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March 10, 2006


The NB

As always, fantastic. Good night, Project Runway recaps. Sniff, sniff.


Irregardless Daniel should've won...


I love it!! You're one of the best parts of this lackluster episode. What were yr thoughts on the Kara Janx collection? Everyone is telling me it was the best.

Chloe = sofacominatcha.


I was at that Kelley Polar show too... wish i had seen you there! What did you think of Miss Thing's druid come Cylon meets Puck meets gladiator outfit??

Glad you are into him too... I think he put out one of the best albums I've heard in a long time... and for his first show he sounded pretty damn good.


I always thought nina was hot too! I'll miss your ProjRun blogs fourfour :'( but thanks for all the hard work & time you put into them! they always had me laughin

Kate the Shrew

Figured I'd finally de-lurk to say thanks, Rich, for the recap. Wonderful job, as always, you get the best screen caps. You keep me from having to get cable so I could watch these shows myself.

Looking forward to the next ANTM cycle!


The guy behind Chloe's boyfriend is Richie Rich--one half of the design team Heatherette.


Richie Rich's bangs weren't like that at the show. It's a Fremen, I tell you.


I was pulling for Santino to win too, but his entire collection was tubedresses and nightgowns with a tiny twist. If he took all of that over the top stuff he did during the season and took it down about halfway, I'm sure he would have won. Instead of toning it down from rope and ruffles and beads to less rope ruffles and beads, we get stripes, and only stripes, for embelishment. You can look at some of the truly great designers' (Chanel, Gucci, hell even DKNY) stuff from 10 years ago and even though it's totally different from what they are doing today, something links it together. Santino's collection was completely disjoint from what he did WEEKS ago.

All of the collections had minor fit problems, but Santino's collection made the flat-chested models look concave-chested. In general, white people like to be skin and bones...and boobs.


Thank you Rich for your wonderful recaps. The thought and effort you put into them is very much appreciated.

If only I watched Top Model! You just may bring me to it. But then my husband may divorce me for sure.

Lisa V

Santino and Tim Gunn should do a red carpet show together.


I hate that this season is over because that means that these recaps are too.


Tito, pass me a tissue.

Carry on!

Michael K

Yeah that's not Richie Rich.

Genius cap!


New at Victoria Secret:
The Heidi Klum Music Box


There's no denying Santino is talented. But... could there be a happy medium between completely crazy and absolutely mild? Not that I blame him for what he designed for the runway, considering the judges were sending him mixed messages all the time. I'm curious as to how much editing villainized him versus how much he's like that in real life.

Anyway, awesome recap, Rich. I'm looking forward to season three.


Im kind of glad that today wasnt ANTM because I havent watched it yet! I did see a clip of some girl falling down and someone saying "she just drank that whole thing!" or something like that.
OH yes its going to be a good one!

I cant believe you referenced Tino from My So Called Life...and Good Night Moon made me laugh out loud, I actually just scrolled back up and laughed again.

You are so good. Better than cupcakes.


Listening to the Santino song kinda made me pee my pants. In the Club. In the Park. On the Street. BWAH!

Thank you for your wonderful recap- it made my morning!


is it really over? *sigh*

but i am so looking forward to your ANTM recaps....

viva fourfour!


Rich you are wonderful. What is a Fremen?


I love your recaps, and I love, love, love that Gina will be the new queen of fourfour (though I thought that was Winston?). I wonder what kind of translation she does for a living. I guess the obvious answer would be Korean, but it could also be for others of her ilk who think in that fetching, non-linear way.

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work with your genius recaps!


What about some Kelley Polar recaps?

Lito S.

Hmm I thought Santino's dresses were poor for him. They also had this very ugly 70s look. I imagined Lynda Carter in them. He also tends to design not for women, but drag queens or club kids.

Daniel truly disappointed me. He didn't deserve it for the clunky handbags alone.

Chloe's seams were fabu! And unlike the other 2 her fashions fit real women.


Does part of Santino's song say, "and the boys were blowing kisses...look at her go (watch out girl)"??? Unapologetic that I LOVE it!


Hey, I was at the show near the beginning of the runway, too! And I also thought that Santino and Kara were the only collections that actually fit. I was so surprised they didn't even talk about Daniel's floppy boob situation. I understand their boob problem with a couple of Santino's dresses, but I thought Daniel's was much worse. Talk about not being able to design for a real woman! His necklines are always whorey. They didn't talk about the trip, either, which Kara Saun got called out on last season.

I thought they should have spent more time talking about all three collections. I guess they didn't because they were all so yawn. Anyways.


the guy behing chloe's bf is Phiiliip....


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