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yay first 2 comment!

I love the last picture...Winston and the boy = both adorable!


Rich is that you? I have been reading your blog for a minute and when you reviewed Mary J. Blige's Cd and then Stevie B? I was hooked!!!! You andthat cat are so hot. Can't wait to hear your takes on Gina's needy ness and Jade's fugly ass mug tonight. ANTM!!!!


WHAT! People think Winston looks mean? I think he looks a bit miffed because he cannot eat all day but other than that Ive always thought he was a smooshy cute cuddle pants. Especially when his eyes are closed because then he radiates the cute!


I think Winston looks "mean" at certain times, but really, he just looks squishy. I want to squish his little face! Okay, that applies to your boyfriend too, haha!


I think Winston is beautiful. I would love nothing more then to hug and squish him.

Keep posting his pictures, I check every day to see what he's up to!


Both Winston and the bf are living dolls. (And I can't get over the perfection of the bf's mouth!)

he was a smooshy cute cuddle pants
Hee! That is the perfect description of Winston.


One of the first posts I stumbled upon was of Winston in the office chair, and all I could think of was ET. So ugly, he's cute. I've since started showing my bf any and all posts related to Winston (and Rudy). In fact, the Kitty Pride category was the highlight of our evening one day last week. We laughed hysterically about the "Winston in a Biskit" picture for a good 15 minutes.

Whether he's got glow worm eyes or he's wearing a plastic cone around his neck, Winston is ADORABLE. Never mean. Just perfect.


I'd like to see some pics of Winston shirtless.

Oh, wait. Winston is the cat.


I never really thought of Winnie is being especially mean per se, more like he always has an expression that he simply KNOWS he is better than you and everyone else around him, that anyone besides him and his food bowl are simply a waste of space...and yet, deep down, you know he loves all the attention.


so much pleasure. so much happiness winston & rich & cute boyfriend bring.


If Winnie is so 'mean' looking, why is he always getting his ass kicked? I think Winnie can be aptly described as looking contemptuous or smug. He's a pious little fucker and I love him.

How long has the bf been shaving his head? Visiting your apartment is how I imagine life will look in the future.


i have those camouflage sheets!!!

I think I love Winston more then life itself haha


I love ur cat posts
u have a cute bf
<3 <3 <3 for fourfour


Winston looks like a crotchety old man. I dig that about him.


Winston's adorable. But he does kind of seem like a crotchety old man...LOL


Forget Winston, Rich is a cutie on duty!!


I loves me some Winston.


i LOVE winston


1. Winston is NOT mean. He simply seems a bit grouchy at times. But even grouchy Winston = furry ball of love.

2. No one ever mentions Rudy -- so Rudy = love, too!

3. Both you and your bf are adorable. LOVE all around! :)

(OK. I've officially turned into Richard Simmons. Or one of the Hat Sisters. Um...yay?


My husband and I LOVE Winston! I love all of your blog, but the cat hijinks are my favorite part. My husband was not a cat person until we adopted our two, Oscar and Oliver, last August. Now he's dismayed to find that one of the topics his little blog ( listed under is "cats"--- haha! Good to know that we aren't the only ones who feel the need to document our cats' lives.
I don't think Winston looks mean at all. He definitely looks smug, but all Persians do- our Oscar is a longhaired white Persian, so we're well aware of the curmudgeonly Persian attitude! Some people, shockingly, just don't find their (debatably ugly) smushed-in faces cute-- my father-in-law actually said that Oscar couldn't help that he's ugly! Those people suck!
Anyway, great to see another catty, pop culture-obsessed bitch adopt a high-falutin' rescue cat!

joshua lim

HAHAHAHHA i love it. i hate cats, but you make me love winston.


He's adorable, even with the evil red eyes!


i have yet to see concrete evidence that proves that winston is, in fact, animate. for all i know he's a doll you won at a carnival.



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