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March 25, 2006


Veronica Vinegar

Looks like Jade is channeling Vivian from the Young Ones!!!


Actually Jade with the beard looks distressingly like Mugato from Zoolander! Genius Photoshopping all around. Brava


you don't know me, but DAMN, i love you.
my ANTM watching is now only half complete when each episode is over.

[I loved Lisa too. I weep for the lack of her.]


Dear Rich --

I'm glad you're feeling better! I've been checking this page multiple times each day in gleeful anticipation.

Dare I say I enjoy your animated-gif madness and snippy commentary more than the TwoP recaps? I think I do.

Also, I love your cats. Keep up the good work!


Holy crap this is funny stuff! And I wholeheartedly agree with you on your keen analysis. Thank you thank you thank you!


Jade looks like the Star of David in the form of a person.


That pie chart is SO hilarious, and SO on. When I watch, I don't realize how crazy Miss J is. thank god for this recap.

And Furonda's hand is hypnotic...wow.


lol @ Tyra animation.


Whoah. I've never considered the distinction between fairy tales and nursery rhymes until just now, but you're right. Maybe they just ran out of well-known fairy tales.

Or maybe they're saving the Brothers Grimm for next cycle.

And after that they could dress everybody up as popular urban legends!

Miss J - "Ok, Sasha, you're the girl who got her kidneys stolen. Work that surprised agony, girl!


i can't believe they're allowing a more human portrayal of jade so early in the competition. made for a very boring episode.
but as long as they keep furonda in makeup that makes her look ashy, and as long as she [furonda] keeps wearing flouncy, wide-armed shirts that make her look like the shogun of harlem, i will keep watching.


Inspired recap! Stunning! I am with you on Duh-Gina, and I really enjoyed her freak out. I can't believe she made it one step with the roach, they were gross and disturbing.
I especially love your montage of Gina's freak out, in one of the early clips where she is rearing back she looks a lot like Miss Swan from Mad TV - the lipstick helped.

I am with you on Furonda, she reminds me of that girl from cycle 2 who was a cashier at Walgreens who made it to final 3 or 4 and is now back at walgreens. I never got her either (except in some photos).

Do you get the feeling that Nigel Barker pinpoints one lady to flirt with / use and abuse from the victims? He always seems to creepily favour one girl (though I think he's hot when he keeps his mouth shut.) I don't know which way he plays but he comes of as slightly sexual predatorish.

Thanks Rich!!


Rich, you double my pleasure, double my fun. I too cannot hate Jade, just as I couldn't hate Yaya. Remember also that Sarah C4 had Kari lips (or did Kari have Sarah Lips?). Have we run out of unique characters that everyone is a reincarnation of someone else? And when is the Second Coming of Elyse?


fear not rich, i predict that next week gina's standing up to jade will translate to a fierce photo where she finds her inner confidence. she and jade will be kept in for drama as long as tyra can possibly justify it. next week i'm guessing leslie gets axed, since the only thing she's done to stand out so far is have quite possibly the worst walk in antm history. much as i love brooke and joanie, i fear that they are two sides of the same coin and one of them will be leaving soon. whenever i see joanie's pictures i think that she really could have made it in the modeling world in 1987. sadly this is not her time.


Don't worry about hating Jade. My hate for her is so great that I can easily cover for you. She's like a Burger King spoken word salad advert targetted at the "urban" demographic that lives in the suburbs. Really, I want to die every time words come out of her mouth. Recanize.


there is nothing i can add. brilliant.

and thank you for pointing out the little boy blue distinction. and thank you for being happy over gina staying in our lives. and thank you for repeated mentions of 227. and thank you for (incorrectly) comparing your look to musto.


Just a thought, but it looks like Tyra went a bit Photoshop crazy with her "Little Old Lady" picture. I KNOW she isn't that petite lately - it looks like someone sliced a good 30 lbs off her!


I'm beginning to a expect Leslie will get the boot, too. When I peeked at the site before the season premier I thought she was a shoe-in to win, but after seeing her unspectacular photos and her "I need to do number two" walk, she is seriously unimpressing.

Gina is growing on me. It's like the more spazzy she gets, the better I like her. Furonda I just don't understand. Her face is odd. I don't know why the judges love Brooke so much; how many mediocre pictures can the girl have before "she's so wrong, she's right" no long cuts it?

I was kind of hoping for a bunch of gif-animations of the girls twisting their ankles in those ridiculous shoes. Or maybe that's just too painful to watch again.


WOOOWW! That hand is huge! I never noticed that before. Now it will be all I see. Furonda is pure strange. Danielle is definitely my hands down favorite. And I want to thank you for the pic w/ Jade's new beard. I laughed so hard I'm still crying.


Wonderful ANTM recap, Rich!

Leslie walks as if she has scoliosis. Pretty girl, but she needs to control that spine.

I love Danielle! She is my new favorite.

For that Jared Gold runway walk, Ms. Furonda was missing one of those invisible dog leashes...you know, the ones you would get from an amusement park.

Miss J's imitation of Brooke's fairy tale photo is hilarious! When they showed Brooke's left hand, I laughed so hard at the little spastic, gang sign she was throwing up!

I knew which Vivienne Westwood show they were referring to because I remember seeing that clip on the Style channel where Naomi Campbell "fell on her booty"...LOL! Tyra's genius producers did not have the correct photo though. Naomi fell just as nicely as Danielle, smiling and everything - sans sprained pinky toe! :)


This is the picture Tyra's producers meant to use. (courtesy of Papierblog)


Kari is gone, and I'm heartbroken. Why does she get so much slack 4 having big lips when Brooke's face looks like a donkey's ass? Shes also like everyones 2nd favorite on the website still, but i knew they would off her, they always keep the dogs. i dont know if i can go on watching. Also, Tyra should be punished for making those poor girls walk in those things-i'm supprised my girl D didnt break her damn ankle.

Tyra's Faux-toe

See. I love this show. Have from day one. But now it's getting shitty. Why? Because it's so obvious that they are keeping those that add drama instead of those that have potential. vaGina doesn't take good pictures, is a screaming Margaret Cho look-alike during fashion shows and is really just a set of cheek-bones. Yet, here she stays. Still. Guess we have to see her tell Jade "You feel sorry for me----blink, blink---I feel sorry for you---blink, blink". Uh, that's telling her. Kari was no great beauty but her pictures (especaillythe ice one) were beautiful. Nnenna days are numbered even though she is the MOST beautiful girl they have cast. Ever. She looked all sullen and shit this week. Oh well, I'm putting my cash on Danielle. She literally wows me.


Oh my god, so worth the wait. The pie chart almost killed me!! And Jade is soo Mugatu...


I love love loveeeee your recaps they're always hilarious and right on point!


Gina not going home was bullshit. I miss pillow lips already. (Oh wait, that was the girl from last season. Whatever, it's adaptable.)

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