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March 31, 2006



Nicole is the worst. I doubt we will see anything from her after this Cover Girl account. Love the recap!


Joanie as "trailer trash" is priceless. And I agree, Danielle is #1!


i love danielle... my vote is for her, nnenna, or mollie sue to win (bah to brooke... i just see fug there)... in any case though, will covergirl (i mean tyra) pick a girl with a gap that big in their ads? *runs and hides*


robin from season, excuse me, "cycle" 1 is still the most horrible as in meanest contestant ever, with her oh my goodness a lesbian model in my apartment i'm going to sit in my room and read the bible and get on other people for being too skinny and using too much skin lotion. but jade is really an a-1 mf'in jackelope wench. let me break it to her - if you're 26 and haven't made it yet as a model, you never will! and stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person dammit! i liked when they told her she's like a hot model at a club versus a hot model in pictures. in other words a wannabe. i still like brooke, but she needs to unawkwardify now. if she could pose more like joanie she'd be a threat. and danielle is now my fave for sure. addicted!

Mr. Prince

LOL this was great!; I love Danielle more and more each week, and furonda's coming around; hmm, so far my top three picks are Danielle, Nnenna and.....i'm not sure XP XDD


We'll see plenty of Nicole. If they ever make a proper remake of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. She'd be the kickingest "Background extra #13" ev-ah.


Jade's nasty hair matches her nasty attitude. Janice is a dried up old hag with nothing better to do then pick on misguided, deaf Gina(but thank the lord she was booted). I hope Danielle wins this one!


Jade looks like Art garfunkel, especially with the receding hariline.


I cannot look at Furonda without seeing that picture of the Gremlin. Without fail, I start to laugh every time I see her. It's a little awkward explaining it to people who haven't been reading your recaps.

And I, too, love Danielle. Is it wrong of me to want her to throw down on Jade?


Ok this might not be a popular opinion, but I think the real glaring omission is Molly Sue. She is fierce, and she's working for that drink. After seeing all those girls with long hair (Jade doesn't count) it's so refreshing to see Molly Sue rock the pixie.
Btw, I saw on the previews for next antm that Jade (ms. pizza face herself) actually tries to call someone out on their bad complexion. Physician Heal Thyself...yeah, Jade is in a struggle, but not the one she's thinking of.


Poor Gina. Normally I'm a Janice fan but she was just being plain nasty.


i am the only one who thinks this season totally sucks?!!! none of these girls look like models to me....Danielle and Nenna standout a little....and Furonda is just a weird creature in my oponion....LUV YOUR RECAPS!!!!!!


Rich, I love you! Your Recaps are always better than the show!

Danielle better win. Girl is hot! And I think the Gap tooth thing is hot as well, I even wish that I still sported one!


I'm new to your site, but I'm wondering if you've yet broken down that scary fake smiling shot that the contestants are forced to do every fucking week when The Tyranator describes the Ford contract and all that other meaningless bullshit the winning ANTM gets. It feels very cue card. And it always makes me feel so sorry for them.


Danielle gives gap-toothed girls a good name ;)

My dentist offered to cap mine, but I've grown to like it over the years...

Anyway, thanks once again for a killer recap Rich! Sorry duh-Gina got booted, but she was started to become a tad painful to watch...

I fully support Danielle as the new fave.


What were the names of the 5 male models ?


Usually I think you have questionable taste in models. But I have to admit, Danielle fully won me over this week with her take-no-shit attitude (she's take-no-shit but not a bitch--wha??) and her ability to just sit back and shake her head at everyone else's drama is such a nice change. And I agree with you that she looks different—and hot—in every photo she takes.


Another great recap, Rich! Love the light bulb head shot!

dj Danny S

Jade is a hideous, fugly FUGLY cunt (she's a FUNT) and the sooner she's gone the better!


"I can't wait till next cycle when she shows us how to be fierce while working a breast pump"....This has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard.


joanie also got a little trailer-trashy when she surmised that this week's "special guests" might be "a sloth, a snake or a *pork-a-pine*." i half expected her to spit her chaw out after uttering that sentence.


Ugh, apparently the producers told Janice to pick on Gina. I know Janice is like out there and in your face, but telling Gina to jump on one foot and laugh was awful. It almost turned me off to watching the show, but I'm hanging on to see Jade get hers. Can't stand that "girl" - is she a girl? She looks like a Romulan of the Star-trek variety.

Oh you're enjoy this: http://www.topmodelgossip.com/lisa-vs-tyra-video-clip/



Keep it coming! Sad to see Gina go, but what the fuck was going on with that girl anyway??

raging indie

It's OK Rich, there are still plenty of girls we haven't seen anything of yet -- maybe you'll get a new Gina. Leslie's sort of Asian, right?


Man, you have me lol-ing in my seat, as always, Rich! As uncomfortable as Gina made me just by watching her (I mean, like, worse than Cycle 4's Michelle!), I will miss her. At least she's actually pretty, unlike Jade the Hutt.

Jay Alexander needs to shut up now. Nnenna, the only one of these bitches who can actually, you know, MODEL - boring? Hell no, not after tonight's episode! Who would have thought she had a bit of hootchie in her? But her dude? Inbred.

And will somebody puh-lease hook Danielle up with some InvisAlign? And Nicole for that matter? This is America's Next Top Model, not Britain's.

And also, Fuh-ron-duh = Invader Zim in his human disguise.

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