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rod townsend

Um, when's your birthday Rich?


ew, daughtry?
for fuck's sake, he looks like the stripper cop at a bachelorette party.

i'm an elliot girl, maself.


WOW. Lo-Key. I don't have Bet J, I'm so jealous. I just need to see Shai, or Cheryl Pepsi Riley (remember her? she sang that song "Thanks for My Child.") My life will be complete if I can see that video again.


man, rich, you must be my twin soul. like i have said before, i have never had so much in common with someone. who are you? i, too, am in love with T.I. there's just something about his skinny self. i know that when you post ANTM tomorrow you are going to comment about that tyra picture and how big her head is in relative to her extemely airbrushed body. and rich, how could you ever forget about i gotta thang for ya? classic early 90s. i love it.



Rah Digga!!

God, you amuse me so.


BTW,rich, candy must be your name. cause your sweetness is my weakness and i'm damn sure nothing can beat this. hahaha


Rich, I LOVE you so much! Man, I need to hurry up and get that digital cable, so I can watch BET J...I guess J=Jams? As in the old school variety? Me personally, I could watch BBD and be alright for a while...



I have also been transfixed by this channel too! Good times.


I think this is the new BET ON Jazz remix. Remember they had that? When the corny ass Rachel would host some totally irrelavent travel tourism shows in swimsuits or when they'd feature the St. Lucia Jazz festival with Malcolm Jamal Warner? OK maybe I was the only loser watching. I think BET J takes all of those lighter type programs from oldies to christianity in one set of programming instead of trying to inexplicably fit it between a thong and a booty pop. IMO but I have been known to be wrong.


Chris Daughtry = HOTNESS.

Wazirah? Is that name for real?!

Thank god the sky has finally fallen on Chicken Little!


I'm with you on TI. It's something about his swagger that just draws you in. I love that lil' skinny man.

I'm quite jealous about the BET-J. I guess I'll just pull out all my old VHS tapes and watch all the videos I used to tape until we get that station. Those pants are ridiculous. I'm just waiting for someone to try and bring back the whole Cross Colors big-jean look.


Z. Cavs are *hot*. His belt's a'ight, but the extra long braided type that got knotted was way hotter. And your 8th grade mind didn't know about sex? By the time I was in the 8th grade, I had already fisted my little league coach and been molested by a pageant judge.


Rich + BF + Chris Daughtry =

Hot Bald Dude Trifecta!

Arthur James

I heart your posts and my high-waisted Bugle Boys Jeans....wut, wut!

Pulp NonFiction

Chris Daughtry reminds me of you a little bit.
Thats why you think he's sexy, huh?
But I love your site.


i don't even think a.c. slater rocked turquoise z cav's. classic.

i missed ANTM last nite ... my life is a sad void w/out an tyra-ism - until tomorrow morning!


oh shit, rich. lo-key... are you frickin kidding me? i'm dying over here. the said thing is, i know everyone of the lyrics to that song, but you know me and r&b go waaay back. I get it from my mama. and yes, TI can get it...for real.


Chris Daughtry....drool.....grrrrrr...

i had z cav jeans, shirts and a wool jacket! ah the early 90s.


once again, i missed ANTM because of a shitty basketball game. i had to check my tv listings on yahoo! and see if i was going to have this problem again, because i won't read the recaps until after i see the episode (i know, what's the fun in that?)

in all fairness, my UPN station sucks. they need to just air the shows people want to watch on wednesdays right after the basketball games so i'm not completely out of the loop. (and i don't want to see them five days later as well - what the fuck!)

at least i have the bad early-90s fashion to enjoy! :)

Penny Woods

Ooh, I like Mariah's new thigh! I've been doing stuff all week. I keep missing this HAMmish MTV Spring Break stuff.

Anyway, Video Soul Gold is the reason why I'd like to upgrade my DirecTV subscription if I could. I miss old school videos, if only for the cheese factor.

And FYI, they still show that St. Lucia two in the morning after BET's late-night rotation, but just before that Uncut stuff comes on.


Intresting post.. so whats with the obsession with early 90's hip hop ?? What horrible fashion sense everyone had.. bright colors mixed together.. ugh and colored jeans bleck.. lol How hot... I loooved Snow Black last night cant waitfor the recap tomorrow.


Why does Cool James always have GODDAMN CAKE SLICES of deodorant under his armpits!?!?!??


I just pictured you and Wazriah having this conversation. She taught me how to braid hair in the library. It never dawned on me what a fantastic she has.


Rich, do we have to order BET J?

that song took me back!!!!

btw.. can't wait for the ANTM recap!


Oh Rich, what would I do without you? I woke up this morning, and the first thing I read about was Lo-Key. Now you're making me crave that cheesy ass H-Town video for "Knockin' Da Boots." You're this little black girl's dream :-) By the way, do they still show Donnie Simpson in all of his beautiful-eyed glory on BET J? He still has my heart *swoon*

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