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Kel de Texas

Maybe 'cause he's the bottom?


So adorable. I'm especially impressed that the grooming session didn't end with someone in a headlock.


That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are so lucky, I want a Winston and a Rudy.


In my household, the cats can't play nice for long. One always oversteps the "grooming" boundaries and it turns into a brawl. One of the kitties turns into a growling submissive while getting his neck bitten - oh if we all could be so lucky!
Happy V-day, Rich... much love & kitty kisses!


What I'd like to know, Rich, is why were YOU searching 'vagina'?


I wasn't! I was just checking my stats and referrals. Uh, yeah!


When Winston closes his eyes I just want to pick his round little bowling ball head up and hug him even more!
Both of them look so retardedly content and happy.
and I cant tell but is Rudy cleaning Winstons mouth? are they kissing with sandpaper tongues!


I just noticed the title. Very clever, sir.


Winston = Vagina... LOL Perhaps you chose the wrong name?!?!

I think that google is cracked when it comes to what shows up when you search for something... they know it too.


Wait.. how did you know Winston was in google image search for "vagina" ?? LOL WHO was looking at 400+ pix of vagina on google image search???!??!?


Those pics are SO special!

Why are you Googling vagina images?!

Happy Valentine's day!!!!!

gayest neil



It looks like Rudy's into being licked, but not that into doing the licking. The pictures where Winston's grooming him show Rudy all blissed out and smiley. The picture where Rudy's grooming Winston kind of looks like Rudy's very reluctant about it. I could be wrong, but that's my take on the situation. Such a typical male, Rudy.


Happy Valentines Day, Rich!
x's and o's...rudy and winston are too cute for words. looks like they're in the spirit of the day...


If you ever need a cat-sitter, just drop me a line and I'll be there in 30 seconds.


Dude, you've just never seen a vagina, up close. They look pretty much like Winston.


Too cute! Rich, what kind of cat is Winston?

I wanna know what's going on in that third picture. Is Winston biting Rudy? Is that a friendly bite? Either way, Rudy looks totally into it.


Oh my god, I just discovered your blog, and I have to say, we have to be instant BFF! First of all, because you have the cutest cat EVER! That pic of Winston bitin' Rudy on the ear? I think I've died and gone to heaven. Second of all, your pic of Sissy S. from 3 Women, one of my fav. movies. Shrimp cocktail anyone? Third, the fact that I wouldn't get out of the car last night until SWV's "Weak" was over, down to the last note. And lastly, the beautiful analyzing of Project Runway. I try to be eloquent with the subject, but all I can do is cry over Nicks departure. Let me know what you thing of the best friend idea. Kisses, Crystal


All together now, "Awwwwwwww."

Really, awwwww. ;D


A 3 Women banner. Very nice.


It's always a good day when Winston and Rudy are on my screen. Great pics as always.
That is so weird about google not to try to understand "cyberspace"...

Sexy Sadie

Did we recieve an answer why he googled "vagina"? ;)

John R

Safe-Search On or Off ?


What the hey? How is the cutest Winston pic. ever synonymous w/a crotch? Especially since he's gay & all.

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