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February 20, 2006



I sort of dismissed M.S. as being nothing but an Amanda knock-off (which is kind of as sad as being a Metro 7 knock-off)

Speaking of Amandas, I just went all Lady Sylvia Marsh to this comment.


Spot on Sir Rich.
Its like they pick 4 girls that could very likely be models and the rest are random mall rats that passed the height test.
I hope this season is full 'o' drama and crying.

Are there just no tall,skinny hot girls left in America?


Leslie is making me weak, I can hardly breathe, and all that. I was digging Mollie Sue until you so correctly called out her Amanda-ness, hopefully her clowning doesn't involve blindness in any form.

I LOVE your Furonda research. She's got some trail. I bet these notes are fake too!

Fallon Z.

I'm delurking to say I love your site (your pics of Winston make my day when they are posted) and to say that you're on the right trail for Furonda.She's on Facebook as well; she attended U. of A., Fayetteville. I'm rooting for her
Just so you know, there's as many Furondas as there are Fallons. We like our names funky in Arkansas, it attracts the strange people here if nothing else.


I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone, but my bff Amanda is from Brookings, S.D. and knows's Kari pretty well. More importantly, Amanda's mom and Kari's mom apparently party together (or something weird like that), and Kari's mother let it slip (thank-you Grey Goose) that her daughter made it to the show.

Bad news though: the poor girl was only "away" for about a month and a half. I say she'll be gone by episode 3.


M to the G

Reading this I realize you and your first love (ANTM) have been Reunited And It Feels So Good and we will benefit from that love.


ur witting insights keep me coming back for more. of these sneak peek pics, i'm totally digging Nnenna right now. we'll see who i ultimately fag out for. thank god for fourfour!

Just little me

Wow, Furonda listed "City of God" among her favorite movies. This woman is FIERCE (as in "I am gonna cut you to pieces and dispose of the bloody evidence in Acme plastic bags all over town, if that puts me any closer to the Final Three. Love, Furonda.") A-DO-REI!


I really hope that Brooke and Sara have hot sex in some field during a rainstorm, only to begin a torrid affair that will result in Sara's pregnancy and eventual murder at Brooke's hand. Or something.

Dear god, I love you, Rich. I'd bet that Furonda and Nnenna bring the drama; they're wicked hot and seem to have enough bitch-charisma to take the catfights and crying all the way to the finals.


This group is seriously lacking. I see no potentials at all! I'm so disappointed. =( I know a few beautiful tall slendar girls better than these girls!


Loved your Match Point reference. I hope to God (aka Bre) that Sara and Brooke make sweet passionate loving in a wheat feild during a rainstorm.

Nnenna is perfection. Furonda is the show. I can't wait to see all the drama she starts and all the ferocity she brings.


Okay I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if Gina can wrangle in those teeth I see her going pretty far. However, I don't see her being able to do that so I'm going to say spot on.

Furonda is hotness (if she can open BOTH eyes), Jade is hotness, Leslie is hotness.

and Kari looks a lot like our beloved winner of last season. *Gags*


"Mac Tonight". I laughed so hard I'm still crying. I like your top 4. I'd hope Jade would be up there but her age will definitely be used against her.

White Rabbit

Dude, are you sure it was Wendy you called Mya in the fairy shot? I thought that was Leslie. Wendy would be top row, third from left. Compare noses, no?


You are so right. Fixing. Thanks!


"Britney Spears-cocker spaniel crossbreed."

I think I love you.

And is it just me or is Furonda looking Kiera Knightlyish?

Nnenna's easily in the top 3...or 2...or 1.


The brit-cocker cross gives me nightmares of stunned nicole from last cycle.
So excited, TV sucks without my silly models and the Jays. You are right, Tyra and Ken Mok have us and they know it. I would watch even the where are they now about the ones who don't make the final 13. I wonder which country they will embarrass themselves in this time?

Heh, thought you might be interested in this little website malfunction someone from TWoP caught:
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a231/Tienko/Cycle6Shot2.jpg (posted by Tienko)

They took it down right away, but it managed to capture the complete fug of some of these girls, pre-photoshopping. Here's the final result: http://www.upn.com/shows/top_model6/models/


I like your calls for top 4. Based on these pics only, I am calling Mollie Sue.
You are so right about the age thing with Jade, she's very cute but they will start reminding her of the daily aging process. Very well put.
Re: the top main picture - Turquoise Jewellery?????
I thought they were going to be turning into fairies or something...


Wow! Those two images (linked above) are great! I tried to line them up and then quickly switch back and forth to capture the differences. I didn't realize they would shift them around so much... a lot of subtle Photoshop going on in that photo!


$10 dollars says that Furonda will be the first to say, " I didn't come here to make friends.." There is a fire burning in that child.

Leslie will definitely be in the top 3 if she doesn't suck during shoots...and oh yeah, if she has a personality.

Good picks Rich. Let the Friggin' games begin!


Wendy looks like the low-budget love child of Jai Rodriguez and Veronica Webb.

Jade is gorgeous but she does look old.

Furonda's name is Furonda. That is all.


funny, I don't remember eating Furonda.

I call Brooke as the one that the judges whittle down to the nubbins, and then just when her spirit is completely broken, they accuse her of not having the sparkling personality that got her on the show in the first place. God damn i love this show!!


I believe all the girls are kept around for the same amount of time no matter when they're eliminated...the losers just get sequestered until the show is done filming. Otherwise it would be way too obvious who the winner was for those with inquiring minds. A month and a half is probably how long it took to film the whole season. PS: Mollie Sue is only a year younger than Jade, putting her at 999 years. Still too damn old. And too tan to be dying her hair red.


Hey! I actually go to school with Furonda, and criminal past or not, she actually is a really great girl. I actually just talked to her the other day and she seemed really excited about the show...so..maybe she makes it far?..I dunno...

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