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OH MY GOD. You made my afternoon. Can't wait for march either!!!


HOORAY! and Feburary is a short month!!!

Queen Lena

This TOTALLY made me day.


this is so exciting!
but i still miss the show being in new york. LA just isn't the same when you're trying to add modelling cred to the competition.


I say eff cred. Gimme drama.


but which ones in that poster will bring the Ho-yay?

american jew in london

To be honest, I'm more excited for the weekly recaps here.


oh can't wait! but i also love project runway!

i'm just glad that i don't have to mourn the loss of project runway now that i know ANTM will be back the following week. but this is great. you've made my day!


First, where is Obligatory, Soon-To-Be-Sent-Home Plus Size Girl?
And second: What happens when ANTM and ProjRun collide?
Heidi Klum hosts "Germany's Next Top Model" and tells the girls they're fat. That's what.,,50001-1210786,00.html


what's jessica alba doing there (far right, 2nd one down)?

plus i want to know who the camille is of the group so i can hit her with a giant fairy swatter.


I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!!

Did you notice the Star Jones like bobble-head in the back row?


damn, those are some ugly trannies.


Can't wait. It's become my most favorite fetish!


The recaps are like coke!

(and I love your cats)


Oh. Yeah.


Ooh I just watched the "preview"! Tyra starting to look like like the queen of drag queens though: the make-up, the dramatics ("magical, mystical, mesmerizing").

gayest neil

Yay no fat chicks in the line-up this season. Yay more fairies.

I agree with our choices that sister in the front in my favorite. She is ROCKING that stupid fairy picture. And that strange one you picked as the winner? yeah.


Um, where is the token plus sized model that gets eliminated in the fifth or sixth round?!

boogie tonight

the plus size girls are there if you look really close you can see at least 2 of them... they really can take off that dreaded south beach NOW and get the TOP MODEL going


What show is this? America's Next Top Transgendered Model?

Kel de Texas

Don't be dissin the project runway. I'll go all Robin Givens on you ass.


im excited period i can't wait period is it march yet question mark


Gawd, I don't know which I'm looking forward to more...ANTM or your recaps.


WTF -- did they throw over Gilles Bensemon for Anne Geddes? I want Jay Manuel in a giant flowerpot!

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