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Once again, Rich... your recap is a knee slapper!

Maybe I'm crazy, but I really liked the jumpsuit! I'd wear it myself if my ass were as fine as Kara's.

Re: Nick's suit... Do you remember those annoying ValPak coupon packets your parents got in the mail? The ones that came in a blue envelope? Now... remember "Haband for Her"? That's what Nick's suit reminded me of -- poly fabric in weird pastel colors, no buttons, no pockets. The Kors hit it on the proverbial nail when he likened the suit to a Golden Girls outfit. All that's missing is the southwest motif turquoise jewelry, available on QVC.

Mr Prince

The jumpsuit wasn't that bad, but he didn't finish, so he should have gone! Damn him! it's like Wendy Pepper all over again (except he has a glimmer of talent.) XP


again, fabulous.

you don't know how long i will treasure all of the micheal korrs clips i have collected from you these last few months.


Once again a flawless recap.

HOW WAS SANTINO NOT ELIMINATED? WHAT IS UP? I think I'm currently in the anger stage of grieving.


fer real? you got to go to the show w/ all the scene nyc 'mos? you be so lucky--ok, and talented. loved the gary coleman joke.
and btw, when i come to nyc, you better have something equally exciting lined up for me to do, m'kay? thanks!
i was thinking something like donning our chaps and hitting rawhide?


nick's suit was a mess, and i hated to admit it, hated worse seeing it... bye, nick

kara: does it hurt to eeee-nun-cee-yaaaaate so vividly every word? great ass, horrid face and mouth... and why was everyone pissing themselves over her outfit for santino? what they were really responding to was his trimmed facial hair cuz the outfit was, well, run-of-the-mill at best.



I like the jumpsuit too but just that it was glued together and falling apart was enough to eliminate Santino. He does look nice with a shave and a haircut though.

I didn't think Daniel V's outfit for Chloe was that bad.

I like Kara more and more every time. I think she might end up winning the whole thing...


I fail to understand how having an unfinished outfit sunk Zuelema and saved Santino. Perhaps because Santino = drama?

Goodbye, sweet Nick. I'll pour a little out for ya.


Rich, I feel you dude! I just did my re-cap yesterday because I was in severe denial for the better part of last week.

Wednesdays won't be the same without Nick's expressions and quotes. And who knew Kara was so flippin' funny?! She may be granola, but I dig it.

Thanks for the great re-cap as always! Nick pretending to be a Yiddish Granny will never not be funny...;)


Rich, you failed to mention that on the runway almost all of Heidi's critiques were dubbed over. It was really freaky.

I love Santino but he really should have gone home. He has squeaked by every round, and for some reason the fix was in since day one for him to go to the end. I don't get it...

You, on the other hand are hilarious as always. kisskiss

Buy my chiclet!


Queerty is way off the mark WRT the fashion show. Chloe's is the best by far IMO. I'd rank 'em:


Anyway, nice recap Rich.


*I should be crying but I just can't let it show.*

Love. That. Song.


The jumpsuit was terrible, just terrible! And I still don't understand the outrage over Nick's (future) boysuit. So what if it's got no pockets?? It's 2006!


u want skin? go to the PR website and watch the extra footage that includes cutie Daniel in his underwear (well, nick's underwear actually).


"Are these space pants?" asked Santino about what Kara had designed for him. "Because my ass is out of this world."

hahahah! that was funny.

Nick should have NOT being out. The show is NOT going to be the same w/out him. He was so nice and fun, and oh man I'm going to miss him. That episode was so depressing starting with Andrea's model crying! then Daniel's face when he knew he had the power to make her stay. it was depressing already from the start.. then Nick being gone. SO sad.

Nick deserves way better than this!


Wait, I thought Collier WAS hot make-up guy...?

Elisa Camahort

Major props on the Kate Bush reference. Got my attention right outta the gate.

Count me as another WTF-is-Santino-still-doing-there person.

Patricia Jones

I must agree. I think that the reason Santino has lasted this long is because Santino = Drama. Also, Nick should not "rejoice" when one of his competitors receives criticism.

Veronica Vinegar

No need for apology, Rich--your recaps are always worth the wait!

I'm surprised you didn't mention Kors' other funny line about Nick's pants looking like Friar Tuck leggings or such and such.

Also, I uploaded a bunch of new Hey Foxy's tonight. Think of it as a V-day present from me to you!!!


Beatrice Arthur's head on Daniel's body and Nick's creation, is just wrong. But I have finally stopped laughing about it. Great recap.


"Nick, I swear..."

triple L-M-A-O!!

Rich, I wish I could quit you.

brian w

I nearly choked to death over the "Gary Coleman: Fashion Stylist" picture, thankyouverymuch!


I liked the recap- but I have to disagree with you about Collier Strong. I thought he was 'handling' Santino and doing it brilliantly. Smart make-up artists and hairstylists know how to flatter their clients, and thus get permission to do whatever the heck they want. Poor Santino- he grew up ugly AND gay, and he never had a chance in hell of fitting in, and that's why he dresses so aggressively ugly, like he's never going to be liked, so he might as well make the world suck it and LOOK at his spray-painted lion t-shirts instead of trying to look decent and failing. But Collier Strong, with a few terrifically sincere sounding comments, reached right into Santino's chest and gave his wounded heart a soothing pat. He just wants to be pretty, you guys!

In sum, I was way impressed with Strong's makeover skills.

Rhonda Hariel

I think that Santino should have been out. The only reason he was not out is because they need the villian to make the show more dramatic and who would be it if they let him go. I definitely think that Nick's suit for Daniel was better than Santino's jumpsuit for Kara. It at least held together.

since when is santino gay? i think he likes the ladies at least sometimes. even when they are not nicky hilton maybe.

and the reason unfinished-ness saved santino but damned zulema is because a) it was the third time she pulled that crap and b) an unfinished jumpsuit with decorative piecing and fitted shape beats an unfinished raggedy muu-muu.

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