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Diane was the only reason I held in for two hours of that show (on a Friday night no less). Awesome recap. I only wish you had included where she was showing off her new "curves" at the end of camp, she was so proud.


Lol. You did not just compare her to Selma.


IT'S PAST THAT! i'm blind i'm blind!!!
this is the best show ever.
i love it when older fattie tried to make the pre pubescent pudgies kiss.


Oh Rich. I loved Diane. I just pitied that horrible, wretched little Chunkmonster so much. I'm not necessarily sure if having no friends is a result of her homeschooling or just plain bitchiness, but I just feel so bad. And you forgot about all the other awesome people of that show. Like Petey the Rapist.


Dodgeball? This is still considered exercise? I'm still suffering PTSD from my junior high gym teacher Mr. Hanken, who was also of the opinion that throwing balls at people was good healthy activity. Nothing like a little 'Lord of the Flies'-style role-playing to make fat kids feel even better about themselves! Thanks Mr. Hanken, for making me hate the very idea of exercise until a decade after junior high, when I discovered yoga, weight training, swimming and other physical activities that didn't make me want to curl up in a ball on the floor.


Thanks for introducing us to Diane. You never steer us wrong, Rich!


Oh, she's from Alabama? That makes sense. I hear they do shots of bacon grease down South - straight, no ice.


OH MY GOD! This girl looks just like this girl I went to college with. And I swear to god it could be her! As soon as I saw this, I called a girlfriend of mine and said, "YOU'VE GOT TO GO TO MTV RIGHT NOW!" to which she replied, "OMIGOD I KNOW! I JUST PICKED UP MY PHONE TO CALL YOU! IT'S TOTALLY SARAH!"


This is single-handedly the funniest review of any show EVER! I've just sent the link to everyone I know! whoo...I've been laughing uncontrollably for the past 10 minutes or so...

jaime del rio

speakin as a + size guy i hav to say this thing was kinda funny haha. but kinda sad i mean her attitude is soo nasty haha

Ms. Peach

I almost didn't listen to Sweethome Take 2, but I had a feeling it would change my life. And it did.


OMG Tourette's Camp? GENIUS. Lol, Dianne was such an annoying bitch but made that show soooooooooooooooo funny. And Petey! PETEY! Petey talked sooo much shit, and then cried like a little biatch when they called him on it...and good old MTV for instigating, and showing all the footage of him talking his mess. LMAO.

Fat Camp - LOVE IT.


I have been reading ur blog since like November of 2005 but I never commented because I merely respected ur amazing entries from afar be it the project runway or your cat's blogs I've loved them all, I've watched Fat Camp 4 times now and I'm so thrilled to see you did an entry on it, and was petey not totally cute @ the end?! maybe it was just me :\ thanks four four! ur blog is my absolute favorite!


she should have "tooken a shower!" in the first place. i love it. i want more. "fat camp" can't be over because i've just learned to love it so.

Arthur James

I haven't seen the show/movie yet and now I have no need to....You are freakin brilliant, Rich, and that recap was as good as bacon.



Rich, I saw this the other night too!! I SO wanted to kick Dianne in her fat head! And when she fell out of that chair, I wished I was there to kick her in the ribs! This brat needs her phone and video games and all that crap taken away from her big ass. And I can say all of this because I used to weigh a ton as well. She needs her ass whipped.


It's true!
She's like an Icelandic funhouse mirror,
only with a couple of tons more fun!

And I guess you're fun, too Rich.
(Even though Dianne would probably snort in derision at your idea of "chunk".)


Ohhh, prettty pretty Dianne, why so glum?? Perhaps it's because you have a tad bit of the diveil in you!? Work!


What I liked was her additions to "Sweet Home Alabama"....."Sweet Home Alabama, oh sweet home, Where skies are so blue, they really are!" Hahahahahahaha!


I LOVED THIS GIRL. I am glad you did a highlight on your website. I have been telling my sisters to catch the show just to watch her. She does need her own show. She is hilarious..


I've been reading for a while now (ok, obsessively checking every day to see what new and wonderful commentary will pop up) but I NEED to comment on this post- I thought I was the only one that appreciated the genius that is Dianne. Bravo.


Did anyone catch what her shirt said? "@#$% my family, I'm going to go live with the Osbournes"....Awesome...she truly is rock n roll.


Now I *know* her whole story can't be true. NO ONE enjoys their freshman year of high school.


Sorry, Rich, I don't buy it. I think she's rock 'n roll in a very "bus driver" kind of way, if that makes any sense.


thank you thank you thank you! I totally watched this show (It kicked true life: I'm at fat camp's ass) and I couldn't even explain Dianne's weird mom and or sloth workout plan to anyone. Oh and the beached whale skinned knees montage. . . Though I haven't seen anyone post on Marisa's shirt ripping off reprimand. Should a counselor really be using the word pussy in front of 11 year olds? Oh why not? Thanks again for the recap magic.

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