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boxing octopus

well, if that really was whitney, it's a little heartbreaking that you can hear her guide track and she's STILL fucking it up.

poor thing.


Oh. my. lord.. I just couldn't bear to listen to the whole thing. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than those 4 a.m. gas station photos..


I do NOT want to believe that THAT CLIP was Whitney Houston!!! That was horrible!!!!!!!
Say it ain't so!



Hi Rich,

First time poster, long time lurker.

I love you and winston, and rudy, and the boyfriend that you hardley ever mention, but check it. I heard this clip on another page and thought of you.


I think she had some crack hidden somewhere in that coat.


Have you all ever heard of prayer? Well if so do not judge, we all have a whitney in our family. Whitney I'm still praying for you. God does answer prayers.


Yes Vern and some times the answer is no. And for the record I don't think that too many of us have a cracked out former pop star in our families.


To be fair to Whitney the writer also said it was a blizzard going on outside, she was performing in those conditions (strange cold) that is was very cold as one could imagine.

Whitney came out and said that her voice would have trouble because it was so cold. Try to sing in sub zero weather, it's hard to even talk in that weather. I think people are jumping the gun on the end of Whitney Houston.


Hey Rich.
I have a feeling you already have the whole audio clip, but here it is anyways, for your readers. It is horrible!! Holy sh*t, I feel much empathy for her, she's such a wreck.

ONTD has the link to Rapid Share:

doodie bubble

Thats alright guuuuuuuuuuuuurl!!! Miss Thang will bounce back next time! *MUAH*


FYI...That was a fake clip!! Whitney actually looked and sounded great...that clip of her voice was suppose to be funny. Some joke.


Even though Whitney has fell on hard times and even made some bad decision, Lets not forget that she is not the first, the Last, nor the Only! As long as there is a God in Heaven, She can be redeemed! Gifts come without repentance, and God is a God of Restoration! So I say, We live and learn, let her learn, and If you are a real fan of hers, Lets not Beat her up, Lets life her up, and pray God restores her in her career, life and all other aspects she's fallen. I still Got faith for you Whitney!


People try to insinuate that Bobby is the reason Whithney is like she is but the truth of the matter is, she was probably on drugs when she met Bobby. Remember, birds of a feather flock together.


I keep telling people that it's not Bobby per say, it's Whitney. I knew long before "Being Bobby Brown" that Whitney was the dysfunctional one in the relationship. Not that Bobby isn'y diysfunctional, however, she knew that she could be with Bobby and not have to worry about him trying to tell her not to do drugs. People constantly say that Bobby brought her down. She was already that way. The public is just starting to see it. If anything Bobby could probably do better without Whitney. She was "cracked out" before she married Bobby. Now they're just cracked out together.

Davon Bennett

I love Whitney no matter what

Nippy Lover

Whitney Houston is a musical Goddess even on a bad day.


I heard stories about Whitney Houston having issues before she got with Bobby Brown. She is an adult. She's been around the sex, drugs, and scandals before body, she made her own choices. You can't blame Bobby Brown. She's way older than him. Older women who date younger men usually do the controling. If she is on drugs, the choice was hers. No one forced her.


I'm so pissed I missed it! I knew watching the excessive reruns of Project Runway day after day would bite me in the ass sooner or later. "I'm not doing this todaaaaaaay" - ahahaha!


Don't doke dack, y'all.


I think that it is sad that when one of our people fall short... we are the first to put the nail in the coffin... We will never be able to stand up because we are so willing to knock ourselves down... It would be interesting to look into the backgrounds of those who had such negative things to about Whitney... It has been my experience that when other races have people that fall short they either keep the info. on the hush or they make an excuse for the short coming... We tend to finish the job on ourselves... When will we as BLACK PEOPLE get it... WE continue to be our own worst enemy... So you ask yourself... Why do we always look so bad in the eyes of others... I think we already have that answer... At this time in the world everybody is enjoying being Black except BLACK PEOPLE... WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA


its easy to just listen and wonder. i am happy she is not dead. Even though she almost sounds like she did. im a jamaican and there is a popular african phrase that says, "man no dead, no call them duppy" and for those who doesnt know what means, a lot of us said mariah Was Out.on drugs, seuicidal, but every last one of her songs on the emanicpation of mimi album could reach #1.Dont give up too soon.
therefore the meaning behingd that phrase is as long as there is life there is hope.



I find the whole performance video, but the guy makes it paying..

It is streaming so i couldn't save it on my disk. anyone knows how?


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hi this post is old but the clip i'm posting is older. sure you've seen it, maybe not but it's priceless. just think, to shock whitney houston now what you'd have to say. ps i bet she was into him.


Hey guys, Please stop blaming Bobby for Whitney being a crack addict. Did any of you watch Being Bobby Brown? Well, that show clearly shows Whitney for who she is, Although Bobby may have been a bad influence initially on her, she clearly has a personality that says you can't tell me anything and she is very difficult to deal with. Whitney and Bobby were young and having fun experimenting with drugs and booze like a lot of other couples their ages. Whitney quickly left Bobbie behind, by taking her drug use to another level, Bobby does not do crack cocaine at this time, He is an alcoholic. He is trying to clean himself up because someone has to be there for the kids. However, Whitney is doing these drugs on her own. Bobby does not know what to do with her or for her. Let's stop blaming Bobby it is not his fault. Whitney has a strong personality and no one made her turn herself into an addict. In fact, you could not pay her to stop using right now. I personally think that Whitney will get cleaned up when she is totally broke! She will be forced to clean her act up then, or she may just go ahead and kill herself after she is totally broke. But society is so judgemental, Let's all just pray for her because as one of you stated in your blog, each of us has a Whitney in our family but most of us will not admit it. and most of us are in denial regarding that family member. I believe that Whitney will pull herself together at some point in time if God grants her the blessing of living through this. She is in great tormoil right now and is using drugs to help with the loneliness of losing all of her friends, her family members, and the stress of being a superstar. Bobby Brown is not the cause of this So please stop blaming him. He is in my opinion trying to pull himself together and is trying to be mother and father to those kids whereas Whitney is killing herself. Before we continue to pass judgement on him, let's take a look at Being Bobby Brown first, that show gave us a really good look at Whitney and what is really going on. In a way he was exposing her to the world, and she was so high that she could not see it. There was one segment in which Bobby was sitting at a bar with his brother, and Whitney disappeared and came back one hour later so high and Bobby made sure that the audience heard him say to her, you have been gone for over an hour, and right then the camera shot her face and she was blasted!~ Bobby's brother had this look of disgust on his face about her being high on television. Her life is out of control right now and what Whitney needs is total prayers! The public seems only concerned with Whitney's voice, all we want is a show! This woman is in trouble and all we can do is talk about her negatively. She is afterall a human being who is in turmoil. She is more than just a "voice" Let's get back to the days when we were concerned for people and sensitive to what people may be going through in their lives! - Let's get back to praying for one another please people!

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