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Jackie Danicki

Someone put the Sweet Home Alabama clip on YouTube:



God I loved that special. I could watch it all day long.


You know who Dianne looks exactly like? Your cat. That angry cat.


You are an asshole for further degrading a 14 year old child who was obviously let down by her family. I hope that you choke on your own venom.

Best wishes


And you're illiterate. This is a fucking celebration of a girl whom I'm sure has never once been celebrated in her life.


My first time here and you had me at "Have you met Dianne". Excuse me while I pick up my ass, cuz it fell off from my laughing so fucking hard.


How can I download Dianne's qoutes onto my computer or mp3 player? The girl is my idol. Send me an email at


Does anyone know if Dianne has a myspace page, 'cause I soooo wanna be her friend!
Love her!

Shae Meisner

I think that Dianne made the TV show "Fat Camp" I think that they should make a show of her own! I also was wondering if Dianne had a myspace page? I love her! and I would like to be her friend and talk to her.


Thank goodness I found your post! I felt so awkward secretly liking and hating Dianne at the very same time and wanting to go to Fat Camp so that I could have an awesome chubby social life! (I did tell the hubby that I wish I'd gone to fat camp as a kid, it looks like so much fun!!) I hope Dianne becomes a mini-celeb and we can idolize her for years to come. :)


I love your portrayal of Dianne. She truly kicked ass with her rendition of Sweet Home Alabama Wow, what a testament to homeschooling! You should add in the part where she's tanning (?) and her friends ask her to go on this water ride thingy and she's all "No thanks, I don't feel like dying today." Not to be cruel, but did anyone else think at first that the helicopter was dropping food? Maybe I'm just weird...


as soon as I saw her picture I almost died laughing! thanks for the recap


I love bloggers, without them I wouldn't have found you. And you are fucking hilarious!


My brother summed it up best, when he said this girl definitely has a future career with civil service: fat, bitchy, and stupid.


After a few minutes of her, I thought of a saying my friend and I have-

"if she was any lazier, they'd have to put her on a ventilator so she'd have something to breathe for her"

Sarcastic Journalist

That show FREAKING ROCKS. That girl is one of the best reasons to watch the show but really, she creeps me out.

Hi everyone –
I’m new to the forum and wanted to first say HI to everyone, and join in the discussion:

Maybe I should be completely ashamed of myself, but I could not get enough of the Dianne debacle. I also posted part of this on the TVWoP website, but I feel strongly enough about this to post here too, so sue me.

I’d like to offer the following .02:
First and Foremost: someone needs to get her the F&*K away from that mother of hers.

Want to KNOW how she lost 16 lbs with a documented lack of physical effort?
She stayed on her meds and her mom was not permitted to shove pop tarts down her throat. The scene on the stairs where the head camp counselor confronts the mother really emphasized the mother’s true motivation.
I have major issues with the mom. She’s raised a little girl completely dependent on her physically and emotionally. OF COURSE Dianne has diabetes! She’s approaching morbidly obese for her height percentile and age. What mother who actually cared about her daughter would allow her to GET to that weight? Who do you suppose buys the groceries in that house? Probably not Dianne. Being home schooled, the poor kid is trapped and would never have a moment to SNEAK OUT for a carrot or a piece of tofu. Who at 14 years old takes that many meds? One with a nurse for a mom, that’s who. The mom (IMHO) is a WACKJOB. She is an excellent candidate for a Munchausen’s by Proxy diagnosis. Dianne’s dad, (even though he came off like kind of a dick) knew he had about 15 seconds of on-camera time to make his point about the mother being an enabler, and he used every bit of it beautifully. Her father just needs to grab his nuts and send that girl away to boarding school, NOW before Richard Simmons has to do an intervention with the 18 year old, completely immobile, 700 lb Dianne where HE asks her who’s giving her the food.

Her crappy attitude is a direct result of being so completely out of the social stratosphere. She may very well be depressed solely for lack of peers. What teenager wants to hang out with her parents all day? When I as 14, I couldn’t stand my parents. IMHO the reason she has such a hard time relating to anyone else, let alone fitting in is that no one else has ever lived her little alien life, and can’t relate. She puts the other kids down and invites teasing because she isn’t around anyone long enough to understand normal behavior to respond correctly. She’s not given a chance to have ANYTHING in common with other kids her age. Did anyone else notice she was ALONE almost all the time, like maybe she’s USED to that? And when she wasn’t alone everything that came out of her mouth was needy and would distance her from the other kids? You get the sense she didn’t know how to behave at the concert because she’s never been to one until now. Or maybe her nauseating attention whore encore of “Sweet Home Alabama” was because it was NEW MUSIC to her? It was cringe worthy. I heard myself repeatedly say out loud, “SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!”
So sad that a little outing like that could get her so worked up. Seemed like she hadn’t been out for a moment of fun in ages. Most people have to be drunk for that kind of display. Just be careful and don’t vote her Prom Queen. She’ll burn your gym down.

Dianne deserves the same opportunity as other girls to learn how to a) sneak out a 2nd floor window after curfew, b) roll a joint, c) throw a punch or a bitch slap, and
d) make a friend who is going to drag her to a few frat parties and teach her how to beer bong.
Does anyone know why her mother has been home schooling her for the past year and a half? I’m not buying the early onset puberty excuse – if she’s 14 at the time of the show and she was taken out of school a year and a half prior, that would have made her about 12 at the onset of puberty.

What’s abnormal about hitting puberty at 12? Nothing.

And finally:

Petey, Petey, Petey.

Another Danny Bonaduce waiting to happen. Knows the meter is running on his 15 minutes, and wants every last bit of chocolaty goodness before it’s over.
Let’s just keep it real for a second about the major GAY VIBE this kid gives off: Puka shells, Fauxhawk, designer caps and sunglasses, sappy notes, making other people “projects”, gossiping with the girls, and ALL THAT bitchy trash-talk.
No straight guy could hope to escape getting his ass kicked behaving like that.
What a queen.
He seems SO genuinely pathologically disturbed. Not for being gay, for being a total liar with no acquaintance with consequences. Just more histrionics…

I’ll be taking my first class seat on the bus to hell now.

Thanks for reading.


LOVE! the dodgeball clip, HA!


DIANNNE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need more Fat Camp! That was some entertaining shit. And Diane? Finally, the poor girl can go to school and complain to other people her own age. Finally, her mother cut the umbilical cord... we can only hope.


Diane is the kind of person that if you know her in real life you probably see that she's a lot less 'charming' than she would seem on tv.

But honestly, the best part of her on Fat Camp is when she's walking back to her bunk after the concert, and some kid is youre from Alabama? & shes like, NO. then keeps right on singing Sweet Home Alabama & rocking out by herself. LOL

BTW- the best aprt of Fact Camp for me was the main guy, who called the girl a slut, and ACKNOWLEDGED it was just because she wouldnt have him. Ugh, I really want Marrissa to get her comeuppance.


I love this blog about Dianne! Everytime I read it I laugh out loud. Dianne is one of a kind for sure. She made the show. They need to have her on a MTV show all by herself. Re-run of fat camp is on again on March 11th, I need to tape it so I can watch it over and over.


You are absolutely amazing...that is all


dianne is the most amazing person. she totally deserves her own show!!! i looooveee herrrrrr


Masterpiece! Will you marry me? Show me all that you know? I am in love with you for this !

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