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Okay, nothing about Keenyah's Guy Smiley eyebrows?


first! Rich you rock my world! I am so excited for this freebie ANTM recap. glad you're feeling better


I especially loved how Adrianne Curry tried to backpedal about her e-mail of hate to Tyra...saying she really regretted sending it now. Of course! Now her only hope for future fame is to have a a Very Brady tv wedding.

Thanks, Rich for a bonus recap! You make me smile!


Did you see that anytime someone African American said they were on the cover of a magazine, they always showed them on "King"? I love that trashy magazine! It's like "Black Maxim".


Keenyah was scary as hell, I'm glad someone else noticed that! I loved her, and now she's spray painting on the brows. Makes me almost as sad as seeing Mercedes's haircut and Brittany's fake-bake. Good call as usual :D

M to the G

That threw me when Our Bre was bluntly soliciting any type of representation during her interview on this silly show. I hope whomever comes in second or third this time around was watching.

Mr. Prince

oh! be nice to Amanda! and Elyse is the only true winner of that show. But other than that I agree.


Thanks for reviewing this Rich, I didn't want to have to watch this train wreck of a Eva P. is basically the only ANTM person doing anything (she's smoking hot in the new Jamie Foxx video)

jenna jerkwagon

elyse is amazing.


Oh man. It must have been so painful for you to watch your girl Bre plead like that.


I've never posted before but have totally come to love your updates! Anyway, I can't believe you didn't mention darling Lisa! She called the show bullshit saying that she "naively thought she was entering a modeling contest" and that she cleaned their effin kitchen every morning. I love that chick, fave ANTM castmate ever.


I love Elyse. I wonder why she chose to speak to E! and not the Tyra Banks show? Tyra must be mad the most successful model on the show was not the chosen Top Model. I think Mercedes hair is more Lisa Simpson-esque than Jade's hair. Brittany is still hot despite a case of Oompa Loompas.


yay, surprise recap :) did anyone else notice how bre dropped her last name? like beyonce or some shit?
only saw the last 1/2 hr; but elyse is still a bitch, keenyah looks better with "super eyebrows" to match her "superjaw" (lol), and tiffany finally gave tyra a piece of her mind...sorta. i think the lupes took its toll on mercedes, and amanda's son has the same eerie blue eyes...


Mercedes hair is weird...


yay for a recap of a history of recaps! i think mercedes was ill in her interview... she doesn't look healthy :( I'm guessing her short hair is due to her substantial hairloss... poor girl...

I thought Ann was awful on the show... i couldn't see what the judges saw in her... HOWEVER... i totally changed my mind post-show... she looks FUH-MAZING in all her shoots... wow!

And I <3 elyse, I think she's been one (if not the most) successful contestant... i wouldn't be suprised if she lands a cover of a major high fashion mag soon...

and someone sign Bre ASAP!! If Keenyah and her Jabberjaw can get signed to an agency then I don't see what the hold up is with Bre! Oh and Toccara looked fantastic as usual.



I missed it- what was Bre saying exactly? How sad and pathetic.


Yessss! I loved this special. Did you notice that they kept replaying the Kim and Sarah kiss over and over? Though everyone in the limo claimed they were all kissing, they only showed footage of Kim and Sarah.


Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Thank you sweetie! Now I can start working...

Gayest Neil

Even better: E!THS:ANTM.
Anyways, Elyse discusses being approached by the Tyra show on her blog ( She hasn't responded to the E!THS:ANTM yet.
And yeah, she came off looking and sounding much better.
OH POOR Janice D. She's a mess now. I love her to my dying day, but c'mon gal. STOP STOP LISTING THE MAGAZINES YOU'VE BEEN ON. Oh lord.
Naima is a freak. EvaDaDiva is so annoying when she does that loud-laughing-while-interviewing thing.
Poor Adrienne, too. She's doing pin up calendars.
Well - I'm proudest of Elyse. She's always been my pick as the one and only ANTM. Her photo books rocks too.


I kept my fingers crossed while watching ANTM THS... and the Gay Blog Gods delivered!

Tyra's such a hag! You're hair-do disaster stills only confirm it.


The second season winner, Yoanna reminds me of a robot. Programmed to rave enthusiastically on the spot!

Seriously the ANTM+THS could go on for hours, the network could cancel their endless 101 toplists and Simple Life marathons. Oh the possibilities.


You know, I was all for Elyse (is that it? I dunno) in Cycle 1, but then she got all shit-talky about how much smarter she was than everyone else and how dumb the whole thing was and started to hate her.

Then I read something about how she wants to move on and be a doctor. Um, yeah, she sure has been suckin' off Tyra's milkless tit; trying to claw her way into the very business we call show.


Elyse stated during her season (1) that if modeling did not work out she would enter medical school. . I believe? She obviously is intelligent and her tirade made for excellent show. . it was basically true as well, She never took the competition too seriously and seemed to find it humerous at times for what it was.

Hong Kong seems to agree with her.


I have to agree with you about Ann. The girl is beautiful. I really like Toccara's comments. She knew they were giving excuses about why she got kicked off. And Kenya's jawline is ridiculous.


am i the only one who was hoping for an update on mister bojangles?

rich, so glad you posted the unholy red carpet pictures of the Tyrasaurus. what in god's name?!

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