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March 17, 2006



I ALWAYS look forward to your posts and must say that your outlook on ANTM episodes are so true and even more entertaining than the show itself!!!



Absolutely brilliant commentary, as usual.

mr. Prince

wee *second comment dance*

I personally think that wendy's nose was her undoing; especially considering that Leslie is wendy with a better nose XP

Miss J was fab as usual; love him.

it's kind of Weird that Kari now looks like a Briget Bardot/ Kate Bosworth crossbreed, but I loved her this week; but her lips do need damage control.

the makeovers were good,but Jade is on my last nerve; and how can Nnenna annoy you? well, I could see how that could happen so, feh XP

now that i've seen the original paper, the rules are great, and kind of sweet in a 'don't start none, won't be none' kind of way.

12. no, she looks exactly like that; no wonder she wears those big sunglasses all the time XP

And Lisa is still fab; was there ever any doubt of this? not from me


Rich, you are well on your way to becoming America's Next Top Gayboy To Win WWJDD's Heart.
but not so hilarious was Furonda's awful skin. i actually started smearing Pro-Activ on my tv screen.


I was sooo hoping you'd bring up Nigel's comment at panel...


did you catch the amazing exchange between naima and gina at the makeup counter? it went something like:
naima: blah blah blah something about now making a line of foundation on your neck.
duhgina: oh yeah! that is my neck!

also i think tyra was banking on sara having a much bigger tantrum than she did. i mean why else would you give that haircut to someone? nnenna looks good but i bet her head will come back to haunt her when they judges tell her that her only look is 'striking' and she can't do hair-flipping glam like the other girls. mollie sue can totally pull off her haircut, and for the photo shoot it seeemed the makeup artists did everything they could to make her look exactly like mia farrow. i'm still way into brooke, but i wish they'd made her blonde.
and nigel misspoke at judging: jade needs to get spayed.


i haven't even read this whole entry yet, but i'm dying laughing already...

..found your site from a blog recomendation comment today on www.amNY.com (yes one of the free newspapers).. and so now i'm totally gonna RSS feed yo shiz..

looking forward to more!


Poor Furonda looks like a wet cat with macaroni brows.
They will keep Jade on for the drama factor, every season needs a shit stirrer.
There is no girl that Im in love with yet, they are all rats or girls who were voted "prettiest" in highschool.


Y'all have to, have to look at "pulling a cassandra" and "condi is not a model" from the episode 2 video extras on the UPN site! Jay does a kick ass al sharpton impression. I just can't hate him any more, he used to gross me out, but now i see that he just doesn't give a *#$@! Wow, I think i might even admire him.

raging indie


Totally agree about Lisa, I was pumped to see her in the opening credits. Why Naimeh is in that same title card, I'll never know.

Jade may need to get laid, but I "yayed" that she stayed.


OMG- i laughed sooo hard at the second furonda/gremlin comparison. i showed my bf this site and he totally agreed, then said she would probably be mad. i don't know how, shee looks dead like him. thanks for always making my day


Wait...does this mean Cover Girl actually kept on Naima?

Mollie Sue is the new Nicole from Cycle 3, don'tcha think?


God, Naima is quite possibly the most boring human being alive! She's super pointless on the show...

I was ready to reach into the tv and slap Jade...girls with low self esteem tick me off...

Mollie Sue looks like a pixie...her, Brooke and Nnenna are my faves right now. I forsee Nnenna suffering from early fave backlash and nobody likes someone who's good at everything...

Miss J's shirts got old, like, yesterday...I can't not love him though.

Thanks for another great recap Rich!


I felt so bad for poor Naima, she looked so defeated as she was schilling for Cover Girl, like they forbade her from answering any questions that don't involve mentioning the "Queen" line for ethnic girls.

I want to like Jade because everyone hates her but her "I haven't spoken to my family since my makeover" line made me wretch. Personally I want Brooke to go on with bad mannish self and win it all.

Gayest Neil

Those lips! I thought Amanda Lepore snuck into the photoshoot.
And Tyra is so utterly controlling. You know for a year she seethed about getting her Mia Farrow hair on some poor girl. Man oh man.
And Jade is insane. She's crrrrrazy. And, yeah agreed, Ms. Anti-drama's routine is gonna get old fast...even if she's perfect, absolutely perfect and kind and patient and beautiful.


Thanks for the great start to my friday morning! I love love love love love you and your ANTM recaps! You are the shiz!


Gayest Neil

OH MY GOD. I forgot about poor, utterly defeated, utterly beaten-down Naima. Oh Lord, poor, poor Naima. Obviously Covergirl keeps her in a wire cage and lets her out only to mumble praise for afro-centric blush and creams. Then back in the cage!


The poor girls. You could just see the disappointment in their eyes when they came so, so close to getting rid of Jade. But at the same time, I love how the others aren't even taking her seriously. During her little rant, Sara, Mollie Sue and Furonda were just laughing at her. I would have paid to see Kim and Nicole doing that to Bre last season when she was all, "God don't like ugly."

But I know what you mean about feeling sad for her. It became abundantly clear that she's not just arrogant, but actually a bit tragically nutty. No less irritating, though.

Re. Nnenna - "Way to pigeonhole yourself. God. That's Tyra's job." It's also a really easy look to nail (well, maybe not for me, but you know what I mean). Perhaps she was being strategic.


my favourite moment of the show... and perhaps ever... was when nigel called furonda "ET in a wig".


Luv,luv your post...While trying to play the rhyming game with Jade's name in panel, Nigel blurts out 'Jade just needs to get laid' refering to the reason she may have a bad attitude. I'm surpised many people didn't catch it, it was kinda funny.


GAAAH NIIIcooole.... Her Elle spread: booring. Where is the Emoting With The Eyes? Where is the "and this and this and this and this"?? I think she is still Resting On Pretty.


Didn't Furonda used to date Brigette Nielssen? What'd she do with the clock and viking helmet?


to JAMIE! Oh yes! I heart Brooke as well. Not so much at frist, but did you see that girl pose? She's the bomb dot com!
And NENNA I see how she is the girl that can win everything, but without sooome attitude how can any girl be that FIERCE of a model? Hm.


thanks for the recap. i feel like i was at home watching instead of waiting in line to see a show. upn is buggin with the re-airs but i hope to catch it soon.


Nicole was awful and upstaged by Queen Latifah!
I can't stand her. Most overrated winner ever and her Elle Spread was so overhyped yet fug.
Not a Naima fan but her measly 2 pg spread was better than Nicole's overhyped 7 page spread. Nicole had the same expression on all of them.

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