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February 22, 2006



Dianne is my hero! I love Fat Camp. Do they have it on dvd yet? If so I know what I want for my birthday. But yeah, her falling outta the chair was classic. SWEET HOME ALABAMA!


I say give her her own show...follow her through the trauma of freshman year...NO ONE will do the experience better.


I'm absolutely horrified. And IN LOVE! I just know she's going to grow up to be an even fatter, more rotten human being, and God love her for it. I mean, who else is going to give me a hard time while getting on the train/at the DMV/at the office copier/in the Snack Cake aisle? Why, it's America's new sweetheart, Dianne! Her mother should be proud as punch.


ummm...does fat camp really work? Because most of those kids gained all the weight back.


Oh, I'm really so happy that someone else saw this show and loved Dianne as much as I do! I hope and dream that mtv gives her her own show. I think it would be so amazingly awesome if they transferred her to Laguna Beach High School. She'd show those bitches how it's really done!


Rich i kid you not--
in the UK there's a show called "Tourette's Camp"

you can imagine what that's about. yeah.


Man, Rich, I live for the stuff you write. I could not stop watching this roadstop in Dianne's life play out in front of me.

Simply. Thrilling.

Your writing never fails at sending me into hysteric fits of laughter that require me to be sent to the ER.

... I'll send you the hospital bills later.


oh man, when the towel fell and everyone laughed, it was sort of heartbreaking.
but it was also like "hey, pull your towel back up. 13 year old girls aren't forgiving, and neither is the vast majority of the television viewing population.
poor dianne. i hope she grows up to be a productive adult.


When Dianne was beached on the bed in the nurse's station, I was so confident that one of the hard-bodied, male camp counselors would drag her back outside.

Speaking of the buff counselors... I'm surprised you didn't post a picture.

On the flip side, you didn't indulge in posting any chunk pictures either. Such restraint!


I LOVED her! I was hoping someone would pick up on her magnificence. You have to screen cap that "bitch please" look she gives to the camera when the helicopter flies overhead - classic!

manhattan offender

Your obsession with l'chunk continues ... but really, jeez, spoon to back of tongue and a box of ExLax and call me in the morning.

(And does Diane sort of look like Winston?)


manhattan---NICE OBSERVATION!! She totally has the Winston-face! Not quite the same range of emotion as Dear Winnie, but close.


Im going to download this tonight...what would I do without you Rich?
I will watch it after the cupcake challenge I downloaded.


Oh my god-this show was made for your commentary! I felt bad when I caught the part where everyone told Dianne she smelled, but this post showed me the bright side.
Lesson: Don't homeschool your kids, people! They all turn out to be anti-social freaks!


OMG I LOVE YOU, i watched this and she made me laugh my ass off. its sick that we tivo the same things.


I could not stand Dianne. The sound of her voice is like fingers going down a chalk board. To me her mom needed to let go of the apron strings and kick her daughter in the butt. But I do love to watch Fat Camp.


Oh god, Rich, you crack me up! Hilarious entry. I need to see this shit!


Rich, I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Laughing at a fat girl has never been more fun.


Once again, you enlightened me to something I would have missed, and gave me just the highlights I needed. We all need FourfourVO installed instead of TIVO.

From the animated clip she must have won dodgeball, she moved her leg an inch away, thus attempting to dodge.

I hope she writes a book offering her twisted logic on dieting and showering.

Thanks Rich!


I love you!!!!! Diane is the best, I wish she was my best friend =(

Just little me

Everytime I see something on TV, laugh at it and then feel terribly guilty, I am 100% sure that a review of this something will pop up here. Omigod, Dianne was SO irritating! I love the sequence where she tries to get off the chair and falls on her face - the amount of crying and screaming that went on made me think that those kids were chopping her to pieces. And her face, always so friendly and welcoming! She's a people's person, so obviously.


Completely the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I was crying at the end. You nailed the depth of her miserable genius to a tee. Friggin brilliant.


I completely agree!! I love her! I want her to have her own show! I would watch it every day.

I loved this little show.

Tipsy McStaggers

Rich - This was the funniest commentary yet this year. Thanks - I am laughing hysterically here at my desk. I am so greatful to have found your site last year. You and Winston rock.


I have to say that is one of the best MTV shows I've seen in a loooong time. She cried a lot during that show. Especially when her bunkmates said she stinked and she dropped her towel in front of them showing her naked body and they laughed. You know you should feel bad for her...but laugh at the same time...I feel awful about that now.

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