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Aw, Rich don't be sorry.
Be better!

(Although, if I had cuddly kitties and concerned hottie boyfriends, I'd milk it for all it's worth.)


I just loved the little "stop the world" stand at the end, as if she were waiting for the earthquake to pass.

Get better soon, R! Have lots of vitamin C and rest!


aw, i really hope you feel better.


Oh my - I yelled to my husband during ANTM, "Rich is going to have a field day with Danielle!" Two points for me - yay!

I hope you feel better and you don't have the rotavirus (vomiting & diarrhea) that's going around. My two year old had to be hospitalized for dehydration - she was pitiful. Make sure you drink plenty of water and feel better soon. **mommy kisses**


Theraflu has worked wonders for me in the past, dear...hope you feel better:) And definitely drink lots of water...flush all the yuck out of your system.

As soon as I saw that too-long fishtail on Danielle I knew disaster was a short time away...poor thing is one of the best walkers too!


Get well soon! There is no need to rush =)


Just please please tell me (now) that you are going to rail against Gina's still being in the running towards being America's Next. Top. Model. Because when the designer has to push you out on to the runway? That should be an automatic elimination.


Hope your feeling better soon! Take it easy drink lots of fluids and get some rest.
Maybe Wintson can use some of his cat magic on you and make you feel better.


Being sick is the worst! I'm sorry Rich! I wish you a quick recovery. Have that hottie BF of yours be your nursemaid.


P.S. I had no interest in watching this trainwreck of a show at all - until you. I hope you're happy!

(P.P.S. Feel better!)


maybe I was really stoned
but didn't you think it was a tad much to have the girl walk on those shoes during judging
like with every waver and stumble and fall, my boyfriend and I grabbed our ankles - especially danielle fishel, aka topenga, aka kari, oh my god, every time she stumbled and fell it hurt me


I hope you get better! I missed this episode and I'm so mad at myself! The only thing that would make me forgive myself is if I got to read your recap. So hurry up and get better!


Please show a screenshot of Gina seething with rage (with the most ridiculous pursed lips ever) when it was announced that Jade won the runway challenge.


Feel better Rich - I always find apple juice to be a bit of a cure-all. Get some rest and don't worry about us, we probably have work to do anyway. Watch some good mockable TV. Hope Tyra isn't a re-run...


Rest and fluids. Get well soon.


Feel better, and don't worry about getting up the re-cap. We can wait, it is always worth it. Get lots of sleep and remember to stay hydrated.


Feel better, Rich!

While I was watching this week's episode, I was thinking about all the "four four" worthy material. LOL Get some meds and R&R, because this week's recap will give you quite a workout.

And I swear Danielle is going to end up in a full body cast before this season is over.


Hope you feel better soon! Altough I must tell you my day is a little lost without the recap. Its my friday morning ritual before I actually start working!


Aw, hope you feel better soon! Get some rest and take care of yourself :) Thank you for putting up that gif even though you were feeling sick!


Feel better darling!


Feel better, Rich! You might wanna try a ginger tea: cut up some ginger root, pour boiling water over, let sit for a few minutes and maybe stir in some honey. If not, TheraFlu works well.

Va-Gina needs to go home. Ugh!! She gives all aspiring asian supermodels a bad name. Her's like she's been touched by the downs fairy. You know Tyra's keeping her in for the drama.


The ginger tea works wonders, my mom is a nurse and her recipe is: one thinly sliced ginger root, 1/4 cup honey, saucepan full o'water, let it boil 5 mintues, strain out the ginger a honey scum and drink. Clears the nose/sinuses up and the ginger will help your tummy. Get better quick!


all i have to say is i love gina. im living and gagging for her.

when she gets shocked or miffed she totaly looks like winston


Get well soon. I hope it's not the flu.


are furonda and miss j the same person?

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