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i like taylor...


Chris Daughtry can butter my biscuits any time he wants!


I was wondering whether it was just me... I admire your almost autistic devotion to your obsessions... You're right of course.


Hello Rich and thanks for great article. Taylor annoys me but he is more entertaining then some of the other people on the show. Don't you think? What do you think of Gedeon? Uggggh.


You make me feel so less alone in this world!

manhattan offender

Dear Mr. Four,

Please remove your derogatory comments regarding our lord and savior, Taylor Fucking Hicks, from your site at once. Otherwise, we will use mapquest to figure out where this 'brooklyn' place you claim to be is and come to your door for a forced pig-picking.

With the love of Crisco in our hearts,

Natalee Holloway
(in no way related to the horrid Loleatta Holloway, I assure you)


I like him, sure he may have Tourette's, but that makes the show more interesting!


I honestly thought that this guy was put on as a joke. Like "god they totally ate that Clay Aiken shit up lets see if we can out do ourselves."
I havent even heard him sing just looking at him makes me want to scream directly in his face every time he speaks.
My friend apparently thinks I sound and look like Katherine McPhee. I have yet to see the show so Ill have to take her word for it. I dont think I look like her though.

Mr. Prince

I highly doubt Taylor Hicks is that young. But i do love that Chris Daughtry. He's from a place called 'McLeansville' XDDDD he sure is, but I hope he's not lean everwhere. XD ^.~


Doesn't Will Makar look just a bit like pre-chunk Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold??

Rich I love you - keep doing what you do.


You are too fucking funny! This guy went from douche to vaginal suppository... Ouch!


He is so not 29.


I'm laughing so hard I am crying. Taylor Hicks looks like the retarded love child of Mark Cuban and Jay Leno.


How can anyone hate Gray Haired Dude? Yes, he's a total freaks show. Yes, I don't want to hear his album. But it's because of both of these things that he makes an ideal Idol contestant. He can actually sing, he's amusing in that from-another-planet way, but I won't care when he gets kicked out.

Your Mom

What the fuck do you know, you're just another goddamned fag.


Thank God I'm not the only one - this wanker pissed me off the second his did his lame-ass Stevie Wonder blind harmonica impression in front of the judges at the sit-down. I was embarrassed Grr. What a pain in the arse. Also, can we talk about the hair? What works for George Clooney doesn't work for you, douche-bag. And those caterpillars resting above his eyes, again I'll use a similar method of comparison - what works for freaking Burt Reynolds does not work for you dickhead, ok?? He makes me feel dirty, and not it a good way. I need to wash my face with a hot flannel after watching him, just to feel clean and pure again. Even then I feel I'm stained with his dirty greyness.

One question though - I'm know he's from the South, but has he actually said something that indicates he's a right-wing Conservative, or are we just presuming this? We're a few weeks behind here, so I might have missed some bold (for 'bold' read 'bigoted') statement he may or may not have made. Not that it matters whether he did or not anyway, because I'd still set the dogs on him if I saw him the street on account of that face regardless.

E xxx


Randy loved his "innappropriate harmonica playing."

You kill me in the best way, man.


I don't even know what he sounds like b/c I fast forward through him everytime. I thought the age limit was 28. He is a man with a head full of grey hair on a show geered towards teenagers. I can't take him seriously. I'll count on the legion of 12-16 year olds to vote him out in the next few weeks.


This is a level of hatred I have not experienced before. Thank you!

Rich, I know I have told you many, many times... but you rock.


:::A real, live, cock-inhaling homosexual whose December marriage flew in the face of those very family values? :::

Shouldn't that be "May/December marriage"?

Oh, you meant the actual DATE.


E - My "right wing" accusation comes from him invoking "family values." That's conservative enough for me!


his straight-outta-Alabama

Please do not judge all of us Alabamians by this man-child.

Braun Pommelhorse

I noticed the family values comment as well. I don't really think he has any sense of how loaded it is .. at least that's what I told myself.

What I really think is pissing so many of you off about him is that he turns you on despite all his flaws.

Admit it, he's kind of hot in a totally opposites-attract manner. And when I say that I mean he's pretty much the opposite of everyone - hence the large, lusty fanbase.


even though the family values comment irked me (as any use of that insipid phrase does) i have to say...i like him. Liked him from the auditions.
i think he's got a good sound (bit too joe cocker, but that's not a bad thing) and even though he strikes me as slightly Aspbergers-y....i think he's cool.

Day Dreamer

I enjoy Taylor and think he brings something special to the show. However, even though I don't agree with the content of what your wrote I really like your writing style. You did make me laugh!

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