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March 03, 2006



Hey Rich... why no links for Tony Ward?


I loved when Santino chose Andrae and he was gushing everywhere and calls him a wildman. I'm going to miss Andrae. Lupe and Emmett looked so sad that they were not picked. I was a huge fan of Daniel, but after seeing him whine, instread of hustling to fix it, I think he just got too complacent. At least this episode had Dirty Diana in it.


Rich, you are awesomes! :) Great recap! AND YAY!!! ANTM is back next week!!!!! :) :) :) Are you going to watch that MTV Model Show that comes on Tuesdays? 8th & Ocean or something like that? It looks interesting.


OMG, you HAVE to try and recap 8th and Ocean...although I know you'll be caught up w/ ANTM...I would, if I had even 1/16th of the skills you do...Lol, poor sad Santino has changed his ways... YEAH RIGHT. Right after that, they add a clip of him talking shit about Chloe's collection. And Daniel! Awww...I was angry @ him too for being so complacent. COME ON DANIEL! And yes, that purse was way too crafty. And long. And wtf?!

Heidi, I'll miss you too...

Kel von Texas

What-evah, I still love daniel v, and if he would go back to punk danny v with the tats, and the hair and the skater clothes, i'd fly to new york and fight you for him!


Daniel's purse reminded me of Sesame Street, like the numbers The Count would use in his Transylvanian castle. "8! 8 handbags! Ah ha ha..."


my favorite part of this episode was how santino got all poignant about the supposed trials and adversity of his life (having to couch-surf for a while? having a funny voice?), while chloe was all 'whatevs' about the fact that she was captured by soldiers while trying to flee a war in the middle of the night, and then grew up in a prison.


I felt ripped off this week. Ripped off! Next week better make up for it, dammit. And though I know it was blatant product placement, I'm somewhat disappointed you didn't make snarky mention of Tim Gunn's new Saturn Roadster for every designer he went to visit. ;)


UGH!! Daniel and his EGO!!! His collection is too old!!! Perfect for the prim and proper grandma. CHLOE - FUGLY dresses!!! Her collection lacks consistency..........

SANTINO is going to win this. That last scene from the last episode with him totally lost is a tell-tell sign.


GEEK LOVE!!! OMG you really are too amazing for words.
You are my favorite.

Elissa (Nigel's mom)

For 99% of the season, I have been a Full Dan Fan and a Santino Loather but watching this I felt distaste for Daniel with his whining, bragging and queenyness. (although I had a dream about him last night and umm he was very hetero ). I also felt strangely drawn to Santino. Maybe it was the cute kids with him. The powers of editing? But I will always love you Rich, your recaps and Winston!

You may remember when he called Eva "piggish," displaying a horrifying, perhaps hilarious lack of self-awareness.

BWUAHAHAHAHAHA! That was the best ever.

Ms. Pants

I'm echoing Brandy. You referenced Geek Love and now I will love you forever and ever amen.


Loved the update, as usual. As soon as Heidi said the cider disclaimer, I thought, "FourFour will have a heyday with that one."

Still love Santino. Now hating Dan V. I read in his bio that he has a choreography and competitive gymnastic background. So why does he look so (charmingly) wobbly and awkward when he does the bent-over, finger snap walk in the show's intro?

Also loved reader Istolethetv's observation above on Chloe vs. Santino's obstacles. Hilarious.


Yeah! Santino & Geek Love rule!!!! Love your recaps, thanks for making my days.


wow.the baby pics of Santino were so cute and then *Bam!* with the fugly stick. So why did I continue to find myself attracted to Santino? Rich did you catch that Santino is bi or multi racial.

Oh yeah, saw Diana on the 3 train last night. I thought twice about pumping her for info.


Okay, so there is Santino whining about people making fun of his looks, his hair and his voice and how painful that can be to have peopel attack you personally... you'd think he would have some compassion and not make fun of Diana's voice?


It was so obvious that Chloe's mother didn't know what to do standing at the door waiting for Tim. I couldn't stop laughing when Tim's comment about Daniel's bags was "they look kind of arts and crafts" or something like that. Daniel was beginning to look like my favorite until watching this episode. The best part was the shot of the designers not chosen to help with the final task. Too funny!


I just wrote a ridiculously long analysis of the end-season character revision, as it parallels with the alterations made to Season One (Jay is nice and personable, Wendy's just a sad old lady, Kara Saun is prissy and sort of obnoxious for trying to best everyone with her shoes), then decided to summarize instead.

The gist is that they're working to make us like Santino because he's vastly more interesting as a person and a designer (his collection was the only even remotely appealing of the three). They are setting up Daniel V., the all-along expected winner, as an arrogant, self-absorbed and maybe sort of boring kid who could benefit from some work, life experience, and a fat serving of humble pie. Poor Chloe has become a shadow of herself and is just sad and exhausted, which her designs show, and we're supposed to think maybe she'd be better off if she could just go back to her giant family and blend back into the blur of girls.

Santino is like Winston, in that "it's what makes us strange that keeps us interesting." And Bravo has to justify that to people after spending most of the season exploiting his personality without acknowledging that he's actually an incredibly interesting, talented designer.


It was bitch-assedy of Daniel V. But it WAS pretty messed up for Tim Gunn to run around and critique everyone's collection hours before the show goes on. I mean, at this point it's a little late for 'Make it Work.' I would have been terrified so I could totally cut Dan some slack.

Laura K

Another fabulous recap, Rich. Genius! Thanks so much. What am I going to do after next week? ANTM?


Hard to believe everyone whose ready to call Daniel an asshole since he:
• spent the entire series being friendly and easy going and pretty low key
• after winning the most challenges ever feels happy and confident about his collection
• gets understandably upset that the mentor who gave him positive feedback six weeks earlier suddenly shuts down on him
• that sudden change in Tim Gunn's behavior comes during what is possibly the most stressful week of his life.

Compared to what Santino has said and done during the series, what Daniel is doing is nothing. And what about you, critics? How would you hold up under that kind of pressure when that runway show could have such a profound effect on your career?

Go ahead and love Santino (or Chloe) but put things in perspective please.


1) I want an airbrush T-shirt with Chloe and her eight sisters on it. Did you notice that they were all born within nine years? I think that wrinkle in the space-time continuum has already happened.
2) Further proof of cosmic misalignment: Chloe choosing DIANA ENG as her special helper at the end. Daniel's haircut is offensive; Santino's lying when he says he's not going to criticize people anymore. But Chloe? Chloe has LOST HER DAMN MIND.


Rich, your ProjRun recaps and screencaps really are the ranch dressing, croutons, and bacon bits on the tossed salad of my week. Love them, need them, want them! I will miss these as much as I will this season.

This next to last episode totally flipped the script on the contestants and how I felt about them. Great editing on Bravo's part.

But on to what really got me open during this episode...Is Santino, dare I say it, a "brotha"? When they showed his baby pictures he clearly looked like a little light-skinned Black baby and in the family photo there was no mistaking that his mother was Black. Maybe she was (is?) Latina, but dammit I know I sista when I see one.

Anyway, I can't wait for the finale. Carry on!


Tony Ward? As in the guy from the "Justify My Love" video? He was The Hotness back then.

And seriously Daniel V. was KILLING me. He really has gotten complacent with all his PR wins. Down, boy. Your collection ain't bangin'.

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