Clarkson though. Massive exposure throughout the first hour and a half? That's going to drive Breakaway up the charts.

PS Xtina has been doing these vocal histrionics since the firt time someone tried to compare her to Britney. It's getting so tired, and I had so much hope for her when she toned it down a lot when Stripped was released. Apparently, it's back, and with a vengeance.


For the record, it totally isn't Martha Wash. I just like to make things up. Though I do think John's at least little pink on the inside, ifyaknowwhatImean.

miss ahmad

Kanye looked like he was on his way to a European Broke Back party...I wonder if that was the intended look. He should have learned from Fiddy, don't let these gay guys tell you what's fabulous, they will laugh at you when the photos come out!


Madonna made me want to cover my eyes, you know when you see someone making a fool out of themselves and you feel embarassed for them...I liked Mariah's performance. She upstaged Madonna, who got that lukewarm reception...anyway Rich, you MUST check this out:

Tomorrow, Friday, February 10th Tyra Banks is holding a "Transsexual Top Model" competition.

Janice Dickinson, club kid extraordinaire James St. James and drag diva Kevin Aviance will judge queens in a Top Model style competition to decide who will walk away with a Tyra-directed high-fashion photo shoot and a modeling contract!



You know you provide the best recaps. I love them! I recored the awards, but it seems I don't need to watch. Thanks! ;-)


I saw John Legend in concert opening for Alicia last summer. I had 11th row seats, and he stood in front of his little Kawasaki keyboard, with nothing between his pants and me (well except for 10 rows of screaming Alicia Fans) and boy, the way he gyrated (gayrated?) under that keyboard while he sang So High, amongsy other songs, I was so hot and bothered, lookin' like a whore in church. Seriously though, the way he languidly swayed his hips while pressing down on the ivories, it was so... demure. From then till now, I swear up and down he has a little sugar in his Tang.


I'm sure this is way better than the show, itself. I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks Kanye West is a pompous butthead.

Honey Child

Rich, love the blog....but you know that you are wrong for talking about John's mama like that. Martha Wash (love the Diva) probably couldn't fit into the seats at the Grammys.

I love Kanye, an intelligent creative black man ..the arrogance is a nice touch. It's good to have a rapper who doesn't claim the hood or dope dealing...not all black people are from that situation. I think Kanye was in the hell does U2 win for an old album?

And I love Kanye's was good to see him salute HBCU bands..nothing like a black college band. The Marching 100 did the damn thing. Jamie, next will get nominated for a slew of awards...

John Legend is real music. It's good to see the Academy appreciate real music.


I never paid attention to Coldplay (for obvious reasons), so I was never fully aware of the extent of Chris Martin's lameness until last night's performance. I was shocked....shocked! at how astoundingly unsexy he is for a so-called rock star. The pants the sneakers the hair the wailing the white-man-SKIPPING-shuffle my god!!! No wonder Gwyneth always seems to be in such a pissy mood.


rich. you knocked it out of the park again. i didn't see the grammys. but now i don't feel so bad. your recap was fuckin' hilarious...thanks dahling for keepin me up to date!

are you serious?

So i was sitting in class doing a very bad job of pretending to pay attention while reading your post - but when i got to your "fry it up" comment i actually laughed out loud in my seminar. yes, all 15 faces turned my way and i had to pretend i was coughing. Thank you Rich, somehow you have become my reason for living...and possibly for failing.


Huh? "Eat something?" Did you miss the bulemic Brillo mop standing three feet away from her?

Bourgeois Nerd

That picture of the people not standing for Mariah Carey's crazy ass is priceless. That black lady's like "What the hell are these fools standing for? White folk is crazy!" And the couple behind them is totally just standing and clapping 'cause everyone else is; they just kept right on talking.


May i interject that there was no one better to introduce Sly Stone than Dave Chappelle.

I'm sure a lot of people would have missed the significance of him doing the intro if he hadn't spelled it out for the audience.


Maybe we were separated at birth or something. You've detailed perfectly everything that bothered me about this show. I mean, I love my U2, but even I was annoyed (and not impressed) with the "One" performance. (And why do "Vertigo"?) I saw U2 perform with Mary J. first during the Katrina telethon and it was aiight then. Last night it was almost as if they expected church, some sort of holy reaction from the crowd - just because, well, it's U2 & Mary J! Nauseating. And yeah, someone yank that ghetto pass from freakin' boring Maroon 5 - WTF?!! Why are they getting all this recognition and support?

It seems the organizers were trying so hard to recapture all the magic from last year's telecast that they ended up choking the presentation with a whole lot of nuthin' (sort of what Coldplay did with their last CD). Man, I could go on, but you did a brilliant job on your own. Thank you so much for the laughs! :D

"Take that mushroom off your head and fry it up." That is hilarious! Poor Michelle, I wonder if she's trying to get attention because everyone talks about Kelly and that boring Beyonce so much.


To the idiots who thought that Madonna was lip-synching when she first appeared, that was a projection, not Madonna in the flesh. Madonna herself appeared at the beginning of the song proper.

Distressed Jeans

I know, Project Runway! Boo hoo, Nick. I thought Sartino was going to be auf'd. His little space hooker suit for Kara was hideous! I prefered the pop dandy look of the pocketless pants Nick made!


madonna + gorillaz = so unnecessary

everyone (mostly the gays) hyped this shit up like it was going to be the greatest thing ever.

in reality, homegirl was in front of a screen with some broke, preliminary looking computer animation that appeared to be from the early 90s.

the only thing that saved the performance for me, was seeing her fine ass dancer cloud. something about those asian b-boys...damn.


loved the recap rich!! the coldplay thumbnail just keeps crackin me up, i don't know why...didn't see the show, never do, but this was still funny...saw some of the performances and u hit the nail on the head...
what was maroon 5 doin' with ciara anyway? they never had a ghetto pass to begin with in my book...
and kanye needed to button his damn shirt, showin' his taco meat chest hair...

ooh, and was sooo happy to see nick get the boot, u know zulema was on the floor over that shit!

Penny Woods

Eh, so I'm an idiot for not realizing the projection?

Oh, my. I needs to goses back to skool! (rolls eyes...a lot)

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