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March 13, 2006



I've been waiting on this and it was worth it. LOL, you are too much ;)

mr hey

good wrap up........

your posts are always very entertaining, thanks.

note: look at Furonda's arm pits during the bald head shoot~~~~did I see patch of hair?...lol

If you can, can u make a screen shot of those hairy pits.....lol


my lord. furonda = gremlin? that shit is priceless.


Oh yes yes yes. Oh yes. Oh Yesssss!! OH GOD! YES YES YES! OH OH OH, YES! OH GOD YES! YES YES!!!!

I love you, and now I must change my drawers.


You are an artist.
That is all I can say.
The one that Winston looks like also looks a bit like a poor mans Candice Cameron before she found the lord.


haha i love your recap. But you didn't mention my girl leslie once!


I liked Kathy, too. "I've never seen someone so drunk before. It was skeery." I was sad to see her go, but saw it coming a mile away.

Oh, Jade. The Yaya comparison is fairly accurate, but my first impression was more "Lisa minus the craziness and ability to take good photos". Who was the insightful panelist who commented that perhaps there was a reason her impressive talents had not yet been discovered? I don't think I've ever seen Nigel so disgusted with someone.


The part about Gina had me laughing so hard I couldn't even drink my water. You have a gift; and I thank you for sharing it with us. Gina is awesome. I want her to have her own spin off show... her reaction during the press conference was fucking amazing. The only thing that would have made that scene better, would have been drunk Guadalupe from PR there to help her with her answer.


Yeah, it may not be scripted but I think there is a fair amount of coaching going on. The way the girls reacted to being called into the 13 contestants looked really fake, especially Nnenna (her natural reaction is a lot more stoic than that) and Gina (she must have been turning it over in her mind for ever to come up with such a "witty" line). That's annoying. Tyra, on the other hand, could use a great deal more scripting.

Joanie: I think she's somewhere between uninteresting and ugly, and more importantly, she's extremely annoying. "Two for the money, two for the show, two to get ready, now freakin' walk." WTF? She's like a cross between Kim and Lisa. Can't stand her.

When are you doing the recap from this Wednesday?

America's Next Top TOP

OMG, this was so worth the wait. I am over here at my desk, cheeks ABLAZE, trying not to pass out laughing. I hate you so much for doing this to me at lunchtime!!!

Furonda is ugly.


how frickin happy am i that ANTM is on just so i can read your blogs?

i think one reader put it succinctly:

"I love you, and now I must change my drawers."


and i think the ghetto quotient is at an all time high this year, what with Furonda (the name alone) and danielle (who doesn't know what regal means?)... the bus from arkansas was full this season, boy... lots of gals have aspirations of movin' on up like george and weezie.


nnenna wins.
joanie rocks.
jade goes bezerk.

B. Harlow

I also adore these recaps! Straight from 'Project Runway' let down/finale to this....cool!
And all of your insights are spot on. That girl really does look like a knobby penis head with ears, the Bobby Brown comparision...oh yes!, and the others. I think the blonde, Kari (?), could easily pass for a blonde Denise Richards.
Thanks for the exceptional laughs!


OMG! do you KNOW how long I waited to see your recap of ANTM! ugh. i got hooked on fourfour last cycle, and now it's all back!
my life seems complete :)
yeah. what's up with Duh-Gina? God she's annoying! And being Korean... I can truly, truly say that she's a disgrace to our race!
not only is she UGLY (she doesn't even LOOK Korean), she's just.. STUPID!
I swear, my sister was like, "OMG, if she makes the top 13, then I'm gonna HAVE to watch the rest of the season just to see how much more she can humiliate Koreans."

anywya, there's my rant. yes Jade is super annoying and Nnenna does seem to be portrayed as the girl everyone thinks is gonna win.



I've been waiting for this since last week and the wait was well worth it. You are hilarious as always!


thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh How I love thee..
I have been waiting since friday for this and I am at work laughing my ass off at the "Furonda-Gremlin""Furonda-Headed Mantis" or should i call it the "Furontis".. Oooohhh I like that one.. You forgot to put in when "Furontis" got dissed by Tyra in the "You guys got any questions for me, but im gonna answer them with useless answers part of the show"
Please keep up the good recaps you sexy hot piece of man meat..
p.s. I love winston


Ok, so who didn't think that bald Furonda looked like Starvin' Marvin from South Park?


Everything in my life has fallen back into place with the return of fourfour's ANTM recaps. Thank you thank you thank you <3

Joanie is gorgeous and reminds me of some Pantene Pro-V hair model or something like that. Except her face shape reminds me of a rectangle. Just a little bit. Gina just blows me away with how she thinks (I secretly adore/hate her) and Jade has just got to go.

Long live the fourfour!

Leah Wright

I love your commentary, I've been waiting forever for this! :)

Jade = video girl video girl video girl!!!

Wendy, Furonda, and Kathy = blah

Nnenna, Kari, Danielle, Joanie = awesome

Gina = special ed

Leslie, Molly Sue = up in the air

This season is gonna be great! Next week they have a walk off with roaches woohoo!



So glad these recaps are back. Love!

Cocoa Girl

OMGosh...you kilted (kill, uber past tense) with that Winston, 80s girl, blondie contestant equation. I am so happy to have you back with ANTM!!!


Hey Rich. Your observations are so freaking astute and hillarious. Reading your updates is usually the highlight of my day (sad, but true). Anyway, don't you think Kathy resembles Heidi from Apprentice season one?


Jade needs a serious humbling. But dare I say this early in the game that this season has way mroe potential for good TV than the last? I gave up on last season about halfway through.


No word on Sara? What a gorgeous picture.

Now if she can only learn to walk. Hey! Where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah, last season's Sara...


I love you so much. These recaps are the highlight of my week.

I think Gina may have a cleft palate.

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