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March 02, 2006


manhattan offender

But what happened to Andrae?
(this transition is rough)
Um, Adrianne.
Adrianne has been on television and was recently on a cover too!
She's still one of my faves, ever!


did you watch season 1? elyse from that cycle is a model in hong kong now and she has a blog.


It's also weird that they didn't feature Elyse Sewell, who is actually doing real modelling.


I heard that Brett (gag me) Ratner *had* to have Mercedes for X-3 as M. You'd think they would have mentioned that. Probably just an internet rumor since IMDB doesn't list her. Ah well, I guess there's always Lupus related film work--like Night of the Lupus . . .er, I mean Lepus.

Gayest Neil

OH PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ PEEPLES! Elyse is way to cool for skewl and totally would never ever agree to sit on a sofa with a bunch of model wannabeez! She has a book (also) based on her blog with her photos and I so want a copy but keep getting out bidded on Ebay!


Am I the only one that thinks that Tyra's shirt looks like a penis? WTF is going on with that?!

I missed the show =(


Tyra mail! Most.annoying.thing.ever.
Also, am I remembering wrong or did Eva have a little doggie sidekick when the visited her on some made up set so she could tell them how to be fab just like her.

Guess Bre took notes.


rich, you know i love you and your bitchy recaps, but if you mention your kinsey number or how ANTM makes you wanna "do girls" one more time, i'm seriously going to vomit and mail it to the imaginery hetero version of you that doesn't exist.


Nothing I say isn't true.


I love Ann - it looked from the clips that she is one of the more successful girls from the show- runway at least. She was my favorite. That's cool you met her. I think she's lovely. GO ANN!

It's obvious that they have signed some american idolish - servant for life contract to tie them to the show, making recurring characters of these girls, and I wouldn't miss a second. Yohanna, though certainly successful if your goal was to be a host of a show like that, doesn't seem to be a model, at all.

The Gilles Bensimon shoot with Linky brainwashed me to think she is a real model. Til she smiles that is.

See how great bre is, we could all do with keeping bre around, maybe as a life coach to the girls!

Great post, knew we could count on Rich to break it down..one more week til the fairies!

Elissa (Nigel's mom)

I love when you mention your Kinsey number. It gives me hope ;) I'm at least as hot as Anne. What is Winston's #?


I missed this show, and I knew that I would be able to live it better by coming here; thanks again Rich, for your awesomey awesomeness.


Hey Rich-No chance you could cap Mr. Jay from the ad for next week is there? I know how you feel about him, but this isn't about you. It's about me, and my illness.

Arthur James

i cant even be witty about it - i dont know what makes me giggle more like a slutty schoolgurl - the highly anticipated new season of antm or your highly anticipated recaps of the new season of antm. yep, both sorta complete me.

& i must be a pedigree'd 'mo cause not once have i EVER thought about "doing" a girl by watching the show. perhaps "be" a girl - you know, pony walk or dress as a fashion alien invader but "do"......nope, never. but all power to you bro.

just, please don't let tyra know cause she'll turn that into a special episode of her talk show. bless her heart.


I like how they skipped over Kalan with just one second of air time. I think it's because she's not a UPN-sitcom-guest-appearance-regional-television-lingerie-on-the-outside-hot-97 model -- but an actual model working for real big-time designers now. Maybe they thought it would make "My Life as a Fish-Faced Cover Girl" Naima look like a failure? Poor Naima!


Fudgey, are you talking about Kahlen from season 4? What designers has she worked for? I've only seen her VICE shoot.


loved the recap, particularly because it was about 1 kajillion times more fascinating than the ridiculous recap show. They didn't even feature the model who was in not one, but TWO reality shows on VH1 (I cannot remember her name. But I loved her.)
I fell asleep, so thanks for filling me in. :)

can't WAIT til next week!!!


Don't you dare rag on Lupus! This one girl I knew had it and she was able to let us get cuts in ALL of the Disney rides when I was 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gayest Neil

Too bad she lost all her hair on the teacup ride...


OMG. Joshua's comment. HAHA.


I can't believe you didn't say anything about the "Thinning Cam" Tyra seemed to be in front of. Looking all stretched out and droopy like the fat sister from Heart.


WAY more entertaining than last nights show! great work as always.


Brilliant and wonderful, as always. Way more entertaining than the show. True. As expected.

Knew they wouldn't roll out Adrienne (I mean, hell, she's not even in the opening credits where they show all past cycle winners--and she didn't get her winner's contract fulfilled, so she and Tyra do not feel the love for each other) but I was very surprised that they glossed over the few gals who are having better-seeming careers than those they gave SO much airtime to.

Did anyone else notice the Bre giving a smackdown to Cassandra on the big bed? She said something like, "We all succeeded just by making it onto the show and then sticking it out." SNAP! That was aimed at YOU, Ms. Walk-off-the-show Cassandra!

Eagerly awaiting another great season of cry-counting with you, Rich! Woo!


I was glad to see Camille again. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Lisa's star to rise. Eva could do anything to her hair and she'd still be drop dead gorgeous.

Yaya's gonna be a huge star.

I'm predicting I'll be distracted ALL day at work Wednesday looking forward to the premier of Cycle 6 and all day Thursday until you post your recap.


Being a model in NYC I see the chicks all the time. Naima and her crusty hair is all over SoHo. I saw Nik at a casting the other day, sporting dark black hair, signed to the Fusion agency. And then I saw the Asian chick with the mole at another casting. And I think my friend told me that she saw Camille acting like her Sh*t don't stink. Of them all, Nik seemed like she wanted to hide in the walls for being noticed than any of the others. Though the asian girl was super chatty cuz she knew someone at the casting.

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