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March 09, 2006



let's talk about antm! =O

ronald mcdonald

Oh, whatthefuckever. Chloe's going to have the last laugh when all y'all are sporting her poofy sleeves, thick fabrics, and hot tailoring five years from now. I hate to admit this, but the bitch is pretty far ahead of the design curve. Everyone's hating on her because it's just 'too weird' or whatever. Fuck that. Daniel and Santino showcased collections that you can find at your local Sears. Did they not? Besides, if Santino won, it would have made for a SECOND freak that won PR. They don't need that reputation, nor do we want to see Project Santino. I'd much rather watch Chloe -- endorse proactiv, even.


^^lol, chloe endorsing proactive :P

this was a surprise, i thought it would be daniel, cuz doesn't chloe already have a fashion business? i thought projrun was only for unestablised designers...oh well. her stuff was alright, but too haute couture for me, and "matchy matchy" for heidi, lol

daniel is gonna go work for michael korrs? they need to make a show about that shit...but anyway that means that dan v is still leaving with something; although you know michael will try to act like he never said that shit :0

and poor santino...at least there's still andrae!

ANTM please...


Come come now, Chloe took the same gown, cut something different out of the sides/back, changed the shiny ass color on the same heavy fabric, sent it down the runway and people think she's ahead of the curve? More like off the curve, into the ditch below. Was it hot? In retrospect, kinda. Was it better than Santino's, hell no!

I was hurt to see those clowns call his designs safe and inornate, after they told him all season to calm it down. Maybe he should have sent out 12,000 trims and ruffles again. I wont even get into what a mess Debra Messing as a judge is. Well, I will, after the full recap. Messy.

At least ANTM always picks the most deserving winner. LOL!


One of my friends called Chloe's look perfectly - "It's Hmong New Year!"

And did anyone else wonder what Michael Kors might be mean when he asked Daniel to "work" for him?


Debra Messing looked like H-E-double hockeysticks. Her grace period for "just having a baby" is over. Her kid is pushing two. It's time to get it together. I have two kids under the age of three and I wouldn't be caught dead looking like that on Project Runway. Whos is she to judge fashion with that scruffy ponytail and washed out face? Uh hello...MAKE-UP, get it...got it...GOOD.
TEAM SANTINO for life.....the most creative and talented. However, Chloe will "fit in" at Banana Republic.


Wait a minute. First of all - even though Chloe's poofy sleeve, shiny fabic, and matching shrug get up isn't personally my taste, I can recognize that she deserved to win. Her seams WERE unusual, she DOES know how to fit fabric on a woman's body, she really HAS a great business acumen. And ... not that this has to do with anything, but the girl spent years in a family prison in Laos because her family tried to escape the war! That's tough balls!

I also thought Santino got gyped (sp?) He never got to fit his dresses AND I think the judges told him throughout the season to "think of a woman's body" and "tone it down" and when he does - thay penalize him for it. THAT wasn't fair. Whatever. He'll get his own show on Bravo and all will be good.

Daniel V. has promise, but I though his collection - like Nina said - lacked cohesiveness. He's young. I'm sure he'll go far.


I was rooting for Chloe all the way!! She was always in my top 3 fav designers and I'm SOOOO glad she won. She was the only one that desinged clothing that you cant go out and buy at the mall last month.. Plus fashion is always 6 months ahead of itself.. by december you'll be loving Chloe's stuff! Stop hating.


I'm tired of being told to "stop hating" because I have an opinion that doesn't agree with someone else's.

About the clothes. Chloe's designs...it was the same dress and the same fabric (stiff and shiny whatever) over and over again. Yes, the seams are very nice. She did too many matchy matchy little jackets and big poofy stiff things. Her stuff looked like "junior prom night in the suburbs" to me....ugh. Hated it.

Santino's designs...yes, as someone said, it was a shame that the whole season they told him to reel it in, and then when he did, they told him that he played it too safe. They do that a lot - the judges are very hypocritical. His designs were pretty, but they *were* boring.

Daniel's designs - out of the three I liked Daniel's best. I do hope he gets the chance to work with Kors. Kors has liked Daniel ever since the inspiration challenge, when Daniel picked the orchid in a vase from Kors' office to design an outfit from...remember that? Ever since, Daniel's been his boy. He has a lot of talent, and it's a shame that it seemed he was being penalized for being too young.


One word: Meh.
I am so happy to hear PR is renewed for season three because, dang, the last few eps here were about to induce coma.


Wait I thought you were rooting for team Chloe?

Last night I watched the Austrailia's NTM finale and my two favorites from the start were in the final two, except the one girl was just crazy so I was really just rooting for the one(who my boyfriend said looked a bit retarded.) and she won!! Hooray!


I'll be the first to say the Project Runway is one of my favorite shows....however, you have to realize that it's still a TV game show, and that means two things : Contracts and Ratings.

After Jay blobbed his way into the media and talked shit about everything and looked the Banana Republic prize in the mouth, you KNEW they weren't gonna give the crown to someone who potentially was another a. loud mouth (Santino), b. independant spirit with no penchant for selling out (maybe Daniel?), and c. another faggot (winner = Chloe).

That leads me to ratings, or better, demographics. They had to give this one to a lady, so they can show the rest of America (or at least the housewife and pattern makers of America that lurve this show too) that fashion isn't just some gay freakfest... this is why they announce that shows are picked up for a third season JUST BEFORE they announce winners. Calculated...YES, Fabulous....Uh DUH, of course. Just come back down to "reality" when thinking about winners and losers on shows like this.

Sidenote - Did you see Austin Scarlett's fashion show in the mansion about half way through Project Jay....that was FIERCE. Gorgeous models slinking around a Victorian mansion, all ghostly and beautiful. Where is Austin's career?


Isn't she the one who said she wasn't even sure if that's what she wanted?! She must have good karma or something.

Ditto what Randy said...Austin's collection was really pretty.

*waiting for your Top Model recap like a child on Christmas Eve; I'll peek in like a million times today until I see it. :)

well, per queerty's instructions, i do blame nina garcia. ever since the lingerie challenge i knew she would have her sweet, sweet revenge on santino. i just didn't know i would care so much! but let's face it, the judges had a point about the boobs, and honestly all of the collections kind of blew. this cycle--shit, i mean season--was pretty crap. let's move on to top model, shall we? or do i have to wait til tomorrrow for that too?


Kara's collection was the best!

And Daniel's stuff looked like it already came from Banana Republic.


are you doing antm too? last night was a loooong night.


I'm just REALLY happy that Santino did not win.


I wouldn't have believed Chloe's shit had a chance in the world.....until I saw Charlize Theron at the Oscars. She was totally rockin' The Chloe look. Not that it was a good thing.


Chloe was the best. Period.


I can't say any of the collections just blew me away, but they all did have high points IMO. I feel like Santino's and Daniel's collections kinda looked like they've been done before. Daniel's collection reminded me of something I could find in a store, right now. Santino, the judges did him dirty (tone it down tone it down...oh why'd you tone it down) but I also feel like Santino should have found a way to tone it down but still be Santino and still be extravagent in a good way. His collection, like Daniel's for the most part seemed like I've seen it before and I could find it in a store right now. I can see why they chose Chloe to win because hers was different it may be rough around the edges among other flaws but its different I can't say I can buy that in a store right now. Rewinding to season 1 they picked Jay's line because it was different, they got rid of Kara Saun because they felt her line had been done before. All in all I don't think they want to see whats been done and what is currently being done when it comes to the final line.


Didn't Chloe's model look like Austin Scarlett (and that's not a compliment)?

So I suppose the patternmaker won the whole she-bang. I agree that after Jay turned down the money and mentorship, the PR producers weren't about to give the prize to another mental case like Santino, or somebody who might get a bit too big for their britches, like Daniel. Say what you will about Chloe and her couch collection (personally I thought the whole thing was tacky and in poor taste), you know she'll sell that shit. I do wonder if she'll try to expand her venture beyond H-town


Fourfour....ANTM request. Did they have an elimination show. I don't get access to American T.V., so I basically get to see ANTM when you do a post. Wierd, but actually it's been a hoot "watching" through your blog.

Reason I ask is this: http://www.notsurewhy.blog-city.com/a_few_weeks_ago.htm

Rumor has it she was on the pre elimination show. A, um, Coryn plus ante?


Ditto on the meh.

Chloe's line was serious fugly.


I get Project Runway about four weeks behind the rest of the world so I'm still at the stage of being pissed that they'd pick that lame-ass oily rambling snooze-fest Kara over my pet designer Andrae. Knowing that Chloe won, I'm not sure I'll bother watching the rest of the show. She makes for very dull TV, and her looks are very "didn't make it last season," and very safe. What did she ever have going for her except for the colour turquoise? Bah. What a disappointment.

That being said, I came here to see what you'd have to say about ANTM. No surprises there at least... It's almost as if they picked an ugly girl with no future to spare themselves the trouble of having to put thought into their first elimination. Can't wait for your take on it.

Withers Hurley

Daniel is worse than Banana Republic ready - he is ready for Ann Taylor. Blech.

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