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It's not trite at all. It's a wonderful achievement. Congrats. Hundreds of thousands of people wish they could do what you've done.


I've just finished my 5th week of not smoking. This is the third time I have stoppped, and I am sure this is the last. Congratulations to you! There is something about accomplishing the hardest task of your life isnt there? As you said, this is probably the one thing of which I am most proud. Its a tough f*kcer isnt it?


Happy Birthday Rudy, and good for you Rich! As a small tribute to Rudy, a brief story... Rudy's love of the Liv-a-Littles inspired me and my boyfriend to search them out for our cats. For whatever reason his two will absolutely not eat them, but mine all but vibrates with anticipation when we get them out. The first time we gave him some, he made that same psychotic-growly-happy sound that Rudy did in your video, and we about died laughing. Congratulations to you on your quitting anniversary and to Rudy on his birthday!


No joke - I know people who say quitting smoking was harder than quitting heroin. You have a right to be proud, plus sharing your story shows others it can be done. Go 'head witchur bad self.


Just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean it's not really hard to do. My experience was similar to yours--I smoked for 13 years, and I was defined by my smoking. It was my thing. I quit 6 months ago, and I'm running now (I used to tell people that if they saw me running that they should call 911, cuz I'm being chased), and I feel effing awesome. I wish the both of us continued success.


It isn't trite at all. Good for you! One whole year.. wow. You rock!

Oh, and happy birthday to Rudy!

Congratulations, I'm only a casual smoker, thank God. Happy birthday Rudy.


Very inspirational. It terrifies me to think about quitting but I know it's time. Happy Birhtday Baby Rude!


Go Rich Go!!! I'm on day 77 of not smoking and I'd been smoking since I was 17 (28 y.o.). The way you described your former adoration of cigarettes was totally on par. Way to go!!!


Arthur James

Congratulations Rich on your smoberversary! You kick ash! (I love word play).

I am into my ninth month smober and I continue to live by the NOPE (Not One Puff Ever!) not only because I am a sucker for acronyms (wut wut!) but also because smoking kills. Period.

You are an inspiration. Keep it up. :-)


smokers are jokers


Congrats! Quitting smoking is a big deal! Im the only one in my family and friends who has never smoked but all of them that have quit have said it was one of the hardest things to do!
Its not trite in the least, I hope you go out and celebrate both your 1 year of non smoking and Rudy's 3 years of cat life!


ok..I am very proud of you. I too was a smoker. Noone could believe me. I can't tell you how often I heard " you're so not the TYPE"..whatever that means. Like most black people, I smoked Newports...I was up to a pack a day. I decided to quit cold turkey the day before Sept 11. Needless to say, when Sept 11 happened, all i wanted was to sit in a corner with a pack of smokes. Luckily my normal smoke buddies were fresh out. So i went through that with no smokes and I haven't smoke since. You're dead on with the glamour we attribute to it. I'd get SO jealous of all the beautiful people sipping cocktails and smoking all around me. It was pure hell.Now though, I do feel so far beyond that its not even funny. I just feel sorry for them and their poor dirty ugly black lungs. Anyhoo, I'm proud of you. After one year, the chances of a relapse are slim to none! You done good, boy.


oh rich, i'm so proud of you, in the most hallmark/lifetime way possible. you make all the treepeople look good (i'm sorry i can't let go of cannibal holocaust). yay rich!


YAY for you. I don't know you, but my best friend is struggling with stopping her 8 year or so habit and can't seem to kick it. :( I'm going to share your story with her so maybe it will help give her hope!



Zyban = made me cuh-razy
Felt like I was on the outside of myself watching myself put on this little show of a sane person, very effective and what-not. I hated watching that polite, conversant little fuck run around in my body. (Hyperbole allowed, right?)
I'd quit today, but I already had one ...


Good for you! I am in the midst of my own battle to quit. It is so hard but it sounds like you are on the road to "OverItsville". Awesome.


Richard! i can't believe it's been a whole year. i'm really proud of you! the funny thing is i just remembered that you were the one who told me i wasn't inhaling when i thought i'd been smoking for like a year.

does rudy like cake?


Ah, but what is trite to some is inspirational to others, and your story certainly gives me pause for thought. I fell off the smoking wagon (again) about a week ago. No good reason, just boredom and winter blahs. Your post serves as a little bit of motivation for me to kick it for good.


congratulations :)


I plan to quit when I am 30. Which means I have can probably never see another Quentin Tarantino movie again. (Nor, listen to Tweet's "Smoking Cigarettes" again.)

Congrats, RichieFour.


Congratulations on kicking smoking for good!

I think about quitting only in fleeting thoughts, but as I get older (I'm 20, and like you, began smoking at the age of 16), I think about it more and more.

Like others have said, you and others who have quit are inspiration for smokers who are looking to quit. It's like, OMG, there's life that doesn't involve smoking?

Kate the Shrew

Happy birthday, Rudy, and Congrats, Rich on your smoke-free anniversary. That's great, and you *should* feel proud of yourself. Gotta stay healthy to take care of your kitty-babies.


That's awesome. You're starting to sound like an Angelino. ;)


Congratulations. I quit smoking about 4 1/2 yrs. ago. Revel in your pride. It is one of things that will help you keep from going back to those stinky things.

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