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February 21, 2006



OMG HAHAhaHAHAahAHA. She sounds beautiful as always. Just a few voice lessons amd surgeries, and she'll be back to herself in no time.



Well at least she looks Diva Licious!
You are right tho, she'd probably be lucky to break even. There are so many people I wish would lose their voice instead of her.


Work, Anne Ramsey... maybe she could co-star in the remake of the Goonies that is no doubt in pre-production.


I love "the hat at least contained her hair"...great post Rich.


HAHAAHA.. the last line!!


Dear God, is she ingesting the crack now? She sounds like she's yodeling from the bottom of a well.


That clip sounds angelic next to this one of her "One Moment In Time" performance.



Not a Whitney watcher, but can't help feeling sad that she's lost her voice. Tragic.


I think that Whitney needs to be shaken by a British nanny, in order to bring her back to reality. Poor, poor thing.


OMG!!! If I wasnt sure before now I am !! Crack Kills (your career)!!!! I can't beleive she ruined herself like that!! But you are the company you keep..so if you marry a crack head, you are a crack head!!


this is so fucking sad..she sounds like she has a crack pipe stuck down her throat...
and worst of all, did anyone at the olympics event even hear her sing before they hired her for this gig?
out of control


Oh sweet jebus.
She sounds like she's singing in a highschool gymnasium while severely intoxicated while suffering from the flu.

its sooo warbly


When I heard OMIT yesterday, I wanted to burst into tears so badly.

As a gay man, Why, Divas, why do y'all ruin y'all voices!??? WHY?


Amazing voice. Adoring fans. Signature song. Drugs/booze. Tragic downfall played out in public. Whitney is this generation's Judy Garland.

patricia brown

Whitney,I am very disappointed in you.You are a cracked out whore,since you married Bobby your career went down hil., I am just wondering what your mom and your famous aunt feel about all this mess, you a damn looooser.
What is wrong with you going on stage crack out like that?


She sounds a bit...uninspired. Dried up. The makings of a tragedy.


That's ok. Give her a year or so. A producer, Kanye or someone, will get her back on track, get her cleaned up and revive her career. She'll be back in time for VH-1s Divas 2008 special.

M to the G

While "Lady Sings The Blues" was a great movie, it is hard to watch it potentially playing out for real.


That's just ridiculously awful. I'm so embarassed for her. Girl, get yourself together. Unacceptable.


Working undercover.. she was trolling for peta protesters? The girl has spunk!


I MAY have dreamed this but I think I heard the radio station I wake up to in the morning (NYC, 102.7 FM, Classic Dance Mix) playing your sample of Whitney singing.


This is just plain pathetic and sad. Whitney Houston was once one of the world's top singers. This has to be killing her family, like her Mother,( NOT Bobby "Hey Don't Bogart That Crack Pipe!" Brown!)They must want to absolutely cry when they see what her addiction is doing to her life and career. Whitney, PLEASE get help before you're dead.


more audio of this 'Peta take THAT' event on...

Monica Bleu

FYI: That wasn't Whitney. That was a joke clip that started cilculating after the performance. It is a hoax, I was there.

here is a real audio clip from the show



I just love that outfit i wish i had one but i would want one with fake fur

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