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i dead inside almost 8.9 times. thank you so much.


she looks like she has an autosomal recessive disorder. she has no facial features at all. it's just skin. poor muscle tone, like people with Downs.

Or she comes from a very shallow gene pool. I'm going with option 2.


Dianne was the only reason I didn't turn the station..LMAO!..Who has to tell you to take a shower? Seriously..that's disgusting. The apologies the 'bitchy ass roomates' gave were just as hilarious...


what a fat piece of shit.


That girl is the most disgusting piece of shit I've ever seen. The only reason I watched is because I was mesmerized by the massive blob of fat called Dianne. The fact that she lost 16 lbs. is amazing, considering almost every time I saw her, she was in the "beached-whale" position. It's worthless to waste the time trying to help someone like her.

Elissa (Nigel's mom)


Your recaps are soo good. Check out this TWOP thread in which your Diane spread was posted. I made sure it was attributed to you.

love to Winston!


While I was watching, I kept wondering how she could be so large - so round - but have absolutely no tits to speak of. Just bizarre.


She is flipping fantastic. I loved, loved, loved it when she was telling another camper how she needed 'ointment' for her legs. I can only imagine what the ointment is for...oy.


OMG, I loved this episode! Thanks for recapping it so wonderfully.

Ahaha, I love that clip when she says that camp has helped her understand kids a "lil'" better. Good captioning on the "lil'", Rich. She talks like a fat kid should talk - gotta rouuund out those "littles". Good catch. I like that.

please please PLEEEEEEEEEASE do a recap of the fat doc. it was fucking hysterical and you could do wonders with it.


I am so glad u did this! She was fing hysterical do u know who she looks like? The monster boss in Disney's Monster Inc. who is always on Mike for his paperwork!


Dianne is Tone-Def. My ears were bleeding as she sang the song. I think Lynrd Skynrd should sue her

gayest neil

You better send your babies to Fat Cat Camp.


HILARIOUS! I was just laughing so hard my coworker came over to see what all the fuss was about. Very funny post. Let's just hope MTV comes out with a sequel.


Rich - I can see why you focused on Diane...I mean, Star, capital "S". But nothing on the most annoying lump to passive/agressive his way across my TV screen in years, Petey?

I had to FF the TiVo when he was getting all Chi Chi LaRue, trying to direct kiddie porn with those two 10-year old kids.


Documentary of the year, I watched it twice! The only thing better was this post.


oh rich, you are my personal hero for this entry. (and yeah, i'm a kiss-ass)

i watched fat camp on sunday and loved it. dianne = diva. not "diva" as whitney or santino, but diva in her own right. and fucking hysterical to boot. i'm so hoping this comes out on dvd - or reruns on MTV so i can tape that shit!

and even though you probably didn't suffer through it, it would have been a hoot to go through project jay, but i'm excited to see you dissect guadalupe's drunken speeches. girl had a BIG cocktail and i was like "no wonder she got insanely shitfaced!"

Johnny Mac

How about the REALLY dorky kid that came up to her an made the quote "yeah.....Alabama...that's what its all about". Poor kid is struggling just to get a word in with the camp loser......and she shrugs him off.


Oh, Richie. I do love you, but you totally got overshadowed by the mere idea of Tourette's Camp.


My brother dated Marissa, and apparently Dianne is really that off kilter.


I'm glad other people fell in love with Dianne...I laughed so much it hurt when I first watched "Fat Camp"...and then I felt like a horrible person. And who can forget Petey? That boy deserves a fourfour of his own.
Just as a sidenote in response to bethanne's comment about guadelupe... that girl wasn't drunk...them's drugs i'm thinking, and not your garden-variety green stuff.


Regarding Dianne's quick dismissal of Alabama (when she was asked if she was actually from there): Listen, Galaxina--we don't want you. We have plenty of irritating, morbidly obese, socially-malformed home-schooled freaks already. Thanks, though!

I'm not sure if you saw this interview of Tim Gunn by


That gif of Dianne playing dodgeball is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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