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April 26, 2006



That video edit was good very very good.
What a nutcase, i love a part of her.


did she actually admit that her seal clapping is absolutely ridiculous and makes her look like, well, "the other sister"?

my god, i loved her bipolar breakdown after eliot's performance this week. i was totally simon, laughing at her "pain".

Pop Muse

... it must be Paula Posting Day. that bitch is a hot mess, today, tomorrow and in 1991... see what I mean: PopMuse.com


Paula must be channeling Stuart from MadTV in parts of that clip. Look what I can do!


Thanks for the laughs. Paula Abdul is loopy.

LOVE your current banner. Who are you?! Where did you come from?! Are you sure you're not mixed...even a little bit?

Whatever got into the mix that made you is the shit. You're awesome.

Freshalina Lee Simmons

PURE GOLD! I love it you like I love you. *claps hands* More more!


best part: paula butchering her already butchered dance moves from the 90's...priceless.

liked the vid, love the site :P


All those years of bulimia obviously left her slightly brain-damaged.


The clap-kick is too damn funny!


So, Paula did a stint in a hospital here in Tulsa called Laureate and one day the whole bulimia ward went on an outing to a local bookstore that just happened to employ my husband. Anyway, Paula's chiahuahua had to be tethered outside and the poor pet dashed into the parking lot and was annihilated by a Ford F150. Legend says you could hear Paula screaming for miles around.

Penny Woods

This montage was even better than the last one with Liza. I just wish we had QVC at UNC so I can watch more Paula drunkeness.




I thought for sure you'd be posting about the "Janice Dickinson undergoes psychotherapy" Tyra episode from the other day.

I guarantee you Paula got on the phone with her doctor and said "I want what Janice Dickinson is on..."


ooooooh, just saw the new blog header - "sets your shit on fire" - that is seriously fabulous! please don't ever change it!

"shoulda leffffttt yoah ass a long time agooooo"


oooomg this is the best. That high clap, low kick thing makes her look retarded. She needs to lay off the sauce. The video really should serve as her wake up call. Oooh and nothing beats the end when she's trying to do some of her old school moves and model the braclets. lol thanks for the laugh.


I'll have what she's having.


I was totaly talking about the way she claps last night, glad to know its not just me that thinks its off. Thanks for the laugh =]


good gracious, she is loopy. kudos to you on the editing.


is it just me or is she, like, BECOMING joan rivers?


The music at the end when she dances reminds me of the theme music for Borat on Da Ali G Show.


to compare her to Liza, Judy, or Whitney is a bit wrong-headed. whereas they are legendary and she is a difficult question on trivial pursuit in the year 2010. barely. more accurate might be a comparison to Joanie Laurer.


But I wasn't talking status. I was talking public behavior.

And you think you won't be able to remember her in four years? Who is wrong-headed?


Damn, Four Four DOES set my shit on fire!


She's f-cked up.


I think even in four years the phrase, "I'm forever your girl" will cause you an earworm. Then you'll be cursing Paula's name! NEVER FORGET!

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