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FingerBang Joe

1. She does not want to seem too sprung on the guy like a 12 year old, so she says "Sike", but deep down she really does love his smile.

2. Jealous hoes trying to make you think twice about your man.


yeah, the condom thing...dude, listen, i had no idea that was his car. i just needed a place to put it and there were no trash cans around, and i didn't want to litter....anyways, think of it as performance art, 'kay?


I think Shanice says "psych" because right before the music completely stops like it could be the end of the song. But alas, it's not and Shanice has "psyched" us all out! She's so crazy!


i think you should be proud that your jeep is practicing safe sex. wouldn't want any hungry little hatchbacks to feed!

Pop Muse

...round that time, "psyche" was the "NOT" of the moment. she was just trying to hip and trendy, or maybe edgy? I prefer her "psyche" to "Are-ya-ready" and "darkchild" that opened every song in the early 2000s, those two used to drive me crazy!


I was about to come in and present the same theory as Chris. I listened to that song a fair amount back in the day, and that was always my interpretation - "song's over! No, it's not, psyche!" Wacky lady, that Shanice. She'd be in trouble if she tried pulling that stunt when she appeared on Family Matters, though.




I always wondered too, I think Chris is right. Her rap in that song is tight too!


Hmm... *leans head to side* In a strange way it looks like a scorpion.


until this moment, i never imagined spelling "sike" as "psych" (hah!); it was the diss 'o' the day in jr high, @ when this song came i'd have to agree that shanice was tryin' to be cool and just threw it in there, but that still doesn't explain what she was thinkin'...

and the condom? no comment :$

are you serious?

Wait - Shanice had an album that dropped last month? Am I the only one who didn't know about that? Did every body else run out and get that and leave me out of the loop. RICH - Why didn't you tell me before? :-(

Johnny Chicago

possicle answers:

1) She says "psyche!" because it was popular to say at the time of her (now lame ass) video - don't you remember? Please reference to Eddie Murphy's routine of 'you can't have no ice cream, you want a lick - PSYCHE!'

2) maybe your bf did that to:

A) twist your mind up, and to

B)kink you up...

Hmmmm, I'd let my Jane try it, if Jane wasn't my EX-.

But then again, it would be cruel, and evil, and FUN to watch her twist like that...

Where's JANE ! ? ! ? ! ?


Ive had my car condomed before - it was a soft top scout (jeeplike) and they put condoms all over the place - on the shifter ect... i think its just cheaper than tp when you go to PP and get a baggy of them..


god, this really is the best blog ive ever read

wwo, i can't believe u haven't commented on the whitney houston crackhead story yet...


But what is there to say about Whitney, really, that hasn't already been reported? I'm predictably saddened by the news and nauseated by the pictures, which I believe are real (just as I believe that Tina Brown is making some sort of last-ditch effort to snap Whitney back into reality by exposing her to the public). But some of the dates are questionable. Wasn't Being Bobby Brown filmed in 2004? She was way more together on that show than the toothless chronic masturbator she's portrayed as.

Regardless, even if, like, ONE of Tina's allegations are true, the whole thing is worth mourning.


1. I agree with the other posters' fakeout theory. It's like in "Miss You Much" when Janet's all, "Is that the end? NO!" Schooled you, bitch.
2. Gross people do gross things to gross other people out for no good reason. They will occasionally go to great lengths to do this. Witness the phenomenon of people taking a crap on top of the toilet seat instead of inside it at public restrooms (which several of my restaurant worker friends have had to clean up.)


Um Rich, we all need to practice safe sex, whether we be man, cat or automobile. Maybe the jeep's just playing it safe.


The condom is obviously art. Very post-modern. I think.


My (unlikely?) theories:

1) Shanice is grinning her fool head off through that whole video. I think she doesn't say "psych," but rather, "Psyched!" (and makes a subtle, off camera, pointing-at-herself gesture while continuing her gyrations) so as to reiterate that, just in case you weren't sure, she is really psyched about her song, her moves, and your smile ("she really is...hee hee hee!").

2) Given the assumption that two happily consenting adults found your bf's red jeep prime territory on which to copulate, my guess is that the condom on the hook points back towards the jeep, as a clever way to say "we got busy here" or, perhaps, as a way to say "looking for an excellent sexual prop? Look no further." You might look for tell tale body part smudges on the might not. =)


1) I agree with fingerbangjoe. The whole "psyche!" thing was out of embarrassment for having a crush on a prepubescent middle-schooler. She loves his smile because there's not much else there to love, if you get what I mean.
2) Condom on the car- Rudy made me do it. He is so evil, that cat! More Kitty Pride updates with video please! I use the videos to convince my bf that we need a flat-faced Winston to complete our lives.
I love your blog!!


1. I'm gonna put that new black mini on my charge anyway...

2. Your jeep is a top?

An old friend of the Christys

I always interpreted Shanice's "psyche" in the following way, which is a variant of some of the other posts. Her "smile" sung just before "psyche" is especially tenderly sung (compared with the others), and Shanice needs to reel herself back in, so to speak, with the psyche, cause she got all sentimental.

I totally love her song "It's for You" from the Meteor Man soundtrack. Can't u see how I feel babe?

And, Rich, can we get a dialogue going on the other tween of the early 90's, Tracie Spencer? Turn on "Symptoms of True Love" (the PWL Mix), and don't forget about her 'alter ego' Tracy Spencer, the Italo queen ("Run to Me")


1. i'm with everyone else who said it's cause they thought the song was over.
2. clearly, this is in response to the previous entry titled "vanity dick"


1. I never did understand that whole "psyche" thing.
2. Could it just mean that someone had sex on his car and wanted to let him know "we were here?"

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